Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage Inspiration: DIY Crocheted Collar

A quick "hi" from maternity blogging hiatus:  Thank you everyone for the kind words and best wishes!   I'm truly touched and appreciative of all of them!  Baby Girl is proving out to be quite the night owl where peak wakefulness is 12am-3am :) but everything is going well.  Before I pop back into hiatus, I wanted to share one of the posts I prepared before her arrival:

So my mom is pretty much the most awesome person I know.  She sews, knits, crochets, is a fabulous cook, AND helps me take care of the little one when Hubby and I work.  I've been seeing dramatic, embellished collars in the mags lately and when I told Mom about it, she offered to not only crochet me a collar, but also TEACH me how to crochet.  We're waiting until I start maternity leave to really dive in but for now, I can crochet a mean straight line LOL.

The great thing about the collar is that it is interchangeable and can be added to any kind of ensemble.

Collar:  DIY (courtesy of Mom)
Necklace:  F21
Dress:  H&M Maxi Skirt worn as dress
Shoes:  Born Leather Slides (you may have noticed that I'm all for comfy flats now)

A closer view of the collar

What do you think?  There may be future crocheted items making their way to my Etsy store soon :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Girl is Here!

As you've probably figured out, the lack of posts has been because Baby Girl arrived on Thursday!  Details to follow (like how I delivered my own baby - but not graphic details!) but we're back home from the hospital and everyone is doing well.  I have a couple of posts that I never had a chance to schedule that will get published.  Meanwhile, as I get settled in with our new arrival, please bear with me as I go on maternity hiatus :)

Much love to everyone and will return soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preggy Chronicles Vol. 4: Dressing for Every Trimester

I'm in the home stretch!  I'm full term and pretty much ready to go whenever Baby Girl would like.  I know some of you have been with me since the beginning but I wanted to do one big post on what you can wear for your entire pregnancy with tips for every trimester.

I'll first say that everyone is different.  I started to develop a baby bump VERY early on (partially because I went on a food free-for-all the moment I found out I was pregnant) and needed to hide it (see belly-hiding tips here) from my coworkers until I was ready to announce my news.  After that, I was able to flaunt my bump :)  Despite this baby bumpitude, I was able to primarily wear normal non-maternity wear except maternity pants in the 3rd trimester.  Underneath every picture is a description of what worked for me plus a link to the original post so you can see the outfit details.

1st Trimester:
1.  Loose wovens mask bellies with volume.  Wear skinny bottoms to offset the flowiness.
2.  Dresses that cinch the natural waist and then flare out also work.
3 & 5.  Tucking a blouse helps define your figure while the fluffing hides any tummy pouches.
4.  Placing your skirt waist directly on the most protrusive part of your bump helps smooth it out.

1. Loose Woven 
2. Cinched Waist 
w/ Flared Skirt
3. Tucked / 
Fluffed Blouse +
4. Strategic Skirt
5. Tucked / Fluffed 
Blouse + Blazer

2nd Trimester:
6.  Once your tummy is officially ready to make its debut - start flaunting it with belting at the empire waist.
7.  Make use of your normal pants by pairing it with a Bella Band (essentially keep your pants undone and the stretchy band will keep it up!) and of course voluminous tops still work.
8.  Elastic-waist skirts are your best friend and you can wear them in every trimester either above, on top of, or beneath your bump.
9 & 10.  Stretchy dresses are super comfortable and allow your belly full freedom :)  Add a belt for more figure definition.

6. Empire Belting
7. Bella Band +
 Flowy Top
8. Elastic-Waist
9. Stretchy Dress 
+ Empire Belting
10. Stretchy Dress

3rd Trimester:
11.  Maxi dresses are PERFECT for pregnancy.  Most are built with an empire waist so feel free to buy your normal pre-pregnancy size and rock them both during your pregnancy and afterwards too.  Need I say more about belting?  :)
12 & 13.  Stretchy tops + maternity bottoms make for an easy way to wear separates if you are more a pants-type of gal.
14.  Stretchy top + elastic-waist skirt.  Get some mileage out of your existing normal clothes!
15.  Stretchy dress - same kind of deal here :)

11. Belted Maxi
12. Stretchy 
Top + 
Maternity Pants
13. Stretchy 
Top + Blazer + 
Maternity Pants
14. Stretchy Top + 
15. Stretchy Dress

Shoes:  Starting in the 2nd / 3rd trimester, I tended to favor comfy shoes over cute shoes (though I still took photos with the cute ones!).  Flats are probably the shoe of choice since they are both work appropriate and comfortable.  I also love my sandals (particularly shorter platforms since they allow me to stay balanced and don't pitch my weight forward) because they never feel tight on my sometimes swollen feet.  I will add here that I primarily work at my desk and do not need to move around very much.  When I do, I have a pair of extra shoes in my desk to slip on.

All Other Accessories:  Go bold and have fun here!  You have absolutely no restrictions.

Whether or not you decide to go with maternity wear, just be comfortable!  There are no rules so make your own as you go.  I hope this post was helpful :)

See previous Preggy Chronicles here:

Of course, can't have a post today without pausing in remembrance of 9/11...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post on Gigi's Gone Shopping

While Gigi is taking care of more important things (i.e. Baby G!), I guest-posted the 5 things I'm most looking forward to this fall in her Fall Fab 5 feature.  Go check it out here!

Are you looking forward to fall?  Any fall items in particular that have caught your eye?

As for me, no baby yet.  I'm still mostly resting and taking it easy, but the car is now packed up with baby essentials and my hospital bag  :)  Once Baby Girl arrives and is settled, I want to make her a leopard cape (sold out already at Baby Gap) and matching little purse - I am super excited on all the future Baby Girl projects!!

Baby Gap Leopard Satchel Bag (buy here)
Baby Gap Leopard Print Cape (sold out in US, but still available in Canada)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Then and Now: LOFT Floral Ruffle Dress

False alarm!  We were completely convinced that Baby Girl was on her way but turned out she's going to bake a little longer (which is fine with me!).  Good thing I prepped some posts ahead of time because now I'll primarily be spending my time in bed or on the couch.  I am once again behind on blogging (sorry!) so please bear with me as I get caught up on commenting and responding to things.  :)

Pregnancy check-in:

  • Gestational Time:  36.5 weeks -  3 days till I'm full term (when I had my son) and 3.5 weeks till my due date!  (Now on maternity leave - woohoo!)
  • Weight Gain:  23 lbs 
  • Added Inches: +14 at the tummy
  • Current Cravings:  Guacamole!!!!, Chex mix (cereal part only), Fried egg whites, Grilled shrimp, Chicken Tikka Masala

I got this LOFT woven dress back in September for a whopping $22.  It had a slim silhouette from the front but was very roomy in the tummy area - very useful for me right now!  I love how much more vibrant the colors are in natural light vs. the fitting room.  

Then: September 2010
LOFT Floral Ruffle Dress, Sz 0P (orig. post)
My old, comfy sandals :)
Now:  35 Weeks Pregnant
Born Black Slides 
Balenciaga Twiggy, Anthracite

The full look:

On Thursday, we'll have one more ultrasound to make sure everything is ok and then I could theoretically go into labor (for real this time) at anytime after that.  If you've been pregnant before, you know gestational time is 40 weeks (10 months!) but full term is considered 37 weeks which is when my son was born.  So excited!!  <3<3<3

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Banana Republic Steal: Bethel Suede Platform Sandal $20

With the 50% off select items promo at Gap last weekend, I had to go check it out.  Though I would have loved to buy some of the great denim deals, I had zero confidence of where my body would wind up post pregnancy so didn't wind up buying anything.  As I meandered through the mall, I decided to stop by Banana Republic to check out the Mad Men collection in person.  I LOVE the styles shown on the show but somehow the BR collection just isn't my cup of tea.  There are some cute styles but I had higher hopes for it.

Anyhoo, I found these great shoes on the sale rack and was DELIGHTED to find out that after the additional 25% off discount (this weekend, BR is having additional 30% off your entire purchase), they would only cost $20!  And they had my size!  Despite the fact that I need more shoes like I need a hole in the head, this was just meant to be :)

Banana Republic Bethel Suede Platform Sandal, Olive, Sz 8.5, $20 in store (orig. $140), buy here


  • Fits true to size
  • Comfy
  • Seems to really elongate my legs - a plus!
  • Love the grommet details and the olive color
  • And holy cow about the $20 price tag!!!!!!  The website is still selling it for $69.99 so look for it in your store instead.
  • VERDICT:  A total keeper! 
Happy holiday shopping!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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