Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inspiration: Hoods and Capes

The recent heatwave has finally subsided, and though it's still far from cold, the 60-70 degree days have been enough to spur thoughts of outerwear DIYs.  Last year, I played with faux leather accents and an A-line houndstooth shape.

This year, hoods and capes have been occupying my mind:

Givenchy Hooded Cape - my Pinterest link pointed here, but the pictures were dead, I *think* the blogger is Chicmuse here.  If you know the real source, please do let me know and I will fix!

Hooded Coat - sourced from TheHunt here

Street style photo - cape dress - sourced from Harper's Bazaar here

It, of course, remains to be seen whether I can successfully create my version of one of these, but I'll definitely try!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eats: Beyond Pho

Growing up in Indiana, I didn't learn of pho until college (yeah, I know).  And until California, I didn't encounter all the other delicious Vietnamese dishes that our family has come to love.

So far, our favorite place is Ben Tre in Millbrae:

5-Spice Chicken w/ Garlic Noodles - tender chicken perfectly cooked and seasoned on top of a bed of garlicky noodles - how can this combo go wrong?

BBQ Pork Chop Rice Platter - the marinade / flavoring of the pork chop is amazing!

Bo Tai Chanh - beef carpaccio w/ fantastic lime flavor

And from Vung Tau in San Jose:
Delicious Shaking Beef w/ tomato rice (the salad underneath is tasty too)

Banh Khot - crispy little spheres filled w/ shrimp

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