Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant PFC #7: Little Black Dress

April's PFC is hosted by the lovely Jessy from The Little Dust Princess - be sure to check out her blog for other PFC entries!

This Month's Challenge: "The Little Black Dress"
A little black dress (LBD) is essential in every woman's wardrobe. It's always great for back-up if you run out of outfit ideas for a night out. Adding a pop of colour to your LBD will change up its look and make your dress a little less boring.

For this challenge, add a pop of colour (or two) to your little black dress to change up the look. You could add anything from an accessory to a blazer, or even nail polish!

Be creative anddddd good luck!

Once again, this month's PFC is actually a PPFC - Pregnant Petite Fashion Challenge :)  And this time my baby bump is even more apparent!  To add a pop of color, I wore a floral shirt (has aqua, blue, mustard and purple print) underneath a plain sheath dress and then paired it with a purple belt, mustard cardigan, and "Charlotte".  Does this work or is it too much?

Looking forward to checking out the other entries!

Dress:  Banana Republic Black Sheath
Top:  DIY Floral Ruffle Blouse
Cardigan:  J. Crew Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan, Gold
Purse:  "Charlotte" Chanel Caviar Messenger
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chanel Inspired Belt Tutorial

Kylie Minogue, I want your Chanel belt.  Somehow I doubt you're going to give it to me so I'm going to make my own version.

Yes, the pregnancy has gotten to my brain and I now think I'm witty :P

Left:  Kylie Minogue in Chanel Pearl & Chain Belt
Right:  My DIY version

I don't know why my mannequin looks crooked after I told her repeatedly to stand up straight.  Ok, seriously, I need to lay off the sugar and just calm down.  Breathe...

See tutorial after the jump!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sale Outlet Finds

And the pregnant still go shopping.  I think pregnancy actually motivates me more because all of a sudden everything seems more like a "need" than a "want".  I'm trying to equip myself with a bevy of warm weather options since I had mostly collected cold weather garments for my first pregnancy.  Plus I keep justifying each purchase with the thought that I can still wear it post-pregnancy.

First, I visited the Ann Taylor Factory store to take advantage of the 40% off entire purchase and found some gorgeous shirts that are already floating around the community.

Ann Taylor Factory Petal Shell, Lavender, XS, $27
See it also on Elle and Jean.
This top is a tummy hider!  The flouncy petals minimize bulges and even though this is size XS, the material under the petals is pretty stretchy.

Ann Taylor Factory Petal Front Shell, S, $24
See it also on Annie, non-Factory versions on Kelly, Jean and pre-pregnancy me 
By contrast, this is a belly flaunter.  The stretchy jersey material will show off anything from a large lunch to a baby bump but isn't the petal detail soooo pretty?  I added a belt here because the wide expanse of grayish cream looked a little strange without being broken up.  Post pregnancy this will be tucked into skirts / pants.

Old Navy was also having a 40% off purchase so I went to check out their maxi dresses and wound up getting a pair of shorts too.
Old Navy White / Metallic Maxi Dress, XS (no longer available online), $24
The dress isn't very flattering at the waist since it has a straight up and down shape but this can be fixed with a belt.  It's a nice, soft material and is a great maternity dress.

Old Navy Cuffed Linen-Blend Shorts, Banana Crepe, Sz 4 (buy here), $14
How could I resist yellow shorts?!?  I briefly hesitated since these are regular and not maternity shorts but the I remembered the magic of the Bella Band.  And ta da - instantly maternity friendly!  If you're not familiar with the Bella Band, you can wear it with any bottom and just leave it unbuttoned/unzipped.  The band will keep it in place for you!

I forgot to take a picture with Charlotte :(  Next time!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend!  If anyone else has reviewed the above items, just let me know and I'll add your link :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preggy Chronicles Vol. 2: The "Push" Present

Another one bites the dust...

Let me first start off by saying that hubby is a very considerate and thoughtful man, but he is not one to ever bear gifts.  He firmly believes that money should be spent on experiences like vacations / eating at fancy restaurants / encouraging me to take extended maternity leaves (a year per child).  He hemmed and hawed like crazy when I told him I wanted a bracelet for V-day.

BUT, he couldn't say no this time...  After all, I am delivering a total of 2 children for him in this lifetime (the first being a boy - he told me half-jokingly that I was "a good Chinese wife") sans Epidural (although this is my idea).  So when he brought up a "push" present, I didn't hesitate to request a handbag.

  • Do I NEED this handbag?  No, but who really "needs" one :)
  • Have I wanted this for years and years?  YES.  (I'm also blaming you bloggers for a push in this direction - you know who you are.  I hope you know I'm kidding ladies!  :D)
  • Am I planning to keep this for a lifetime and give it to my daughter or daughter-in-law?  YES.  
  • And do they keep raising their darn prices all the time?  YES - so now is the time to buy!
See, ultimately I can rationalize this LOL.

I really wanted a flap of some sort in Black Caviar leather with cross-body carrying capability.  To my knowledge, current models worn cross-body are WOCs and Jumbos.  A WOC is a tad too small (8 x 5 x 1") while a Jumbo is too big (12 x 8 x 3") so I did some research on vintage styles.  Lo and behold I found a series 3 Messenger (9.75 x 8 x 3.5") and absolutely fell in love.  Though an older style, the caviar leather has held up very well throughout the years (no scuffing / stains / scratches / discolorations) which makes me think it will continue to do so for me and perhaps future generations.  I don't typically name my bags but this one is so special to me!  Her name is Charlotte and I can't wait to to do an OOTD with her :)

What would you request as a "push" present?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnant Fitting Room Reviews: LOFT

Pregnancy check-in!  I'm now 16 weeks pregnant, have gained 14 lbs, and added about 6 inches to my tummy :)  I had gestational diabetes with baby #1 so I had my glucose test today and I'm hoping that I pass.  If not, I'll start my low-carb diet - no more rice / noodles / potatoes :(

Anyhoo, with the 40% off entire purchase at LOFT, I of course had to go check it out!  My goal with any pregnancy shopping: find items that work now AND post-pregnancy.  The main keys are to find garments with:

  1. stretch (jersey or elasticized), 
  2. flow (volume can be let out now and cinched up with a belt or cardi / blazer later), 
  3. or ability to wear unbuttoned (blazers / jackets / cardigans).

First up, is the Island Flower Peplum Top.  I really loved the print when I saw it on PetiteXXS and was ecstatic when I found one (my closest LOFT had sold out) but the LOFT 15 minutes farther had it.

The elasticized waist allows it versatility for pregnancy and post-pregnancy.  I sized up for this one to make sure I could wear it longer.  Afterwards, I'll probably cinch it with cardis or blazers.
VERDICT:  I originally put this back on the rack because I honestly don't need this, but I really like the print so I went ahead and bought it.  What do you think?  Keep or return?

I really liked the stripes on this and also felt I could wear this now and afterwards.  The back zip was a cute little feature.  The only bad thing is that I have MANY striped sweaters.
VERDICT:  Undecided.  It's a decent price and a cute sweater but don't really need it.

Yay!  I was so happy that they still had this in my size!!  I LOVE the colors on this as well as the stretchiness to accommodate belly now and hopefully lack of belly later.
VERDICT:  YES!  I've been waiting for this to go on sale :)

I thought this had long since sold out but the farther LOFT store had it!  This is an older review pic hence the lack of bump.  I can't button it at the moment (seriously none of them!) but it's still cute unbuttoned :)  
I picked up an extra in XXSP in case any of you ladies are interested.  Just let me know - it will be cost of item + cost of shipping.
VERDICT:  Definite yes!

I also hit the BR Factory store after seeing Aubrey's post but I'll save those items for later.   Did anyone else hit the stores this past weekend?

Friday, April 15, 2011

H&M Finds Part 2 - Olive Floral Maxi Dress

The last thing I bought from my H&M trip was this Olive Green Floral Maxi Dress (not sure why it looks brown in the pics).  I have a weird obsession with maxi dresses but they are exceptionally useful when pregnant.  Somewhere around the 2nd-3rd trimester, my legs have a tendency to burst with varicose veins - not cute - but maxi dresses keep them covered!  This dress will need to be hemmed because I will be tripping all over the hem but otherwise, I really like it!

What do you think?

Cardigan:  Gap Maternity Cropped Cardigan
Dress:  H&M Olive Floral Maxi Dress
Necklace:  F21

And eep, I must have selectively forgotten that once preggy, I get bigger ALL over including my arms, legs, face, and back.  I have some major working out to do post-baby LOL.

Monday, April 11, 2011

H&M Finds Part 1 - Lace Crop Top

I saw this H&M Lace Crop Top on Michelle of The Petite Fitting Room and loved how it had a flared shape at the bottom (perfect for tummy accommodation!).  Make sure you check out her review so you can see it on a non-preggy petite.  :)

The lace is lovely - I love the larger lace pattern plus the swirls.  For $17.95, I think this is a very cute and inexpensive little top that will wind up being pretty versatile.  I wound up getting the size S rather than XS even though the S is a little roomy on top.  I figured I should buy things that will work for rapid expansion LOL - plus the S was about 1.5" longer which is a plus.

The navy belt with cognac faux leather is another H&M find.  Only $5.95!

Blazer: J. Crew, Navy Blue, Sz 0
Lace Top:  H&M Lace Crop Top, S
Navy Top:  LOFT Silk Shell w/ Beaded Accent, XS
Necklace:  DIY Cameo + Pearls (Buy here)
Belt:  H&M, Navy/Cognac Skinny Belt, S
Skirt:  Old Navy Tiered Skirt, Khaki
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Nautical Dress DIY

As the weather gets warmer (it was 87 degrees today!!!) and I progress along the pregnancy, my favorite go-to items are dresses.  They allow your belly room without constriction and also allow your legs some air :)

This one is made from a blue striped jersey from Joann's featuring a tie-waist and has a below-the-knee hem (so that when belly grows, the length won't be obscenely short).  I used the same pattern as I did for this dress but took out the cowl for the warmer weather.

Dress: DIY
Necklace: Banana Republic with DIY fabric flowers
Jacket: LOFT Twill Cropped Military Jacket
Shoes: Frye Joy Vintage slide (buy here)

Belly progress - I think it actually shrunk a tiny bit because my appetite has finally gone from hyperdrive to normal :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cameo + Pearls = My Newest DIY Obsession

Another quickie post.  I found a bunch of cameo pendants this past weekend and went a little crazy making different pearl combo (cause you know I can't help myself with the pearls!) necklaces.  Here are a few:

Periwinkle and Cream Cameos with Cream Pearl and Bronze Chain

Black and White Cameo + Lavender Pearls + Amethyst Ribbon

This one I think I need to re-work a little.  I think I need shorter strands of pearls so that the ribbon can be highlighted a little more.

What are your current obsessions?  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Backwards Peacock: Teal, Brown, and White

Can you believe that it's Color Brigade Vol. 13 already?  Make sure to check out all the entries on Kileen's Cute and Little blog as well as all the other volumes!

Today's OOTD is what I'm calling a backwards peacock.  Why?  I'm using peacock feathers that have been dyed a beautiful wheat color in a DIY necklace paired with a teal shell from LOFT.  I am in love with these feathers!

Top:  LOFT Tiered Shell, Teal
Necklace:  DIY Trio of Peacock Feathers
Skirt:  Banana Republic, White
Shoes:  Frye Joy Vintage Slide (buy here)

I forgot to take a baby bump progress pic but trust me when I say it's definitely there!  :D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wear Your Scarf As a Shirt Tutorial

By now, this scarf (a fabulous Cee discovery) has taken the blogger world by storm.  Cee has done a wonderful job of showing all the versatile ways to wear this and I wanted to show how I plan to wear it as a top.  Note - tie your knots securely and wear a tank underneath to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

Top Option #1 Knotted Halter:

How to:

 About 6-8 inches down from the center of the top, tie a small knot.

Using the top 2 corners, tie a small knot behind your neck.  Tie another small knot at your waist/hips with the bottom 2 corners.  (Please excuse the visible bra straps!)


Top Option #2 Asymmetrical Halter:
Blazer:  Banana Republic
Scarf: eBay (seller here)
Equestrian Pin: eBay (buy here)
Bottoms: Banana Republic, Khaki Trousers
Shoes:  Clarks Book Pump (SUPER COMFY!!!)

How to:
You'll need some kind of scarf ring.  I got this equestrian-inspired pin to echo the scarf pattern - yes, I know I'm matchy-matchy :)

Pull one of the top corners through your scarf ring.

Tie a small knot with the top 2 corners.

Slip the top over your head and one arm for the asymmetrical look.  Tie a small knot with the 2 bottom corners.

Don't have a scarf ring?  No problem!  Use a pretty, decorative fashion ring and it will also do the trick:


What do you think?  Would you try this?  For most, I think this would look really cute tucked into a pencil skirt.  For me, this does a nice job of hiding the baby bump :)

For more ideas, visit the website for a how-to on scarf tying download:


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