Saturday, October 29, 2011

Old Navy Promo Haul and Reviews

Old Navy was having an amazing promo on Friday (will have 30% off the rest of the weekend) wherein the whole store was an additional 40% off AND for every $20 spent, you got $10 in Super Cash.  I went to check out the Smocked Chiffon Top in person since I'd been web-stalking it in size XS for weeks to no avail.  I wound up finding other items that looked much better in real life than on the website.

Plaid Flannel Shirt, $16 in store, (buy here)
Purple / Teal Plaid (Sz S) and Yellow Plaid (Sz XS)
The colors of these shirts were so much prettier when I saw it in the store!  I think these will make great layering pieces.  The XS in general fits me better all over except the chest area.  Notice the gap between buttons?  
Verdict:  Buy both in Sz S

Ruffle Tiered Chiffon Maxi Dress, Sz XS, $18 in store, (buy here)
This dress wound up making me look a little shapeless but I really like the print and the dress itself is comfortable and lightweight.
Verdict:  Buy and "fix" with a belt and some layers

Chevron Stripe Top, Sz XS, $15 in store, (buy here)
I like the chevron pattern but there was just wasn't anything about the tee that screamed "must have."
Verdict:  No

Smocked Printed Chiffon Top, Sz XS, $25 in store (buy here)
Holy big shirt!  This was a very large and boxy shirt on me.  I wish it would have worked out because I adore the print.
Verdict: No

Sweater:  Banana Republic
Shirt:  LOFT
Today's shopping outfit is another shot at mixing patterns.  This time a navy and white polka dot shirt with a green striped sweater.

Will you be taking advantage of this ON sale?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PFC #11: Vacation Vogue

This month's Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by SkiPetite.  Be sure to check out her blog for other entries by clicking on the PFC button below.

The Challenge:
Put together an outfit made for sightseeing.  It should be one that will be comfortable for walking around in and can last you from the early morning until dinner and drinks in the evening.  Plus, you're on vacation, so you'd better make sure you look good in photos, which you'll have for years to come.

I decided to take a cue from the blogger community (like the ever stylish Cee) and wear a dress as a separate for this PFC.  I actually really like how the dress looks as a top and hope to experiment with other dresses this way.  I have to admit that though these wedges are relatively comfortable, I would probably actually wear a pair of flats for sightseeing.  Unfortunately, I misplaced the pair I wanted to wear and was too lazy to search the house for them - sorry!


Jacket:  LOFT Twill Cropped 
Military Jacket, Sz 0P
Dress as Top:  LOFT Floral 
Ruffle Dress, Sz 0P
Pants:  Old Navy Black Skinnies,
Sz 2
Jewelry:  Gold Bangles, DIY 
Leather Wrap Bracelet (tutorial), 
F21 Pendant Necklace
Shoes:  Frye Bridget Wedge Sandals

Dress:  LOFT Floral 
Ruffle Dress, Sz 0P
Jewelry:  Silver Bangles, Kohl's 
Silver Necklace
Shoes:  Frye Bridget Wedge Sandals

What do you think of dresses worn as separates?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gingham + Stripes OOTD

I'm having a hard time finding a toddler-proof place to take photos (especially since little one has decided that naps are a thing of the past).  Here I am holed up in the master bathroom while hubby entertained him LOL - thank goodness for auto-fix settings to correct bad lighting.

Now that I'm on maternity leave, I want to accomplish 2 things with my wardrobe:
  1.  Get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a while
  2.  Remix existing items in new ways

Here is my attempt at #2.  I kept it "safe" by sticking to a monochromatic palette but I hope to venture into more adventurous combinations as I go.

Shirt:  Crewcuts Boys' Button-Down in Large Gingham, Sz 14 (buy similar here)
Sweater:  Gap (buy similar here)
Jeans:  LOFT (old)
Necklace:  Chunky Pearls + Chain, Target
Boots:  BOC

Any tips for closet remixes?

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for commenting on my bounce-back after having Baby Girl.  I'm definitely still sporting quite the tummy along with just being bigger in general so your kind comments always make me feel good :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steal: $12 Banana Republic Striped Skirt

Quickie post here.  I love deals and I love stripes so when I saw this skirt for $12 at BR, I picked up both colors - the gray and the navy blue.  The skirt is made of super soft jersey tiers layered asymmetrically.  Very comfortable and can be worn so many ways!  It's no longer available online so check your store if interested (mine had several).

Skirt:  Banana Republic Maria Striped Skirt, $12 in store (orig. $49.50 - no longer online)
Cami:  Lauren Conrad Petaled Camisole
Sweater:  J. Crew Cardigan
Belt:  J. Crew Metallic Belt
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps

Sunday, October 16, 2011

LOFT In Store Deals & Fitting Room Reviews

As part of Chinese tradition, the mother typically stays home for the entire 1st month after childbirth in order to fully recuperate and recover.  Baby Girl turned 1 month yesterday (and is just starting to get some baby fat - the best kind of fat!) so we went out to celebrate.  We also, at my insistence, stopped by the mall :)  Trying on clothes wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I can wear my pre-pregnancy size in most items even though my belly and hips are larger than normal.

LOFT Cowl Neck Shell, Black / Gray, $21 in store (don't see online)
LOFT Scuba A-Line Skirt, Sz 2P, $69.50 (buy here)
Review:  I really loved both items.  
The shell is classic enough to be worn for several seasons and fits well enough for me to wear now and when I lose the rest of my baby weight.
I LOVE the color of this skirt!  The fit is also good - the scuba material really cinches in my post-baby tummy.  If this had been on sale, I probably would have bought it.  Then again, considering I'll be on maternity leave for a year, I don't know that I really NEED an orange skirt if no one is going to see me anyway.  Maybe I should make an orange skirt?
Verdict:  Buy top and possibly stalk skirt until it goes on sale

LOFT Tie Neck Long Sleeve Blouse, XS, $17 in store, (buy here)
Review:  This shirt has been on my mind ever since I saw Kerry blog about it here and I couldn't resist trying it on when I saw it.  It's so pretty and makes me feel "grown-up" LOL.  It's sheer so I'll definitely be wearing a cami underneath and even though it's a regular XS, I feel like it fits decently since blouses are by definition blouse-y and fuller than normal shirts.
Verdict:  Buy - $17 is a great price!

LOFT Long Sleeve Striped Boyfriend Cardigan, XS, $21 in store, (buy here)
Review:  You know I'm a sucker for stripes and cardigans.  So a striped cardigan?  Fuggedaboutit!  I like the wider stripes of this knit and that it's different from my typical navy / white combination.
Verdict:  Buy

LOFT Printed Shell, XSP, (don't see online)
Review:  You can't really see it in this picture but this shell has some interesting pleating / tucking details at the neck.  I was drawn to this and the print but once I put it on - Yuck!  The shoulders / chest part fit fine but then it billowed from there and unfortunately, the fullness of the bottom of this shell makes me look crazy wide.
Verdict:  NO

Total shopping damage was $59 - $15 cardmember birthday gift - $20 LOFT rewards card = $24 + tax.  Not bad!

Trench:  Gap (old)
Tee:  Gap (last season)
Dress:  LOFT Outlet Shirt Dress, Navy Blue
Bag:  Coach Navy Crossbody
Necklace:  Target Chunky Pearls & Chain
Bracelets:  Pearl DIY, Gold Bangles

Today's outfit was an experiment (gone wrong?) in layering.  I like the trench look but when I take that off, the tee + dress looks "off."  Maybe a belt would have saved it?  Or maybe this look can't be saved and shouldn't have been put together?

What are your "rules" for layering?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Triple Row Leather Bracelet DIY Video Tutorial

I received a reader request on how to create a multi-row beaded leather bracelet similar to the tutorial for the Leather Wrap Bracelet here.  The instructions are similar with just a few modifications - see below for materials and video.

What I used (materials can be purchased at most hobby stores like Michael's):
  • 40 inches of 1 mm leather cord
  • Beads 
  • Size D Nymo thread
  • Beading needle (personally I use a floss threader because I like that it's flexible without getting warped in the beading process - also any size thread will fit easily in the loop)
  • Beading glue (I use super glue because the bead glue I have turns white and crusty when dry)
  • Button with 2+ holes (needs to fit 2 mm cord, look for spare buttons around the house)

Questions?  Just leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Missoni for Target Reviews

My first non-maternity post!  I know this post is late considering the collection came out about a month ago but you wouldn't have wanted to see this dress on me with the baby bump - it made the dress length uncomfortably short.  Here it is now 3 weeks post pregnancy (have lost 20 out of the 27 lbs gained):

Missoni for Target Sweater Dress, XS, $54.99
This fits more like a size Small or maybe even Medium because it's a little roomy in the shoulders / chest area as well as the waist.  The design is cute and the material is surprisingly soft and thick.  Overall, I don't feel like it's "me" so this will be going back to the store.

Missoni for Target Rain Boots, Sz 7, $34.99
Similar to the dress, the boots also run large.  I typically wear a size 8.5 shoe but the size 7 fits me well and will even let me wear thick socks with it.  The boots are pretty comfy but I can't think of what I'd wear with this.  Since I have issues thinking up outfits to go with my black rain boots, I don't think I'd have any better luck creating ensembles with these.  I'll be returning these as well.

How did you feel about the Missoni collection?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Story of Baby Girl

Playing the waiting game towards the end of my pregnancy seemed like it dragged on forever but now that it's over - it seems like it all happened so fast!  The fastest part was actually my labor.  Late in the afternoon on 9/15, I felt a hard kick similar to what happened right before my water broke with my son.  I called my husband to come home just in case and he took me to the hospital.  Baby Girl must have known that we had arrived because before we could even get to labor and delivery, she was born right in the hospital elevator!  I'm glad my instincts kicked in to tell me to "catch" my own baby because it took another 5-10 minutes afterwards to get medical assistance.  All of this happened during the course of 1 hour!!  For reference, labor with my son was 8 hours so I was thinking Baby Girl would take 4-5 hours (typically half the time of your first pregnancy).

Aside from a little jaundice and being a bit cold, my little peanut was nice and healthy - weighing in at 6 lbs, 15 oz and measuring 19.5" long.  She is now a little over 2 weeks old and I got to break confinement briefly yesterday to get some newborn portraits taken.  Here are 2 of my favorites:

Thanks again to everyone for all the kind comments!  I've been trying to sneak in some blog loving time here and there so I'm still sporadic but I love seeing everyone's posts :)


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