Monday, July 18, 2011

Then and Now: J. Crew Muse Tank

Is it stretchy and of a decent length?  Then you can wear it even in your 3rd trimester!  I'm going to try and make this a new feature for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I still very fervently believe in maximizing what you already have in your closet or purchasing items that will work for you both during and after pregnancy.  Why not save that money for something fun?  A fun new handbag perhaps?  ;)

Of course, when it comes to pants, you can't just slap a Bella Band over existing pants anymore and you will have to purchase a few maternity pants.  I recommend buying 3 basics: black trousers, khakis, and jeans.  Motherhood Maternity usually has these for about $30 each or you can check out Gap, Target, and Old Navy.  MM usually does not have a very large selection in terms of sizes in store so many times I've had to just purchase a M vs. XS or S.  This usually is ok for the 3rd trimester but in the early days of pregnancy, I just have to keep hiking my pants up (ugh).  Hence the parade of dresses / skirts you've seen on me instead.


Top:  J. Crew Muse Tank, 
Golden Topaz, XS
(see it on Vicky of Vicky's 
Daily Fashion, Annie of 
Really Petite, and Liane of 
Cardigan:  Lauren Conrad, 
Skirt:  DIY Paisley Brocade
Belt:  Banana Republic
Necklace: F21
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect 
Suede Pumps, Granite

Top:  J. Crew Muse Tank,
Golden Topaz, XS
Pants:  Motherhood Maternity
Black Trousers
Necklace:  Target Chunky
Shoes:  Target Mossimo
Pearce Pumps (buy here)
Bag: "Charlotte" Vintage
Messenger (shortened
straps for
shoulder carry)

Obligatory Tummy Pose :)
(29.5 weeks pregnant)

Thanks to the blogger community, I have discovered surprisingly comfy shoes and cute accessories at Target.  These are definitely wallet friendly purchases!  Have you purchased anything there recently?


  1. Ooh, I am definitely loving this new feature of yours! I have plenty of clothes saved up for that time, so I think I will do this as well (in the future)! I think I would also stop wearing pants entirely! I hope I won't need to buy any new clothes...except maybe new bras. Hahaha. =P Yes, I agree with shoes at Target! I have at least a handful of shoes from there! LOVE!

  2. Cute feature! Wow! You are getting close!

    I love the gold J. Crew top! Looks so great with your purse, too!

  3. I can't believe you're ~1.5 months away! Time has flown by so fast. I'm glad you're still keeping up with blogging and posts like this are ever-so-helpful :)

    I haven't been to Target in awhile (the nearest one is 20 minutes too far for my lazy self), but I adore the chunky pearls on you.

    I hope you stay cool in this heat, SPG!

  4. Oh.. I love Target and Specially their clearance section! Ive found dresses for $10 and tops for like $4!! And you look great!

  5. OMG I love all then and now pics- so cute!!!! You are so close- I am so excited for you SPG!!! Woo hoo!!!

  6. i love seeing the chronicles of your pregnant belly! Lol...I feel like everyone is pregnant, i meet 2 pregnant ladies this weekend, must be that time of year. i love your jcrew top. tops like thatcomes in handy for me when i go to a buffet too!

  7. i love this!! so chic tucked in when you're not pregnant but looks like a great maternity top when you are!!

    i've been stocking up on maxi's as of late because it's over 100 degrees in TX everyday and i the idea of wearing pants/jeans/leggings ANYTHING constricting makes me want to lock myself in the house and never leave and i keep justifying my maxi buying by saying that when we decide to get pregnant in the near future i can still wear them HAHAHA.

  8. I'm glad you are able to maximize that mustard jcrew top, since I always love seeing it on you! I'm amazed that you can still wear high heels and all!

  9. The Tank is fabulous and I love both outfits!!! A beautiful next to be mom!!

  10. Both outfits are so cute! I always check target for shoes before I go anywhere else because all their shoes I have have lasted me for a long time! And like you said, for a good price!

  11. Adore your bag! And I really like both outfits. It's great that I feel like I've seen your belly grow ever since you announced your baby.

    I'm getting antsy to meet her.

  12. LePetiteLemon - Aww, thanks! And it's so cute that you have clothes saved for the occasion! Yes, pants are definitely much less comfortable than dresses / skirts - especially for these hot summer months!

    Michelle - Thanks! :) I was a tad afraid I was being too matchy-matchy with the purse and ensemble so I'm glad you like it!!

    Cee - I did have a bit of blogging block for a little bit but I'd really like to stick with blogging - I really love the sense of community and getting input on just about any kind of topic :) I'll be taking a year off for maternity leave and I'm not sure if that means I'll have tons of time or now time for blogging. We'll take it one step at a time!

    Newpetite - Me too! I've found the cutest necklaces in their clearance section! What's even better is that hubby has their credit card so we get that 5% off everyday - love that!

    Annie - Aww, thanks so much for the kind words! Definitely getting there! I'm going to have to save a "going to the hospital" post and just publish it when the time comes :)

    Ping - Aw, that means so much to me! I never know how interested / disinterested people might be in preggo related stuff. And LOL, I love tops that will also do well in buffet situations! :)

    Lisa - Thanks!! I remember visiting Texas several years ago in March (Dallas and Austin) and it was already in the 80s and 90s so I can't even imagine what it's like in the middle of summer. We're going through a heat wave here around 99 degrees but feels like 110 with the humidity - BLECH! I want to see your new maxis!! And yes, they'll definitely come in handy during your pregnancy :)

    Olyvia - Haha, me too! I was looking through my closet for stretchy tops after spending the last 2 months in constant dresses and was delighted when I found this one :)

    Francesca - Thanks so much hon! You are so sweet!! :)

    Mugdha - Thanks for coming by and commenting! Good to know that the shoes last a long time!! It would be ok if it didn't because of the great prices but the fact that they are constructed well is a huge plus!!

    Aki - Thank you!! There's definitely been quite the progression LOL and the most dramatic growth is yet to come! :) And me too on meeting her - we are so super excited!!

  13. love, love, love SPG!! The colour is amazing too! I just sent this post to my friend that's expecting her first - she hasn't bought any maternity clothes either (maybe one pair of jeans).


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