Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Color Brigade: Blue Plaid, Khaki, and Magenta OOTD

It's Color Brigade Day!  Be sure to check out Kileen of Cute and Little's weekly feature for gorgeous color combination inspirations :)

I'm still thinking of the J. Crew catalog look of plaid button-down + full skirt so when I found a plaid shirt in Old Navy's Boy section, I went for it.  The fit is actually not too bad.  It fits a little loosely in the torso and sleeves but the the shirt / sleeve lengths are perfect.  Plus, it was only $10 so you can't beat the price.

Shirt:  Old Navy Blue Plaid Button-Down, Boys Sz Lg, $10 (buy here)
Necklace:  DIY Mixed Media Pearl Necklace (buy similar here)
Belt:  Banana Republic Chain & Leather belt
Skirt:  Old Navy Khaki Tiered Skirt
Shoes:  Gucci Magenta Wedges (Left) and Frye Joy Vintage Slide (Right - buy here)

I'm a little perplexed on the shoe situation.  I love the pop of magenta with the wedges on the left and I think the lower heel balances out the shorter hem.  However, I feel like my legs look so much better with the Frye slides.  Which would you choose?


  1. I don't think the hemline is too short. I use the "hands down by the side" rule because that is what we use for girls at school. If their fingertips are past the hem, then their skirt is too short. Your fingertips are not even close. Either you have freakishly short arms or really long femurs but I think that the length looks fine. Not too short at all. Although I like the magenta shoes more because what's not to love about magenta shoes?

  2. I completely love the magenta wedges! :)

  3. I like the pattern of this newly acquired ON shirt! It is super cute paired with the tiered skirt. I actually think the magenta wedges would be great for work and the slides perfect for weekends.

    PS - I like the shorter hemline showing your knees :)

  4. I love the magenta wedges with the outfit, though the brown pair does match your belt. I think the hemline is perfect, actually.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. I think both pairs of shoes look great with the outfit! But I think the frye slides enlongate the legs though! :)

    I realy like shorter hems on you(but knowing me, is that really surprising?)

  6. i love this outfit and actually prefer the magenta heels. they're such a beautiful pop of color and i think your legs still look really great!

    cute and little

  7. yes i agree with you! i love it with the frye slides much better, just because the outfit is more casual. i also like that the heel is higher and gives the illusion of even longer stems!

  8. I personally like the hem- it shows off your nice legs:)

  9. i love the pop of color with the gucci wedges.. but i agree with you i think the brown ones really elongate your legs!

  10. I was leaning toward the red wedges, but as I've read other comments and of course what you said, I see how the slides elongate your legs. Plus, the open back says "Ready when you are, spring!"
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  11. I think both look great with the outfit...the magnenta is a great color to complement the shirt. The slides go well for a casual look.

  12. Loving the slides! But the colour combination with the first shoe is great too, the slides just up the sexy meter.

    I clicked the link to "buy" the shirt you're wearing and was shocked to see I was redirected to the little boys' section! LOL. I'm going in to Old Navy tomorrow to check out all these great deals.

    Such a cute and inspiring outfit.

  13. For the shoe, definitely go with the slide!

  14. I can't believe you found that cute plaid shirt for $10.00 and it actually fits. I think both shoes go well with the outfit. Great choice!

  15. Hmm... I demand a new outfit post! I need inspiration. c:

  16. Kerry - Now that you mention it, I remember the "hands down by the side" rule too! In HS, many of my friends would skirt by on this (pun intended bc I'm a giant geek).

    Hurricanekerrie - Thanks! They are surprisingly comfy too - bonus!

    Cee - Thanks! You totally inspired me to check out the Boys section after seeing all the versatile ways you've worn your Crewcuts shirt! My skirt lengths are much more daring now post-blogging :)

    Jessy - Thanks! I love the pop of magenta too :)

    Elle - If I had gams like you, I would also like shorter hems :)

    Kileen - Aw, thanks so much!

    Ping - Thanks! Longer stems are definitely a plus and a rare occasion for me!

    Annie - You are so sweet!

    Lisa - Thanks! I really do like how many inches the heels give me - makes me feel normal height LOL.

    JenHaHA - Oh I am SO ready for spring! We had a freak snowstorm here yesterday and the roads are very slick this morning :(

    Jarucha - Thanks for the feedback! That's a very helpful way to differentiate them :)

    Aubrey - Thanks so much! Hope you find good deals at ON - I'm very curious to see what you'll get :)

    Fashion to Go - Thanks for visiting and commenting! I do like the leg lengthening slides :)

    Sydney - Thanks! Me too! I was inspired by Cee's Crewcuts button down shirt :)

    Aubrey - You are too funny!

  17. Cute, cute, cute! I really love this look! I like it with the magenta shoes personally :)

  18. love the outfits your sport on your blog. that plaid shirt is classic!

  19. Your legs look great in both pair but I especially love the pop of color of the magenta wedges. IDK they add something special to the outfit.


  20. Elaine - Thanks so much! I'm a little obsessed with this plaid shirt + skirt combo :)

    theeclecticlife - Thanks for reading and commenting! If you like the plaid shirt, you should give it a try - it's a very good price to get something cute :)

    Miss Rockwell - Thank you for your feedback! These magenta wedges are much more versatile than I thought they'd be :)


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