Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OOTD and Born Crown Boots Review

You've probably seen these boots in my more recent posts.  I originally purchased them as a filler item at Nordies online to get free shipping and wound up loving them!  The mid-calf length is almost knee high and I feel like this is a much more proportional boot height on me.  Like all Born footwear, it is uber-comfy.  It's not quite UGG comfy, but I can still shlep around the mall all day and not be in pain.

According to Nordstrom, it has a 11" shaft height, 14.25" circumference, and 2.5" heel.  It is a little roomy in the calf area (which says a lot bc my calves are rather big) but this makes it great for tucking in jeans or wearing thick cable-knit knee socks.  The gray leather and buckle details are icing on the cake.  :)

Cardigan: Simply Vera Vera Wang, XS
Leggings: Black, Macy's

I'm also a fan of the Simply Vera Vera Wang line at Kohl's.  She has the cutest designs although I wish her items were cut a little smaller.  XS is still big but all the coupons and deals usually make me overlook that.

Side view

What do you think of mid-calf boots?


  1. Wow- I like these boots on you! And they are real leather? What size are they?

    Great review!!! :)

  2. It happened to me several times, I ordered something as a filler and ended up loving it. There is no doubt that Born makes the most comfy shoes/boots. By the way, I love your new header and the lavender theme.

    @ReallyPetite: According to the description, they are real leather. Great price too

  3. they are grey? they look purple. not sure if it's b/c of your new layout. hahaha.

    I wish I fit into clothes @ kohl's. They do have amazing coupons. I actually like their makeup line: american beauty. They're from the same company as Lancome and the colors are very pigmented and have very nice packaging. have you ever tried?

  4. Super cute!! I love the outfit you put together. Your boots look way cuter on you than they are shown on the Nordstrom website!

    I am a new fan of mid-calf boots...just got my first pair for Christmas and I love them!

  5. I think the boots are adorable! I have a pair of mid-calf boots myself. In black. I thought the boots were brown until I read the description. haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. I really like the oversized cardi with legging and boots look on you. I don't shop at Kohl's at all, because I could never find anything. I went there once after Vera Wang line was introduced but they are so huge that I never bothered. I guess you can't rule them all out because the non-fitted items are still good.
    I noticed Aubrey's comment and was curious about their makeup line: American Beauty.

  7. I think those boots are a perfect heel height, I'm also a fan of the simply vera wang line and am always bummed that the xs clothes always run big. I notice that there is a petite line available online, but the smallest in shirts in petite small. I've been wanting to test out whether xs-regular is bigger than petite-small, but haven't gotten the chance yet. If only they had a petite-xs!

  8. Really Petite - Thanks! Nordies recommended going up 1/2 a size since the boots run small so I ordered a size 9 (I have giant boat feet LOL). I really like the leather - it's very thick and soft.

    Sydney - Ah, the dangers of shopping fillers! :) Thank you - I really love purple :D

    Aubrey - LOL - the grey does photograph like a brownish / purple. In real life, they look like a warm grey - kind of like a greige.

    I had no idea American Beauty was from Lancome! I love Lancome - now I'm going to have to try :)

    Michelle - Aw, thanks so much!! Your boots sound cute! Have you done a post on them? The only boots I remember recently are your Frye boots.

    Jessy - Thanks! The grey definitely does not photograph like a normal grey color. Thankfully they look more grey in real life.

    Vicky - Since I'm a larger petite, I can fit in some larger clothing. The Vera Wang is definitely on the big side but I think they make very good relaxed type clothes :) The Lauren Conrad line runs a little bit smaller depending on the garment. I'm also curious about the American Beauty - I really want to try now!

    Olyvia - I've never tried the petite sizing online. I've seen a couple of petite items at the store but usually the selection of styles is sad in the petite section. I'm now curious about PS vs XS!

  9. The only short boots I like are the short Uggs. All others I like them to be taller. I love these boots on you, especially from the front. I haven't heard too much about Born, but now that they're on my radar, I'll have to check them out :)

    PS - Forgot to mention before, but I'm digging this new layout!

  10. Yes, the Frye boots are the ones!

  11. Cee - Thank you! Definitely check out Born, I love their leather and comfort. Sometimes you can find them at DSW for pretty good prices.

    Michelle - Oh duh, I'm so dumb! I got confused with Jessy's comment where she mentioned black and I kept thinking "Michelle's Frye boots aren't black!"

  12. these boots are the perfect height on you! i like the fact that they don't go up all the way to the knee cause then you can pair them with knee-high socks and still have quite a bit of leg left.

    and i've never bought shoes from Kohl's before. I actually didn't even know they had small sizes there! will have to check them out. :)

  13. Lovin' the boots girl, they suit ya!

  14. Mid calf boots are always misunderstood because most seem to hit right at the widest part of the leg which can seem...unflattering. But they look lovely on you and it's great that there's extra space for tucking in pants!

    I've never been to Kohl's because there aren't many near where I am, but I should probably check it out because I like Vera Wang's designs! =)

  15. Dawwwwmmn... these boots are hot on you!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  16. Kileen - Thanks! Oops didn't mean to mislead you - the shoes are from Nordstrom but the shirt and sweater are from Kohl's. The sizes aren't really small but if you don't mind a relaxed fit, the Vera Wang items are cute.

    Lula - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

    Stylepint - Thank you! Kohl's sometimes has free shipping deals so maybe you can try something from the Simply Vera line this way?

  17. 20 York Street - Aww thanks so much! Thank you for stopping by. You have a great blog!


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