Monday, April 11, 2011

H&M Finds Part 1 - Lace Crop Top

I saw this H&M Lace Crop Top on Michelle of The Petite Fitting Room and loved how it had a flared shape at the bottom (perfect for tummy accommodation!).  Make sure you check out her review so you can see it on a non-preggy petite.  :)

The lace is lovely - I love the larger lace pattern plus the swirls.  For $17.95, I think this is a very cute and inexpensive little top that will wind up being pretty versatile.  I wound up getting the size S rather than XS even though the S is a little roomy on top.  I figured I should buy things that will work for rapid expansion LOL - plus the S was about 1.5" longer which is a plus.

The navy belt with cognac faux leather is another H&M find.  Only $5.95!

Blazer: J. Crew, Navy Blue, Sz 0
Lace Top:  H&M Lace Crop Top, S
Navy Top:  LOFT Silk Shell w/ Beaded Accent, XS
Necklace:  DIY Cameo + Pearls (Buy here)
Belt:  H&M, Navy/Cognac Skinny Belt, S
Skirt:  Old Navy Tiered Skirt, Khaki
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel


  1. Ooh I love this look! I just saw the shirt on Michelle earlier, and it seemed too low to tuck in, so I'm surprised. It looks awesome though. And you're back to looking not pregnant! Seriously.

  2. I love the outfit! Love how you pulled it all together with the blazer on top. Not that I need advice on this, but you should totally make a post about fashion during pregnancy. ; )

  3. I have been loving the spring items at H&M, and I WANT your belt! I didn't see it before, but now I just might have to go back to look for it.

  4. aww you are soo talented! i love your etsy shop too!

  5. Wow, it seems like this outfit hid your bump. I am also surprised that it can be tucked in, I guess its as versatile as everyone claims. It looks great on you! I am loving the way you pair it with the blazer.

  6. Wow, that shirt has more potential than I thought when I first saw it on Michelle's blog. What do i know, haha. This outfit look amazing on you! didn't even notice your baby bump,... and that cameo necklace works perfectly. Another favorite outfit for me!

  7. I just did a post on lace!! Your lace top is really pretty!

    Monique xx

  8. ohh i love that lace top. looks great on you and i really like how you styled it. i would never have thought of tucking it in-- makes it more dressy.

  9. Oh what a pretty top! Lace is always so feminine and perfectly flirty. Btw you can still hardly tell you have a preggers tummy :)

  10. I saw this belt the other day. I really liked it. It came in so many other colors, but I needed 1 extra hole and it wasn't a punchable belt. but luckily, I just bought 3 belts on sale from J.crew that vicky blogged about.

  11. Loveeee the necklace. Old charm feel but perfect for your adorable outfit.

  12. I like how you layered the lace top with a contrasting color underneath. You look great! I had to look verrry closely to see a baby bump in this outfit :)

  13. love this outfit/look on you! I found similar lace top and wore in my latest youtube video but it's a bit different...still from H & M and same price but has buttons down the back of it...

    Your shoes are super cute too! And btw- wearing your necklace you sent me today! It's awesome!!!

  14. oooh, I saw that top on her and I really liked how it flares at the bottom. But I love how you also made it seem more fitted by tucking it in. I do love the big lace detail, too.

  15. Ooohh very nice! And at such a great price too!

  16. Ski Petite - Thank you! The "S" is definitely longer than the "XS" - the only bad thing is that it is a tad bigger at the bust / armholes but if you wear it underneath things then no one else will see it.

    Jessy - Thanks so much! LOL about not needing advice on preggy wear :D I haven't done too many pregnancy-specific posts - I'm trying to sprinkle "advice" throughout all the posts so it's not too pregnancy-heavy.

    Amy - You should definitely go check it out! It's such a good price and I love the combo of navy blue + cognac! Plus the grommeted belt holes (I'm hoping) means it will hold up pretty well.

    Juicy lady - Thanks for stopping by and saying such kind things!! :)

    Jarucha - Thanks so much! You'd be amazed what a blazer can hide ;)

    Olyvia - Aw, thanks so much! I don't think I can pull off Michelle's look at the moment so I knew I needed to do a little bit of a different take on it :)

    Monique - Thanks so much! I'll have to check out your post :)

    Ping - Thank you! I can't pull off untucked right now - it looks very tent-y :)

    Laura - Aww, thanks - you are so sweet! I do love this lace print a LOT!

    Aubrey - Yep, I totally agree. As a preggy, I can still fit in XS but bought S to grow into. It's unfortunate that you can't add extra holes because I do think the color combo is super cute! I'll have to check out the J. Crew belts that Vicky blogged about.

    Sherri - Thank you! I really love the cameo look right now and I think it dresses up any kind of outfit :)

    Cee - Thanks! I really liked how it made the lace pattern pop out more. On hiding the belly, the tucking in point + blazer was good camouflage :D

    Annie - Thanks so much! I'll have to re-look at that post - I was so busy staring at your handbags that I didn't pay proper attention :) I'm so GLAD you like the necklace!!

    Hurricanekerrie - It's so hard to find big lace in the fabric stores so I was happy to see Michelle's post on top of the great price - LOVE it!

    Fashion to Go - Thanks! Isn't it great when you can get something cute for a good price? Those are my favorite shopping moments :)

  17. Something about this outfit works really really well. the pearls? the blouse? anyways, I like it!



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