Tuesday, March 15, 2011

J. Crew + Cee-Inspired OOTD

This OOTD is purely Cee-inspired.  Have you checked out her super-stylish blog?  Be sure to take a gander at her 30 for 30 challenge because this gal does amazing things even when her options are limited.

Anyhoo, how exactly is this Cee-inspired?
  • Crewcuts gingham button down?  Check.
  • Blazer?  Check.
  • Necklace under the collar?  Check.

Shirt:  Crewcuts Boys' Button-Down in Large Gingham, Sz 14 (buy here)
Blazer:  J. Crew Twill Blazer, Navy, Sz 0
Necklace:  DIY Triple Strand Pearls (buy here)
Skirt:  J. Crew Canvas Military Skirt, Sz 0 (buy here)
Shoes:  Frye Joy Vintage Slide (buy here)

This post also doubles as this week's entry into Kileen of Cute and Little's Color Brigade.  Today, I'm pairing Navy, Gingham, Olive, and Brown - wild, I know :)


  1. ooh your hair looks so nice!!!

    This is definitely a Cee inspired outfit.

  2. Oh wow, totally Cee inspired and you look absolutely fabulous! I love, love, love how you're wearing your pearls and that blazer is awesome!

  3. ohh yes, i 2nd that aubrey! i love hair.
    loving the shirt, blazer and necklace...i like the combo together.

  4. The pearls with the gingham look so sophisticated!

  5. I really really like this outfit!....and how gorgeous is your hair?!!

  6. Ah!! I am so in love with everything!! This is one of my favorite outfits I have seen you post!! I love Cee's gingham shirt everytime I see her style it, and you did an equally great job! It is so tempting to buy!!

    And your shoes! I did not know Frye made heeled sandals!

  7. OMG, you nailed it on this Cee-inspired outfit! I was scanning through posts via google blogger, and thought this one was from ToBrightenMyDay!!! You got me there!

  8. SPG, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! (no surprise there, hehe). In fact, I think you'll be my inspiration one day as I've never worn the gingham with a skirt before :) Your hair and the pearls are absolutely perfect! Love!

    Just curious, how does the crewcuts shirt in size 14 fit you?

  9. Love your outfit! You did a great job with Cee-inspired outfit. Your hair is so gorgeous. I love it :)

  10. I like her style and I like your take on her style!


  11. You are quite possibly the cutest thing ever. I want a gingham shirt!!!

    I love her 30 for 30s too!!

    P.s. Echoing everyone else, your hair looks fantastic.

  12. Oooo is that the same pearl necklace you sell in your store? If so, I'm totally buying one. Send me a message!

  13. Ah, duh, the link! It's 3am girl, I should be sleeping. LOL. Buying!! Are you wearing the cream colour in this photo?

  14. Best outfit on you so far.. I am a fan of boyish blazer & button down combination. You wear this outfit well. A pair of skinny khaki capri or toothpick ankle jean with Converse sneaker will be nice on you as well. Can you give me a few fitting pointers on the gingham shirt?

    Really appreciate it...

  15. So cute! I love the plaid peeking out of the blazer! I also love your hair, SPG!! How do it do like that?

  16. So cute! Love the necklace over the collar look:D

  17. AubreyOhDang - Thank you! I'm usually too lazy to curl my hair but I got inspired by PAG :)

    Elaine, Hurricanekerrie - Thank you! I can't take credit - it's really all Cee :) I love all the inspiration I get from you gals!

    Ping - Thanks so much! I figured I could get my act together and do my hair once in a while LOL.

    Callandra - Aw, that's so sweet - thank you!!

    Michelle - Thank you! The gingham shirt is such a great buy bc of its versatility and great price (+ free shipping) - you should try it (here's me with my enabling LOL)! This is my 2nd pair of Frye sandals. Despite the height, they are actually pretty walkable / comfy! I got mine on super sale during one of Endless.com's crazy promos - I'll msg you next time it happens!!

    Vicky - Thank you! So funny that you thought the post was Cee's :D

    Cee - Aw thank you! You are totally my inspiration and I hope you take this post as a compliment to your great style :) The Crewcuts 14 actually fits better than the ON Lg - the sleeves are less poofy and the torso is much slimmer. This will not be my last time visiting Crewcuts :)

    Sydney, Annie - Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Aki - Thanks so much! Cee is an awesome source of inspiration :)

    Aubrey - You are too freaking sweet - I love it! Yeppers, same necklace as in Etsy - the one I'm wearing is in Dove Gray. I'll msg you too :)

    Anonymous - Thank you for reading, commenting, and for your suggestions! I'll have to try those! The gingham shirt (though it's in a boy size) actually fits pretty well. The sleeves and torso are relatively slim where I was expecting poofier / boxier fits. I normally wear a sz 0/XSP for reference - hope this helps!

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much! I used a 1.25" (maybe 1.5", I need to double check) curling iron and curled in a vertical orientation rather than horizontal - it makes nice, loose curls in a relatively short period of time. Let me know if you need more details!

  18. love the outfit!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  19. hehe it is indeed Cee inspired! I love it and while you took some elements from Cee's style I think you infused enough of you in there so that it's still completely unique! :)

  20. Lol... I can totally see Cee in this outfit!! You totally nailed her look :)


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