Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Brights One Last Time?

The days are getting shorter and cooler, a sure sign that fall is just around the corner.  As much as I love fall, I'm going to miss the bright color combos of summer!  This dress is actually a reddish-orange but it photographed more of a cherry red.

Dress:  The Limited Flutter Jersey Dress
Belt:  Lands' End Canvas Nautical Rope Belt
Necklace:  H&M Turquoise Necklace
Shoes:  Those 15-year old comfy sandals!
Sunnies:  Gucci

Week 34 of the pregnancy and I have a random elevator conversation to share:

A lady (excitedly): "Are you having twins?!?"

Me: "No, we just have the one baby in there."

Lady: "So your baby is just measuring very large then?"

Me: "Um, no, she's measuring right on track."

Lady: "Oh."

A-w-k-w-a-r-d silence.

I was a little annoyed that she was implying that I was way beyond the normal size of a pregnant woman when I've only gained ~20 lbs but at the same time I know she didn't mean it maliciously.  Just comes with the territory I guess!

I don't know if anyone checks, but I'm behind in responding to comments - I'll catch up soon, promise!


  1. Aw! I think you look tiny, for what it's worth! Hope that lady feels awkward for that comment :)

  2. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what a biyotch!

    i only wish i'm going to look as you good as you when i'm pregnant!! hahah seriously everytime i come to your blog i cross my fingers and say "oh gezz i hope i look this good when i'm pregnant" hahaha

    ps. that dress is gorge on you!! i love how you accented it with that H&M statement necklace.. i would never think to wear those two colors together but it's a GORGEOUS combo!

  3. I love this reddish color on you! Definitely one of my favorite outfits of your pregger-series. lol, that was an awkward elevator moment. She must not know what she was saying, since you look pretty compact in my opinion, or this dress really makes you look dainty for being 34 weeks!

  4. Haha, ohh pregnancy woes. The dress looks really great- the colour is stunning!


  5. LOL at the lady's comment. definitely awkward. you look great though! love that color against your skin. you definitely have the pregnancy glow.

  6. Lol, maybe she's just making small talk? I don't know much about pregnancies, so I just like hearing about the journey...including awkward conversations. ;). I love the red, turquoise, and brown color combo. It's a great transitional palette.

  7. Great color on you! :]
    That lady's comment is just too awkward. Wow. Well you look great, don't worry!

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  8. oh goodness, what an awkward conversation! maybe she's never been pregnant and doesn't know how big bellies look with a baby in there! or maybe it just looks bigger on you because you're petite? either way, what a weird question...

    cute & little

  9. LOL Whaat the heck. Maybe your tummy looked big in proportion with your petite frame? Awkwarddd

  10. I think you look great!

  11. Lol! That would be a little awkward!

    I love the necklace paired with this dress!

  12. This dress is really nice! I love the color!! And you look radiant!!

  13. Phew - I'm glad your monitor deceives you like that because if you'd seen a glaring bra outline I'd be mortified. I wore that blouse thinking it wouldn't be too bad and I guess I was right?

    I love the color of the dress (I'm imagining a more orange tone to it) and how you paired it with the statement turquoise necklace.

    I've heard that unwanted baby advice/questions/awkwardness is just part of the territory. But for what it's worth, you don't look large at all - you're actually on the smaller side of pregnant bellies that Ive seen.

  14. She was probably stunned because (in comparison to non-petite women) baby bellies probably look much bigger on our frames : ) I hope tiny Liane shares some pics in her third trimester!

  15. Ditto what Jean said...your belly/baby probably looked larger because you are so small to begin with.

    And good news for your brights...all these fashion mags are saying that bright colors are here to stay! You look good in red!

  16. You are so cute! Love the baby bump with this great dress :)

    Don't give up on your brights for fall. They are going to be huge!


  17. Hahaha that sounds like something I would say. Sometimes the filter for my brain/mouth just doesn't function right.

    Red is your color and shows off the bump beautifully!

  18. yes, it's definitely getting cooler at night! :) and that is one awkward conversation!

    <3, Mimi

  19. I currently have a tie for favorites: P. aeruginosa (in addition to smelling like candy those buggers secrete pyocyanine,which turns the whole plate blue-green) and Serratia Marcescens (the bright red pigment is simply gorgeous. I can look at a plate for hours).

    Here's a good analogy: Write a paragraph in Word. Insert a few words. Delete a few words. Repeat for a lifetime. That's the project I've been working on, only with pipettes instead of a convenient delete button.

    Here's the secret to eBay deals: know what you want (that's the most important part) and stalk listings daily. It's fool proof - I promise.

  20. I never ask an expectant lady beyond the question of when are you due? That's it, anything else is just too much and unnecessary! I think you look fantastic and if I ever have kids, I seriously hope I can still look as pulled together as you! You are so close to delivery, good luck and all the best!

  21. You look great and perfectly in shape for a pregnant woman ! That lady was so ignorant to say that LOL
    If you want we can follow each other, just let me know if you follow my blog so I can follow back ! Kisses

  22. Gee, those awkward elevator conversators. Love the dress on you. Rocking the baby bump as always :)


  23. oh you glow and look stunning!

    ps people are just rude


  24. I'm petite and with both my pregnancies I went into maternity clothes VERY quickly. I figure it's because there is less room for the baby to grow in smaller women. After all, we don't have smaller babies. They don't come out petite! Having said all that, I think you look absolutely normal for your stage of pregnancy. Your tummy IS holding a baby and all that extra fluid, and you don't look as though you've put on weight anywhere else! So forget the silly woman (funny though, hope she was mortified). Your dress looks great - wear that tummy proudly.

  25. I've gained 20 pounds this summer and I'm not pregnant. ...But that's another story altogether.

    I am jealous that it's getting into fall for you. It's one of my favorite seasons but we're still getting 100+ weather.

  26. OMG seriously- what is wrong with people? It's only because you are so petite that your belly may appear larger to those that don't understand..LOL I think you look fantastic and right on track! (My sister just had 3 babies in a row)

    Love the dress and necklace on you SPG!

  27. awww. You look so pretty even though you are pregnant. I can tell you that red is definitely your color! Sexy mama~

  28. It's definitely okay to wear bright colors even after fall fact, the more dreary the weather, the brighter your clothes should be! =P 34 weeks! So close!! :D :D :D

  29. Erin - Thank you! I'm not sure she did LOL.

    Lisa - Aw, you are so sweet - thank you! I so heart this H&M necklace! Did you see now they have a reddish-orange version in stores? I was tempted to buy it but I held back :)

    Olyvia - Thank you! Elevator conversations can be quite interesting - I think people feel obligated to fill the silence with some kind of conversation regardless of what the topic may be ;)

    Sabrina - Thank you! I've been in love with red-orange lately :)

    Ping - Thank you! It was like she kept digging a deeper and deeper hole. In retrospect, it was quite comical :)

    QFFS - Haha, I guess so! What a weird way to ask about someone's pregnancy LOL.

    Bree - Thank you for the sweet words! I'll have to check out your giveaway!

    Kileen - Haha, maybe? My doctor thought it was funny LOL because she got the same comments when she was pregnant with her 2nd child.

    Jessy - I guess so! I was annoyed at the time but it's kind of humorous now :)

    Timothy - Thank you, that's very kind of you to say!

    Michelle - :) Thanks!

    Francesca - Thank you for being so sweet!

    Anna - You were right! I could not tell at all. Thanks!

    Jean - I agree - I would love to see Liane in her 3rd trimester. From what I could tell, she's way smaller than I was @ 6 months.

    Elle - Let's hope so! I briefly felt like a humongous balloon after she mentioned it but then I thought more of it and just laughed it off. I know she didn't mean it maliciously. Yay for bright colors in the fall! I need to catch up with my mags :)

    Style Journey - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I'm excited about the fall brights now!

  30. Cee - LOL Cee! Thank you! I do love this color :)

    Mimi - I love the cooler weather and from the comments, it sounds like bright colors will be staying for fall - exciting! :)

    Anna - That is a good analogy! Still more interesting than plating all day everyday :)

    Bravoe Runway - I almost never say anything unless I'm 100% sure they are pregnant (sometimes you just don't know!) and when I do, I say Congrats and ask when they are due. Thanks so much for your well wishes!

    Vale - Thank you for your kind comment!

    Patience - You took the words right out of my mouth :) Thank you!

    The Desert Fox - Thanks so much - that's very sweet of you :)

    RebeccaHoward - That's how my pregnancies went too! I started to show very early on so for both, I had a tummy hiding phase until we were ready to make the announcement :)

    Aki - Eek on the 100 degrees! Right now, our highs are in the 80s-90s so it's definitely not as bad. Night times are great with temps in the 60s and 70s! Hope your weather cools soon!

    Annie - Aww, you always know the kindest things to say :) Thank you!

    Fashion and Number - Thank you for your super sweet words!

    LePetiteLemon - I love your weather / color philosophy - I'm going to try that! :)


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