Monday, August 1, 2011

Watch Search: J. Crew Timex? (And a "Revealing" OOTD)

My go-to watch is running out of batteries.  Somehow, rather than replace said batteries, I've been feeling compelled to search for a brand new watch instead.  I am fascinated, and I really mean fascinated, by the striped watch bands offered by J. Crew for the men's collection.  I have to admit it, J. Crew has me hooked and hooked so badly that I'm venturing out of women's and into men's (I've already ventured into kids' with the gingham shirt Cee made popular).  The thing holding me back was that I have no idea how a men's watch face was going to look on my wrist.  The watch face is 40mm which is considerably larger than my normal watches.  Given that and knowing that a striped watch band will probably be paired with casual, preppy wear rather than as an everyday staple, I'm going to "Frankenstein" my own mens' J. Crew Timex Watch.

First, I took to the blogs and found this nifty post from J. Crew Aficionada on J. Crew Timex alternatives (but still using J. Crew straps).  So off I went to purchase the Timex T40091 Field Expedition Watch from Amazon ($30) for a super similar watch face and then 2 watch straps from J. Crew, navy/bisque ($20) and olive/red ($9).

And the finished product looks like:

The watch face isn't as big as I thought it would be - a plus and I like the military feel of it!  The strap is a bit long so I have to double it up.  The navy/bisque strap is on back order until mid to late August.

And with a "revealing" (Hello- you can see my face LOL) ensemble (I'm taking a cue from Cee here - thanks Cee for the sunglasses trick!):
Tank: Old Navy, Striped Ribbed Tank
Blazer: J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Summer Stripe, Sz 0 (buy here)
Capris:  Gap Maternity Skinny Cargo Pants (I cropped these bc I needed more air LOL - thanks Gigi for the maternity skinny idea!)
Shoes:  Tommy Hilfiger Illie Print Wedge Sandal (buy here)
Watch:  Timex Face + J. Crew Strap

By the way, I felt incredibly awkward taking photos outdoors - I kept waiting for my neighbor to pop his head out and ask what I was doing.  And this is from just being in the backyard.  I gotta hand it to you bloggers who take photos outside AND in public all the time!  Plus my shots were all overexposed because I left my indoor settings on - oops!

What are your thoughts on wearing men's garments / accessories? 


  1. Yay! I love the full shot!! I love your hair!! :) Looking forward to seeing more!!

    I have been eying those J. Crew bands, too. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Timex!

  2. I love that last photo, SPG! Hahah, nice job w/ following Cee's lead w/ the sunglasses.

    Re: wearing men's accessories, etc., I'm all for it. I want to start wearing ties. On my list of things to buy are bowties and suspenders, too.

  3. ohh very cute!! it is very military-ish I LOVE THAT!!

    YAH for full body head to toe shot!!! it's so nice to put a head to a body hahaha. you look FAB girl!!

  4. I buy almost always men's belts now because women's belts are overpriced and cheaply made. Men expect something as utilitarian as a belt to have great craftsmanship at a good price so designers/manufacturers don't skimp out on the quality and price point. These same designers/manufacturers think that women only care about the fashion-ness of the belt so they often sacrifice quality for look. This is just my two cents on what I've been observing at Marshalls (excuse the semi-rant :P). I don't own an oversized watch because I'm so attached to my current one. I have a "thing" about watches - I will only commit to one and wait for it to die because it's a very personal item to me. I will, however, admire your DIY watch because it really is very pretty. I also love your outfit and will steal it as inspiration in the coming week, though I don't have olive colored pants (yet).

  5. yay for photo with headshot! haha! you look great with those skinnies!
    hope there will be more head photos to come!

  6. I love the full shot, you're so pretty :) I've been on the lookout for a good watch. For like a year... I like yours a lot!

  7. Wow! A lot of people (just two LOL) are "coming out" lately! You & Cee. Yay : ) I love men's fashion. I shop in every department - men's, women's, kids'. EVERYWHERE! You never know what gem you might find and you may be the only girl wearing it, right? I have a couple of men's tees, sweaters, and a fedora.

  8. you are so cute! I love big masculine watches.. but cant coz Im one of those who is "blessed" with tiny wrists.

  9. So that's how those watch straps work. You can easily swap them out yourself? I love the preppy stripes.

    Good to "meet" you SPG! Remember how you worried about gaining weight in your face during your pregnancy? I don't see any chubbiness from my view :)

  10. Lol! I agree with Ping, I hope there are more head photos to come. I've grown accustomed to the headless shots of SPG but we really get to appreciate the outfit more when the body is intact : )

  11. Ah this's the first time you show your face. :) Hmmm.... I don't quite mind how ppl think of me when taking pictures outside but my bf does care. So the entire picture taking routine is still quite challenging.

  12. The watch sooooo goes with your outfit! How nice of you to make your own! I like that it's versatile where you can change straps according to your mood or outfit. Hehehe. Also, when I read the title of your post, my eyes went like this: O.O!! I was wondering what kinda "revealing" you were talking about as I have my fair share of "scandalous" outfits. =P But, yay, it was better than I thought! We get to see your face, sorta! Now I just need to crop and enhance it to get a better look! Muahahaha. I wish I knew how to do that! But, thanks for sharing!! Hope to see more of your lovely face in the future! =P (Then again, I'm one to talk....Hahahahaha)

  13. haha, frankenstein your own watch! I turned out nicely! It matches your outfit and that nice "woods" kind of scenary in your backyard. I don't think I've used many menswear items lately except the fedora hat.

  14. yay!! it's so good to see the whole you! you look lovely and taking pictures gets easier with time. and i love more masculine watches right now and yours is perfect!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace Giveaway for flower poufs and blossoms!

  15. I LOVE wearing men accessories (currently sporting my dad's old watch).. it gives an outfit a subtle twist!!

    and yay to getting to see you from head to toe! Your outfit is so cute!

  16. i think the watch is cute! and taking photos outdoors, where neighbors can see, is really very awkward, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  17. Ooooooooooooooh it's good to see your face finally!!! I love the watch. It's really cool!!

  18. Ooooh I full shot of you!!!! LOVE IT!! Ummm did you see how awkward my first outdoor shots were? It was on my balcony too, every time a neighbor's car drove by I pretended to be checking on something outside LOL!

    Really cute watch, I love the little details :)

  19. Girl, I say go for it! :) I love wearing men's clothes and accessories. I sometimes borrow my brother's tops to pair with my skirts and shorts haha!

    Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree

  20. *Dancing* YAY for the full body/head shot! Woo hoo!!!! LOL

    You are seriously the most adorable pregnant girt ever!!! So stylish!

  21. Oh man. Oh man! I need a watch for a test and all mine are broken. I think I will go buy a new watch.

    Love these bigger watch faces.

  22. I'm much more of an organic chemist myself - I loved the subject so much that I actually taught it in college. Analytical chemistry was like grinding bones without joints - no offense, of course :P

    I won't lie here, I actually thought of you when I did the DIY(esque) project. I was thinking, that's so SPG to layer like that - blogs I'm reading really get to my head subconsciously.

  23. You look darling. I like the red strap.

  24. Michelle - Aww, thanks so much! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :) I'll do a follow up post when the other band arrives - I have a feeling I'll like that one even more!

    QFFS - Thank you! Cee gives me TONS of good ideas :) I want to wear ties too! I need to find a way to do it in which I neither look like a waiter or a man LOL.

    Lisa - Thanks so much sweetie! LOL about putting a head to a body - you're too funny!

    Anna - I never even thought about that, but it makes perfect sense! I think I'll have to try that for some basic black and brown leather ones :) Great idea and thanks for sharing!! Maybe you'll find some olive pants from all the end of summer sales? Hope so! They go with many more things than I anticipated.

    Ping - Thank you! There will definitely be more photos (of all of me) from here on out. When winter comes though, I'll have to find something that obscures my face besides sunnies LOL.

    Amber - You are so sweet - thank you! Good watches are hard to come by! What kind of style do you like? For everyday, I like a good standard silver metal band with a black watch dial. Right now, I wouldn't mind having a bunch to switch in and out for different ensembles :)

    Jessy - LOL! I figured I'd give it at least one shot and if it didn't work out, I'd go back to being headless :) You are way ahead of me in exploring everything that's out there!

    Newpetite - Thank you! Have you seen Jean of Extra Petite's Michael Kors watch review? She has teeny tiny wrists and is sporting a larger watch face beautifully!

    Cee - Yep, I so love how that works! You essentially just slide it in and out when you want. You can make it more secure by using the pins but you don't have to. Also, if you want non-J. Crew combos, they have a TON of these types of watch straps - search "NATO watch strap" on eBay or google. I think my face is more or less ok but I do have extra chin and cushioning all over LOL!

    Jean - I agree - seeing Cee's full-length shots made me want to give it a try because it really does lend more completeness. I'm glad everyone is so supportive of this - makes a gal feel good about herself :D

  25. Fashion and Number - I love your photos - they always turn out so well! I hope it gets easier with time for me :)

    LePetiteLemon - Me too - that's what really drew me in :) LOL about what you were originally thinking! I don't think there's anybody in the world who'd like to see pregnant me wearing anything the least bit revealing HAHAHHA.

    Olyvia - Thanks so much! Actual menswear rather than menswear-inspired items are very new to me although I do think I've borrowed one of hubby's knit winter caps before :)

    Kileen - Thank you! Glad to hear it does get easier with time because I really love bloggers like you that try out different settings (and in public) all the time.

    Gelene - Thanks so much! I'll have to go back and look at your blog photos for how you rock your dad's watch!

    Mimi - Thank you! I definitely was self-conscious! It helps that the other house next door is empty and the back is wooded :)

    Francesca - Thanks so much!!

    Elaine - LOL about your first outdoor shots experience - I was lucky to be in the back. I'm not sure how well I'd do if I could be viewed by multiple neighbors! From what I hear, it gets easier :)

    Bree - LOL, thank you!

    Annie - You are seriously just the sweetest person in the world - thanks so much for always leaving such kind comments! :)

    Aki - You can get a pretty good deal by "making" your own! Would love to see what you wind up with!

    Anna - Haha! I remember organic lab and having fun but I think I've only come across one place that had an organic position open. Analytical's much easier to find :)

    Gigi - Thanks so much! I'm glad that I got 2 very different colors but I'm so super excited about the blue version! :)



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