Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Then and Now: Ann Taylor Floral Front Shell

Pregnancy check-in:

  • Gestational Time:  32.5 weeks - 7.5 more to go!  (Only 4 more until maternity leave - woohoo!)
  • Weight Gain:  23 lbs 
  • Added Inches: +13 at the tummy
  • Current Cravings:  Falafels, fried pickles (I don't think this one is going away), cheeseburgers (sans the top bun to be diabetic-friendly), milk, smoked BBQ chicken

The Ann Taylor Floral Front Shell originally came out in the spring of 2010 (see here on Jean of Extra Petite and Kelly of Alterations Needed) and was re-released this spring at Ann Taylor Factory (see on Annie of Really Petite and me).  The one I'm wearing here is the spring 2010 version in lavender.  The floral petal detail consists of little blooms with beaded centers and the shirt itself is a very soft and stretchy knit - perfect for the pregnant!

Then: Oct 2010

Jacket:  Peplum Jacket, DIY
Top:  Ann Taylor Floral Front Shell, XS 
Skirt:  Black Skirt, DIY
Necklace:  Pearl/Ribbon Twisted Necklace, DIY
Shoes:  DKNY Studded Leather Sandals 
Now: 32 Weeks Pregnant
Top:  Ann Taylor Floral Front Shell, XS
Skirt:  Banana Republic White Embroidered Bottom Skirt, S
Shoes:  Tommy Hilfiger Illie Print Wedge Sandal (buy here)
Bag:  Talbots Flap Top Leather Satchel, Croc-embossed
Sunnies:  Gucci

Debuting today is my new Talbots Flap Top Leather Satchel with a Croc-embossed pattern (buy non croc-embossed here).  Some of you already knew that I'd been lusting after a flap satchel all summer (darn that Mulberry Alexa!) but I've been doing some mad shopping lately and didn't want to spend much on a new bag.  I wanted a leather satchel in a Cognac or Taupe-y color with a flap.  Enter this Talbots leather bag on sale from $249 to $57 shipped.

The soft gold hardware, center pleating, and croc-embossed pattern were what drew me in and you can't beat the price for a leather bag.  It's a little too big for me but perfect for lugging things to and from the office.  

A better view of the bag size on me

The floral print on these sandals - love!

And a random.
"Hi Baby Girl, whatcha doing in there?"

What's your favorite work bag right now?  Is it larger than what you would normally carry?


  1. I really like that bag, it's a great style and so pretty. I actually prefer bigger bags and don't think it looks too big on you :) I'm carrying my balenciaga velo everywhere, I just love it!! Congrats on only having 4 more weeks til maternity leave, it's coming up quick!

  2. I love that taupe bag. So cute!!

  3. gorgeous bag hon!! the color is SOOO pretty it's so perfect for the summertime! i love the gold detailing and SERIOUSLY love that it's croc embossed.. haha you know how i love my exotics :p

  4. what a cute bag! i love that color and the shape of it. omg, your belly is getting so big!!

  5. Woah!! Amazing deal on your purse!! And your sandals! Super cute!!

  6. Yes, carrying stuff to and from work can be a drag! I think you chose a perfect bag ^_^

    And baby is coming so soon! WHoo, I'm already getting excited for you, haha!

  7. You are so Gorgeous! Right now my bag is a backpack which is a diaper bag from Eddie Bauer! But otherwise it is Guess :)

  8. You look fantastic! And your bag was a steal!

  9. I love the pregnancy updates, especially the cravings!! I don't think I've ever had a falafel before! What a cute purse! I've also been craving a satchel as well! I don't think it's big at all! In fact, it might be useful as a baby bag since it can fit a lot of stuff! :D

  10. awww miracle of life...I remember not that long ago when you revealed your pregnancy to us and now the baby has grown so much. And wow that top is indeed fairly stretchy...I also have the same top and it clings to me fairly tightly.

    You look great! :)

  11. Great blog. I am trying to learn sewing, I could learn a thing or two from you :)

    Congrats on the pregnancy!


  12. almost ready to pop there! how many more weeks?

  13. If you hadn't told me the top was the same, I'd have thought you were wearing a larger size now. High five to stretchy fabric!

    4 weeks to go? Does that mean your belly is about as big as it gets or will it grow even more in the remaining weeks? o.O I think baby SPG is ready to come out, hehe.

    I LOVE your new bag! I think Talbots had a similar print and color but in a dome-shaped satchel over the winter. I was *this* close to buying it, but I need to stop buying bags. Thankfully there aren't many on my radar right now. Perhaps next year ;)

  14. You look fantastic! Really cute sandals and I like the bag even though I'm generally not a fan of the croc pattern.

  15. I love your new bag! I was at Talbots the other day (preparing for middle age-hood, you know) but didn't see anything interesting and definitely nothing on sale. Had it was there for that price I would have picked it up.

    I can't believe how stretchy that top is! It looks like maternity wear and like Cee said, I wouldn't have guessed it was the same size. I love muti-purpose tops :)

    I researched chemotaxis in E. coli and then B. subtilis. Basically, play around with protein insertion/deletion to see how it affects bacterial movement toward a chemical stimulus. It's about as interesting as it sounds.. X( Just isn't my thing after all (though I'm a microbiologist at heart)

  16. that new bag is so beautiful!!! i love the color and it's perfect for the summertime! and i'm so impressed you've only gained 23 lbs so far! and how funny that you crave fried pickles. i don't think i've ever had one before!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace giveaway!

  17. I love your new bag!!!! I don't really have a work bag altho I do need one. I just use my Chanel grand shopper tote as my bag and purse all in one..LOL

    Fried pickles?? OMG that sound DELISH! Never had it before...yum!

  18. Love your bag, SPG! I also have a Talbots bag; it's my favorite work bag. I have a $2 reddish-brown tote bag that I carry around for work, too.

    FYI, I'm amazed by the versatility of that top!

  19. First, I'm so happy everything is going great witht the pregnancy. Wow, a baby girl! :] So presh!

    You look good too and I love falafels, girl! <3

    I actually didn't like big bags before, but now it's growing on me. :D

    Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree

  20. i love the bag! and you are looking good! we are all excited to meet your baby girl! :D

    <3, Mimi

  21. Girl, your belly is getting bigger and bigger! Are you ready? love the color of the top. Btw, I did some sewing during the weekend! Will show you soon! hehe.

  22. Amber - Thanks! I think I'm going to see what it looks like with a bag charm of some sort. I love your Velo - crossbodies are the BEST!

    Everyonescelebrity - Thank you!

    Lisa - LOL, I definitely know you love your exotics! The big difference being that yours are the real thing! :)

    Ping - Thanks! Oh I know and it will get even bigger these last few weeks as Baby Girl adds almost a pound a week! :)

    Michelle - Thanks! I so love me a good sale ;)

    Gelene - Thanks so much! We're really heading into the tail end of the pregnancy - it's a little surreal!

    Newpetite - Aww, thank you - you are too sweet! We have a bunch of backpack wearers at my office too - I envy how you can even out your load by wearing it on both shoulders :)

    Alexa - Thanks! I love deals like this! Especially when it worked out to be leather too :)

    LePetiteLemon - Aww, I'm glad you like hearing about my cravings! You should try a falafel - they have a great flavor and anything crispy has my vote :) Good idea on the diaper bag! It's been so long since I've had to carry one!

    Elle - Thank you!! I feel like I definitely got my money's worth for this shirt! Go dual-purpose clothing! :)

  23. JustPatience - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Good luck with your sewing adventures!

    Aubrey - Just a little bit more to go! I've got a little over a month left unless Baby Girl wants to come early :)

    Cee - Isn't stretchy fabric fabulous? Such a great bang for my buck LOL. Baby Girl will go through a growth spurt during the last few weeks so I'm only going to get bigger!! Bags are my weakness but I was rather proud that I went a more economical route this time ;) Are you still eyeing the Proenza Schouler?

    Aki - Thanks so much for your sweet words! I'm such a sucker for patterns on footwear :)

    Anna - LOL about Talbots! So far, I've had pretty good luck with their accessories / shoes, but not their clothes. My limited experience in micro was basically all about plating - man alive those agar plates could stink! My fave (I know this is weird) was Pseudomonas aeruginosa - smells like grapes :) So your insertion / deletion studies sound much more interesting and glamorous.

    Kileen - Thanks! I'm really loving this bag right now :) Fried pickles are awesome!! My fave at the moment is from Smashburger - do they have that in Dallas?

    Annie - Thanks so much! Sounds like your Chanel GST is quite the workhouse - so great that you can get so much use from it! You should definitely try the fried pickles - it is sooooo GOOD!!

    QFFS - Thanks! I really love your black Talbots bag too! I need to pay more attention to their bags when it comes to sale time.

    Bree - Thanks doll! I'm definitely your blog follower :)

    Mimi - Thank you! I'm sure Baby Girl will be making her debut pretty soon! We are excited to meet her as well :)

    Fashion and Number - I'm ready! I'm so EXCITED! But I definitely want her to "bake" a little longer so she's completely ready to brave the world :) Excited to see your sewing!


I'm the type of gal who gets giddy when I receive mail - it's no different with comments! I really appreciate the feedback and love hearing from you :)


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