Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Obsession: Red-Orange in 4 OOTDs

Whew, a break!  My company's fiscal year started July 1 so this past week has been incredibly hectic hence the lack of blogging / blog commenting (but I will catch up on commenting!).

Today's post highlights my favorite new set of  accessories: Amrita Singh Water Mill Necklace in Coral (buy here), H&M Braided Belt in Red-Orange, & F21 Coral Cuff and how I've been pairing them with absolutely EVERYTHING.  Do you ever wear a favorite item / items to death?

See this double loop knot?  It's my favorite new belting technique using Kileen's tutorial here.
Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff Nikki

Here's how I've worn it:

H&M Maxi Dress, Sz 4,
$20 (in stores now,
Cut excess hem
to add flutter sleeves)
H&M Black Maxi Skirt,
XS, $10 (in stores now)
Wearing this skirt as a
dress as inspired by the
ever-stylish Ping
Old Navy White 
Maxi Dress, XS (old)
DIY Nautical Stripes

Do you like this nifty little table?  Take a look at Cee's tutorial to make your own :)


  1. love!!! your accessories are so cute! i adore the red coral on you so much!

  2. Amrita Singh's coral shade seriously goes with everything, doesn't it?! I'm constantly going back and forth between the coral and turquoise as my favorite summertime color.

    Baby SPG has gotten so big! Way to stay so fashionable while I'm sure there are days that you just want to stay in your pjs :)

  3. Of course I do! I love these coral jewelry. And you look really great. What week are you now???

  4. Love them all! Great accessories. : ) And I love how your belly is coming along ; )

  5. Those are great items to wear with everything! Cause it pulls your outfit together so well! I don't think I've seen that AS style of necklace on other's gorgeous and the perfect length on you!

  6. Love the coral accessories, you did a great job styling all the outfits;)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love all your outfits. I agree with Cee, baby SPG is getting bigger for sure :)

  8. i just got mine too and have been wearing it. i love how you paired it with the belt and necklace and worked it into other outfits! i might have to go on the search for a matching belt :)

  9. The triple red-orange accessories look fabulous with all of the outfits here. I hope you're staying cool and comfortable during your last few weeks of work. Did you see Elle's challenge for PFC 9? I thought you'd enjoy that, but by the time that rolls around I wonder if you'll be enjoying maternity leave in your AC'd house already : )

  10. the red accessories really make the outfit pop! i love the belted look for showing off the belly and great belting job! :)

    cute & little
    Tru Luxe Jeans Giveaway

  11. You are a really stylish mom to be!


  12. SPG-- what a beautiful necklace and i love that color! it's so pretty paired with the dresses and belt -- very versatile indeed. thanks for the shoot out! ;)

  13. The pop of red is perfect! Love how you tie your belt too : )


  14. Love LOOOOOVE the color combo, you look fantastic.

    I don't know how you do it...but if I were pregnant I would not be half as stylish as you have been. ;)

  15. spg, do you wear a lot of denim while pregnant? i know this is summer so you're wearing dresses & skirts. i was just curious about some denim for the pregnant belly.

  16. nice way to belt! it looks really nice and gosh if I was pregnant I think I'd be too lazy to dress up, kudos to you :D

  17. So cute SPG - love how you made sleeves out of that H&M dress what a great idea! Eeeks the baby is growing so big! love it!

  18. Love the necklace it is beautiful and I like the first maxi the most too. I have a few items I wear to death too and usually I have a pair of shoes I wear heaps for weeks and then move onto the next pair, situations like that.

  19. Yes, I wear things to death too, which is why I'm sometimes embarrassed when someone else begins to notice it. =P Awww, the belly bump is coming along nicely! You're such the stylish pregnant lady! =)

  20. are just amazing SPG! I love all the outfits with your accessories!! I can't wait for the baby! LOL :D

  21. Lisa - Aww, thanks so much!! I never knew I was a red coral person until the blogosphere hit me LOL.

    Cee - It is so very gorgeous! I wish I had one of her turquoise pieces too but they go so quickly during those sample sales! Aww, thank you - yes, definitely, she is getting much bigger! Not too much longer now :)

    Francesca - Thank you doll! These pictures were taken around Week 28 :)

    Jessy - Thanks so much! So looking forward to Baby! :)

    Olyvia - Thank you!! I was afraid I may have been overdoing it but I love that accessory combo so much! :)

    Mimi - Thank you for your kind words! Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration so when I do I just keep reusing it LOL.

    Sydney - Thanks so much! If I remember correctly, this last trimester will be filled with exponential growth so bigger belly pics to come! :D

    Purses and Puppies - Don't you love her pieces? I was so happy to finally get mine. If you're searching for a belt, hit your H&M - the woven/braided belt I'm wearing was only $5.95. Plus no need to add additional hole punches - bonus!

    Jean - Thank you! I'm definitely working on staying cool :) Elle's challenge is so timely - it wasn't too long ago that I emailed you about the same topic :)

    Kileen - Thanks so much for that belting tutorial - I do it with so many different belts now and I LOVE the look!

    Vivalablonda - Thank you so much!

  22. Ping - I am so in love with your maxi skirt as dress look! I just couldn't help myself :) Plus H&M just so happened to have a maxi skirt as part of their sale!

    Michelle - Thanks so much! I really like how the red-orange stands out :)

    Elle - Aww, thank you for the super sweet words! I think you'd be even more stylish! I'd so love to see what you come up with!

    Aubrey - When I was pregnant with my son (born in May so I had a good stint of being pregnant during cooler months), I did wear a pair of maternity jeans. The problem I run into is that the heavy denim tends to slip down throughout the day so I'm constantly hiking my pants up. No belt loops on most maternity wear either so that doesn't really help. When I'm desperate to wear jeans, I have to wear a Bella Band on top of the stretchy maternity band to get enough security to keep them up but then my tummy feels a little too constricted. Bet you weren't thinking you'd receive such a long answer LOL!

    Pop Champagne - Thank you! It's actually so much more comfortable to wear dresses than pants so it works out well :)

    Elaine - Thank you! I have so many strappy maxis now that I was getting a bit bored. The sleeves make it nice so I don't have to cover up the spaghetti straps at work - a great bonus! :)

    Imogen - Thanks so much! Oh I definitely wear certain pairs of shoes to death! Especially when it comes to summer sandals :)

    LePetiteLemon - Aww, no worries there - I do it a lot! Plus, doesn't it make you feel like you're getting your money's worth? I say enjoy it!

    Annie - Thanks so much doll! We can't wait for baby either - so very excited to meet her!!


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