Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far!  Sometimes it's hard to believe that the year is nearly over.  It's been a pretty full year for us as a family.  If you'll indulge me, I'd like to share some of my personal highlights.  :)

Favorite DIYs:
I cut down on buying clothing (1% vs. 4% last year) and focused more on making my own.  This year, I tried my hand at making more complex items like coats:

I also played around with different details on maxi dresses:

And experimented with more dress / skirt tutorials:

Favorite Eats:
My family and I spent a good deal of the year exploring different eateries :)
  • Gochi in Mountain View / Cupertino
  • Hakka in San Francisco
  • Mango Medley in San Francisco
  • Everything in Hong Kong (1, 2, and 3)

Favorite Moments / Events:
  • Food and fabric exploration adventures in SF, LA (1 and 2), and Hong Kong
  • Mommy moments
    • Toddler affection - when E asks for a "huck" (hug), or "I want to kiss your nose", or says "I wuv you" / "Hewwo Mom"
    • Preschooler accomplishments - V's utter excitement about reading / listening to bedtime stories / doing homework / learning Chinese (enrolled in bilingual preschool w/ nightly tutorials from my husband)
    • Building Lego castles with them and seeing their glee in knocking them down
    • Christmas morning squeals :)
  • Cycling with husband
    • Went from an exhausting 10 miles on our mountain bikes to 30 miles on our new hybrids 2x a week

Happy New Year to everyone!!  May 2014 bring you happiness and many blessings!
A GIANT thank you for visiting this blog and joining me in my sewing, dining, and shopping adventures!


  1. I like your still and specially your coats.

    Happy new year.
    Tina Hoffbeck

  2. What a great year! Love that you tackled some more complex designs like coats, which turned out wonderfully! Hey, what would you charge for re-lining a wool-blend trench? I love the fit of mine but the lining is coming apart at the seams.

    1. Thanks Lisa :) I would recommend mending the lining rather than relining. Relining would require seam ripping it out, patterning a new lining based on the existing (akin to constructing a new coat), and reattaching it - would be worth it if the trench was very beloved / expensive, but otherwise would be cheaper to buy another or mend. Hope that helps and Happy New Year!

    2. Thanks for the advice, S! It wasn't that expensive, so I'll take your advice and buy another one :). I'll tell hubs it was your idea, hahaha, just kidding!

  3. Dang!! 30 miles twice a week?! That is awesome!

    Aww!! I love building up Lego castles and then having my nephew knock them down. :)

    To answer your question on my blog...settling in okay here in Oregon. (thanks for asking) We miss family so much, though. That part has been really difficult. But I am looking forward to house hunting and possibly growing some of my own veggies (or at least herbs!!) in the future.


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