Sunday, April 28, 2013

J. Crew Factory 50% Off: Fitting Room Reviews

A perpetual sucker for a sale, I was excited to learn J. Crew Factory was running a weekend promo of 50% off everything in stores (today is the last day!).  I was feeling a bit blue on Friday so went right after work for some retail therapy (and it worked).  :)

Floral Embroidered Cap Sleeve Dress, 0, $59 (here)
I LOVE the embroidered details of this dress and really liked the cap sleeve (though it seemed more like a sleeveless dress with a wider shoulder).  It had pockets and that magical JCF ability to mask tummy pouches.  Ultimately, it came down to me feeling cheap and also feeling like I looked a bit rectangular in it.
Verdict: No, but would consider on sale and then doing a little waist nipping alteration

Printed Sanur Dress, XS, $30 (here)
See also on Gigi.
Gigi hit the nail on the head with her review.  I thought the print was very cute, but did not like how the top portion became more sheer when it stretched over the bust.  Made it seem kind of cheap?  In comparing with this with my first Sanur dress here, the fit was one size smaller and I felt like the material was more coarse and stiff as well.
Verdict: No, I had high hopes for this one but the material wasn't up to par with last year's

Stripe Sleeveless Popover, 00, $32 (here)
I'm a big stripes fan and rather liked the fit of the slim blouse-like silhouette.  Ultimately, I felt like $30 for a semi-simplistic, polyester top was a meh value.  Especially since I know I have striped poly fabric at home. 
Verdict: No, I can make this shirt if I decide I need something similar

Stone Fan Necklace, $27 (here)
I had been eyeing the Fan Fringe necklace for awhile and was excited to see this Factory version during the 50% off promo.  I love the navy / crystal combo and snatched this up quickly.
Verdict: Fervent yes

Textured Charley Sweater, XS, $29 (here)
Charley sweaters fit very much like the Tippi where the chest / arms fit well with a little bit of wiggle room in the torso.  Similar to the Sanur above, I felt like this year's Charley is more coarse than last year's here.
Verdict: No, decent fit but didn't like the feel of it against my skin

Printed Pencil Skirt, 0 (here)
Stripes and red/white/blue? Of course I felt compelled to try this!  This seems to fit one size smaller than the retail No. 2 pencil skirt.  The cotton is a little on the thin side.  It felt more like shirting material than what I would expect from a pencil skirt where the fabric is likely to be stretched for long periods of time while sitting.
Verdict: Liked the general aesthetic but didn't love the material

Stripe Knit Blazer, XS, $25 (here)
Another red / white / blue motif I felt compelled to try.  Sizing wise, I prefer XXS as seen here, but the $25 price tag made it worthwhile for me to alter if necessary.  As it is, it's only a little bit looser in the arms / torso so I will probably leave it alone.  See Sm on me for sizing reference.
Verdict: Bought

$50 for a blazer and a pretty bauble seemed like a fair price to pay, but my $50 gift card made it even better.  Yay for free stuff :D

I then went to check out sunglasses at Off 5th:
Chloe CL2119 in Brown
I think they're cute, but my husband thinks I look like a bug.  They were marked down to $90 from $295.  I tend to gravitate towards oversized frames because I feel like they fit my face width better.  
Verdict: Bought.  My old sunglasses were too tight on my big noggin and these are much more comfortable.

I also got to meet up with my fave SF girls this weekend for food truck eats and fabric shopping:
Ping, Karen, Me (thank you Ping and Tim for the pic!) at SOMA StrEAT Food Park

Looking for more J. Crew Factory reviews?  Hop on over to Gigi's.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Glad u bought the blazer, I was hoping you did before I saw the verdict:)

  2. too bad on the iffy quality of the fabrics... Cuz I really love the printed sanur's dress on you!

  3. My favorite item from this review is the first dress. I think it looks great on you. The embroidered details are so beautiful.

  4. I really like the striped top, it seems like something I would put on rotation, but like you said, I wouldn't be able to justify the price, especially since it seems like it can easily be made at home. I really like the first dress on you. The pattern on it and the full bottom is really cute. If it goes on sale for further reductions, I would definitely consider getting it. :)I love reading reviews since it gives me a sense of what items works/fits and what promotions are running in stores. Thanks for reviewing :)

    - Christine

  5. Those shades are killer!! I love larger ones too.

  6. Loved the first dress on you and glad that you passed on the pencil skirt. Cant pin point whats wrong but somehow it looks a little off? Yay! the stripy blazer :) I love the big frame sunglasses on you.

  7. I love that fan necklace! And I think the sunglasses look really great on you.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Thanks for the link love. It's gotta be very interesting try-ons for you, knowing you can one-up many of the pieces. lol Oh man, was gonna say something else and forgot. In closing, rock the sunnies. I love big ones that make my face look smaller. They're cute on you.


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