Wednesday, January 23, 2013

J. Crew Factory Sale Haul + Reviews

I had been eyeing the Professor Blazer in Camel for months (darn Jean and her always chic camel blazer pairings!) and swooped in to buy it quickly during the J. Crew Factory sale (now an additional 40% off with code MOREPLEASE).  Not wanting to pay for shipping (it's like a weird shopping illness), I purchased some other items to reach the threshold for free shipping:

Factory Charley Sweater, Citrus Lime, XS, $12, (buy here)
Late to the neon party, as I am with most trends, I finally pulled the trigger on this bright (but not too bright) yellow color.  I have 2 other Charley sweaters in my closet, so I knew the XS would fit.  The material is a soft and kind of thin sweater knit.  Fits well with just a little extra torso room for lunch.
P.S. See that little leopard-spotted blur on the floor?  That would be my 1-year old :)
Verdict: Keeping - great price, pretty color, good fit

Warmspun Long Sleeve Sweater, Heather Indigo, XS, $15, (buy here)
I've been on the lookout for a plain navy and a plain camel sweater for layering purposes.  This one fit my Navy needs.  The fit is pretty slim, but not tight.  The material is kind of itchy so I would wear it with layers or bypass it if you have sensitive skin.  
Verdict: Keeping, fulfills a wishlist item for a good price

Tissue Turtleneck Tee, Navy, XS, $6, (buy here)
The material is comfortable, soft and thin - perfect to wear underneath whatever you want.  There are plenty of colors left like coral, jade, cherry, cobalt, and navy.  Like the other items, the cut is slim but not tight.  I am especially thankful that the turtleneck part isn't too tight.  I'm always tugging on snug turtlenecks because I feel like I'm being choked.
Verdict: Keeping, comfortable and good as a layering piece

Professor Blazer, Camel, 00, $48, (buy here)
This blazer is similar to the regular Schoolboy with the length, 2-button closure, multi-buttoned cuffs, and overall shape.  The fit versus the Schoolboy is inverted.  The Schoolboy in 00 was a little too snug in the sleeve and a little loose in the torso.  The Professor is loose in the sleeve and snug in the torso.  Depending on what time of day you check the site, the colors will vary.  Red seems available most times, gray some times, and camel in early morning.  The camel color verges on caramel and is a little bit darker than I expected.
Verdict: Leaning towards keeping but on the fence.  The fit and price are good, but I'm not completely in love with it.  Thoughts?

It's kind of funny that the item I wanted most is the one I feel most ambivalent about.  Are you a free shipping seeker?


  1. It's like some kind of illness (the free shipping threshold). Lately though I've been succumbing to the in-store sales. I picked up the J.Crew grey sweater with the hearts (the one that comes in pink too?) because finally it was a price I could stomach - and yet I found myself yesterday picking up a different sweater. But I could not resist 100% wool for $13. I'm not that strong.

    As far as the camel blazer goes, I don't love how big the pockets are. The length of the arms could be fixed but I kind of feel like the pockets overwhelm your frame. Shrug. Could go either way I think.

    1. Yes, pockets are too big on the blazer and gives odd proportions. I'd pass. Like the bright sweater!

  2. I'm the same way too. I would pay for something I totally don't need in my closet but then when it comes to shipping, I would add so much stuff in my cart to quality for free shipping. I got the tissue turtleneck in store after Christmas too. It's such a great value. So soft and perfect for layering. Like the jacket on you. The color is gorgeous. Have to start getting up earlier in the morning to watch for popbacks :)

  3. Not a fan of the camel blazer. Something is off and Im not able to put my finger on it. How about switching out the black buttons to something golden?

  4. Wow! some good deals you have on here :)

    Also, I am holding a Soprano Racerback Tank "GIVEAWAY" on my blog.
    I would love for you to come check it out and enter for a chance to win, as I am picking TWO winners!

    Have a lovely day



  5. oh yes, the free shipping buys! i'm so guilty of that! lol.

    if you don't love the blazer, return and wait for something you adore! xox P

  6. I wouldn't keep the blazer but your other finds are fantastic!

  7. Ssshhh don't tell my husband but I have been guilty of the free shipping buys.
    I'm not really feeling that blazer. I think you can find a better one.

  8. I recognized E. lol I know the play that happens during try-ons. I agree that the blazer isn't perfect. I find that to be true of most Factory/Crewlet blazers. The key is in the fit. You need the petite silhouette for the arms & the body for it to look right. The perfect camel shade is hard to find, so I can see the wavering. This one is borderline brown. Maybe you truly want a lighter one. ?

  9. Cute neon sweater (even cuter leopard blur in the corner!).

  10. I despise paying for shipping too so I wait for free shipping promos. There is no reason to spend money on items I'm ambivalent about and then go through the trouble of returning them or keeping them because of final sale. As for the blazer, I'm leaning in favor of returning it. The exaggerated pockets, prominent buttons, and large lapels don't do anything for you. It's an OK jacket but I wouldn't spend $50 on it. All your other purchases are absolutely worth to keep. If I hadn't already bought similar pieces (from J. Crew and other retailers) I'd buy them all myself.

    I just saw your comment on my defunct blog - thanks for checking up on me! I've been doing well but have stopped posting for several reasons:
    1. By the time I get off work it's already too dark for photos.
    2. I lost the blog's focus. I'm just not sure what I'm trying to achieve with it anymore - fashion? Lifestyle? Random tidbits? Who knows? I want to be helpful to my readers but I'm not sure of the content to make it happen. I'm in a blog rut, I suppose.

    All this said, I itch to get back to blogging. It may not be strictly about daily outfits but it will be in the same vein.

  11. Have you tried the Tippi sweaters from J. Crew? Is the Charley Sweater a factory version of the Tippi from regular J. Crew stores?

    1. I have and I believe it is. The Tippi seems softer, but they fit similarly - hope that helps!

  12. Free shipping? It's absolutely a necessity - I refuse to buy almost anything I have to pay shipping for - it's the very rare purchase that I want enough to pay for shipping. (The dresses from ideeli I just blogged about were last year's exception to the rule.)

    The "favorite didn't pan out" thing happens a lot to me.


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