Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anchors Aweigh: J. Crew vs. Factory + Fitting Rm Reviews

On my day off, I take my son to preschool and usually run errands until it's time to pick him up again.  This particular day was errand-less, so I stopped by the outlet mall to kill some time :)

Left: Factory Printed Scoopneck Button Blouse, XXS (link)
Right: Scoopneck Blouse in Anchors Aweigh from last year, Sz 0 
The biggest difference between the 2 is material.  Factory version is 100% polyester and original is 100% silk.  I'm not sure if it was the lighting, but it seemed like the print on the original was brighter and stood out more.  The Factory version is currently priced at $78 - almost half of the original $135 retail (though it eventually got marked down to around $48).  If you missed out on last year's, this is a fantastic dupe, but I'd probably wait until it goes on further sale.

As far as fit goes, the XXS fits just a smidge larger than the 0 in the torso and sleeves.

Tag info and close-up of print

Factory Charley Sweater in Scattered Anchors, XS, (here)
Need a larger anchor print?  Well, look no farther!  I love Charley sweaters.  They are always so soft, never itchy, and fit so well.  This one was no exception.  I think the print may be a tad too big for me, but it is still awfully cute.

Factory Stripe Knit Blazer, S, (here)
I tried this one more for color reference than fit as my white knit blazer from earlier this year fits wells as XXS.  The S actually wasn't so much bigger in the torso, it was just cut for a much larger bust (which I do not have) and had longer, looser sleeves.  Will be keeping an eye on this during their upcoming sales.

 LOFT Navy Polka Dot Button Down, Ann Taylor Ponte Top, LOFT necklace, trusty Coach Station Bag from the lovely Jean, A&F jeans

Where are you with anchors this year?  Still a big fan?  I'm a fan, but I'm less "gimme gimme" about it :)


  1. Love the original anchor silk top. Cool you can just kill time at the outlets!!!!

  2. I love the anchor tops. I will be keeping an eye on them. I'm still a fan. =)

  3. So nice that the outlets are nearby for you. I have to drive 1.5 hours and so i hardly ever make it there!

  4. The skirt in the anchor print just got delivered to me, but I'm going to have to takedown the hem for my height (5'7 1/2). I love the top too but will wait for a good markdown & promo!

  5. Anchors are pretty cool :) I like a printed blouse so any type of print that is pretty is great :)

  6. Those tops are adorable! I agree, I still love the anchor print, but I think there has just been a little too much of it around. I might take a break for a while and bring it back next summer.

    xo Jenny

  7. very cute picks! it's hard for me to find things at jcrew factory that fit well unfortunately since it's so much friendlier on the wallet.


  8. nice picks! you know I love anchors, lol! which outlet mall do you go to?


  9. S, I love that necklace you're wearing, please don't tell me it's another one of your fantastic DIYs! I am really sad I missed out on the anchor top last year, and polyester is not my hing, so I think this calls for a fabric hunt and an afternoon sewing. I may try that place in San Jose hat you suggested, but I may be able to find an anchor print silk in the city surely! I'll keep you posted if I find some great fabric places in my search.

    1. It's actually from LOFT this past Fall! I haven't found any anchor print yet in fabric stores, but see some online (search "anchor fabric" in google image search). I think they are mostly cotton though. Definitely let me know if you find some great fabrics!


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