Sunday, December 23, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Crewcuts & Factory Dec

With all the recent J. Crew promotions, I ordered a few things to try out from both Crewcuts and Factory.

Crewcuts Houndstooth Button Sweater, Sz 14, $25 (buy here)
Fueled by my successful Crewcuts in-store experience here, I decided to go ahead and order this sweater.  The differences between a normal women's XS sweater and this lies in overall sweater length and sleeve length.  The torso might be a little boxier too, but I'm also rather rectangular so that is sometimes hard to tell.  The sweater hem falls a little past the top of my hip and the sleeves hit a little past my wrist bone.  The shoulders / sleeves / chest (especially since the temporary baby-related changes have all since gone away) fit well with just a little room at the torso.  It's worth noting that the houndstooth print is only in the front.
Verdict: Keep.  At $25, I think this a good buy!

On the first day, I mistakenly thought the sweater was black and paired it with a black button down, black blazer, and gray pants.  When I got outside, I realized it was navy blue.  So the second time I wore it, I paired it with a navy mini-dot button down and jeans :)

Factory Stripe Knit Blazer, XXS, $47 (buy here)
I originally tried this in XS way back in February and noted that it ran a little bigger than the typical J. Crew 0.  When I saw that this was finally on further sale online, I decided to try the XXS.  It's a little more fitted all over without being too snug or showing unsightly pulling at the buttons.  I still love a good striped item and considering that my husband had just asked what I wanted for Xmas, this was the perfect thing to offer up.  After trying it on, I wrapped it back up and put it under the tree :)
Verdict: Keep

Polka Dot Popover, XS, $30 (buy here - ivory color is more expensive)
I had tried on a polka dot button down at J. Crew before and thought it fit rather nicely.  I apparently ordered the wrong item though (this one is a popover instead of the normal button-down), because this one is rather billowy and large throughout.  Note to self - read a little more carefully next time.
Verdict: Return, too big

Fitting Room Reviews:
We were determined to do an entire day in San Jose so we could eat both lunch (Layang Layang) and dinner (Izakaya) there.  We are very food-motivated people.  So despite the crowds (and the 20 minutes it took to find a parking spot), we stopped by the Great Mall to kill some time.

Classic Button-Down Shirt in Flannel, XS, $17 in stores
 I had been looking for a "Christmas-y" plaid with red, green, and a little navy and this one pretty much fit the bill (though if I wanted to be super picky, this has a little too much white).  The sleeves are a little long and the chest / torso is a bit big, but it's great to accommodate the extra holiday pounds.  The flannel is super soft and I love that I can button this all the way up without feeling like the collar is choking me.
Verdict: Bought

Charley Sweater in Leopard, XXS, (buy here)
I would normally go for XS in a sweater like this because the XXS is too form-fitted for my liking.  As in, if I ate a sandwich, you'd be able to see the outline of it.  It's a cute sweater, but it's not me.
Verdict: No, too form-fitting and can't pull off this much leopard

Striped Sweater, S, (don't see online)
Late to the neon game, I thought this would be a good option for someone (like me) who isn't ready to do solid neon.  Sleeve and shoulder fit fine, but chest / torso were a little too big.  I would normally take an XS, but S was the smallest I saw.
Verdict: No, couldn't find my size, but I loved the general look

Factory Ruffle Collar Top, Sz 0, $20 in stores, (buy here)
Ignore the lumpiness above my chest, that's the necklace I was too lazy to remove.  I love this periwinkle blue color and think it's perfect as a good work shell beneath cardigans or blazers.  The shoulders fit well and it's a straight cut all the way down.  The roomy torso makes it a good candidate for tucking.
Verdict: Bought for work

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year!  For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Looks like a good shopping trip! Loved everything you bought and glad you left behind the striped sweater.. It is too bumble beeish :)

  2. Love the reviews! Btw, love the necklace - where is it from?

    1. Thank you! The pearl / chain one? I got that from a local thrift store. The pearl bib is from F21 and the monogram necklace is from Etsy:

  3. Love the Houndstoot sweater on you and agree with you on the leopard sweater. That is a good haul. You find such amazing things at amazing prices from Jcrew. I always return empty handed from there as the prices are too ridiculous and yes even on sale!

  4. I've been seeing a lot of houndstooth lately! It's great to see it again. I have this vintage houndstooth scarf that I love, but rarely wear because it clashes with some of the patterns I currently wear. :P

  5. I love that Houndstooth sweater on you! I often have to check double about navy/black. Sometimes it is not so obvious!

  6. I've had great luck with crewcuts boys but am worried that the girls' things may be too short on me. The sweater is super cute! I had the blazer but sold it after losing my prego lard, and I miss it. I also have the popover and the plaid from a trip when I visited my folks. Two of my faves! Merry Christmas!!

  7. Lovely collection. i love the Houndstooth sweater.

  8. Great picks! I especially love the houndstooth sweater on you! It totally looks black in the pics too. I love it with the navy gots blouse underneath.

    I'd love it if you would participate in this Saturday's petite fashion challenge. I promise it is an easy one <3

    Check out the announcement at

    A Preponderance of Fashion

  9. My favorite is the neon striped sweater! Hope you had a good holiday!

  10. I bought a few things this morning and after seeing your post went back online to grab the houndstooth sweater! There was only a 12 left so I'm hoping it's not TOO snug when I get it!


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