Thursday, March 31, 2011

New DIY Projects - Skirt and Pearl Ribbon Necklace

A quickie post here on some things I've been working on :)  First up is a partial DIY outfit.  The shirt is from Old Navy and I added silver studs to the shoulders to give it a little bit of oomph.  The mustard paper bag skirt is another DIY project paired with a rope belt to echo the nautical feel from the striped shirt.  I would model this but I no longer have a waist and a paperbag waist-type skirt looks best at the waist LOL.  Thus I'm planning to wear this skirt below my preggy belly :)

Next up is a variation of my pearl ribbon necklace.  This is a new accordion/folding technique I'm trying.  This necklace was made for a dear friend and features wine-colored pearls paired with pewter ribbon.

A close-up:

I've gotten a few questions regarding why my Etsy store is so empty - I am just far behind in making listings, but if any jewelry piece piques your interest, please just let me know and I can either list it on Etsy or sell it directly to you.  You can always reach me at sewpetitegal(at) :)


  1. The paperbag skirt is so cute! You chose a great color fabric for this DIY. Two thumbs up for the nautical-styled theme :)

    The accordion pleats are really unique. Not that I don't think it looks good, but I wonder how it would look if the pearls are bigger or if the ribbon is slightly thinner... cuz right now it seems like one is covering the other?

  2. So pretty!!!! Let me know about the ribbon/pearl necklace ;)

  3. I really like the nautical outfit. You are so crafty.

  4. I love it all, as usual. The paper bag skirt is so so cute and the ribbon necklace is to die for! I'm loving the two shades of purple - so classic!!

    You should definitely throw this up for sale on Etsy ;D

  5. I meant to say classy but it's 12:30am... ^.^ Haha. Goodnight, love!

  6. Hello SPG,

    I have admired your crafti-ness from afar and thought I would say hi now. :) You have mad skills!

  7. Love it! Love the skirt and OF COURSE the necklace....can't wait for mine!! LOL

  8. the belt def ties the nautical theme together!

  9. LOL! you're too funny.
    love the belt on the skirt!

  10. The necklace is so pretty! I love the rope belt on that skirt. Great idea! And I just posted this on her blog, but Kileen is wearing something PRETTY similar to this mannequin! LOL

  11. gorgeous necklace and i'm in love with the skirt!! i can't wait to see these items on you!

    cute & little

  12. Your necklaces are so pretty. Somehow I missed the link for your etsy store.

  13. Cee - Thanks! I've had yellow on the brain lately. Thanks also for the feedback - I hadn't really thought of using a thinner ribbon or bigger pearls - I'll have to try that.

    Elaine - Thank you! Just let me know what you'd like to do :)

    Ski Petite - Thank you!

    Aubrey - Thank you! I have a horrible sense of procrastination when it comes to Etsy and I don't know why. I need to get off my arse!

    Sunshine - Aww, thanks so much for reading and commenting such kind words! I really appreciate it :)

    Annie - Thanks! I hope you like your necklace!!

    Aubrey - I'm a fan of the belt too and you can get one just by buying some rope from a craft store ($3) and knotting the ends :)

    Ping - I'm only going to get bigger but I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible (i.e. I've been gorging myself on food) :)

    Jessy - Thanks! LOL, I guess we just had a synchronized day!

    Kileen - Thanks so much!

    Aki - Thank you! I have my Etsy store button in my sidebar but I should link it in the post too - thanks for the suggestion!


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