Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carrie Bradshaw Inspired DIY Floral Coat

I spent my day today staring unblinkingly at the breathtaking fashions worn by Carrie Bradshaw in E's SATC marathon.  Season 6 was on today and I fell in love with Carrie's beautiful coat seen here:

Floral Beccaria Off-White Velvet Coat

I sooo wish I had a full-length picture of this.  I really only caught a glimpse of it in the episode but I couldn't stop thinking of it.  Hence, my version (though of a much less pretty print):

Post-pregnancy, I'll add some darts in the back to make it more fitted as well as buttons to the front.  Right now I know I can't button anything so I left it plain.  This is definitely something that primarily works in spring and maybe summer.  What do you think?


  1. it's so simple but elegant at the same time! nice pic. :)


  2. So beautiful! You created a lovely real-life Carrie jacket :)

  3. In my mind, Carrie can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. I'd love to have her closet! This is such a pretty DIY. I can't wait until your post-pregnancy to see how you alter it. Perhaps a trenchcoat-like belt around the middle?

  4. omg love your DIY jacket!! i actually think the print is prettier then the SJP version! :) but yes i def think darks and a belt would help a bit to give it some shape! you are so talented!!!

  5. i was watching sex and city on E! this weekend. it was the episodes when she was in do i miss that show and her fashion.

    what a nice replica and this will be a great piece for spring/summer. i'm sure you can dress this up or down. i agree with lisa, i'd love to see it with a belt for more shape.

  6. SOO pretty, I love the print of your jacket. Carrie is one of those women I wouldn't mind trading closets with (lol in an instant!) You did a great job interpreting it in your way. :)

  7. that is gorgeous DIY! I don't think I've seen a floral coat on the market for awhiles, and yours is so perfect for spring! Also looking forward how you alter it post-preg.

  8. Carrie - Thanks! And congrats on winning the giveaway! I still need to email you back about that :)

    Laura - Thank you! It makes me feel very lady-like :D

    Cee - Thank you and I so agree! It's been 7(?) years since the show has been on and I still think the fashion is so stunning. I definitely have a lot to play around with post-pregnancy - thanks for the trench suggestion!

    Lisa - Aww, thank you doll! I love how girly these florals are - just seems so romantic :)

    Ping - Me too! SATC was the BEST show and I wish they had suitable replacement on air nowadays. Aside from the fashion, I loved the humor and seeing each character develop.

    Aubrey - Thank you so much!

    Elle - Thank you! I would DIE if I could have Carrie's closet - think about all the remixes you could do :)

    Olyvia - Thank you! I'm missing your blog posts and hope you are doing well!


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