Saturday, December 29, 2012

PFC #22: Cold Weather Shopping Clothes

This month's PFC (Petite Fashion Challenge) is hosted by A Preponderance of Fashion.  Be sure to check out her blog for other entries!

The Challenge: Cold Weather Shopping Clothes
"The weather outside is frightful, but indoor shopping is warm and delightful.  So, whether you have wind, rain, or snow, show me your clothes when shopping for friends or foes!"

In general, I like to dress lightly, comfortably, and warm when going clothes shopping in the winter.  My essentials include a crossbody bag to keep me hands-free and comfortable shoes that can be kicked off easily to try on clothes.  I usually try to wear a shoe with some kind of heel to mimic what I wear to work.  This helps me get a good idea of what the pants / skirt / dress would look like "in real life."

LOFT Striped Sweater
NY&Co Pants (DIY slimmed)
Ann Taylor Pumps
Coach Station Bag (a gift from the lovely Jean)
NY&Co Tortoiseshell Necklace

A better view:

Lately, especially since I'm still healing from minor foot surgery, my shopping outfits consist of rolled up denim plus boat shoes - very comfy!
eBay scarf, J. Crew coat, Kate Spade bag, Abercrombie jeans, Sperry shoes

What are your go-to shopping clothes?

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  1. Pretty much my shopping uniform! I made the mistake of wearing wedges during a longer outing and ouch! Lovevthe classic navy withnthe red. :)

  2. Love the red with stripes! Ah.. didnt know about your foot surgery. Hope you are doing much better now.

  3. Great ensemble. Love the colors

  4. your outfit looks quite similar to mine, but much more comfy with those flats!

  5. Love the nautical theme of your outfits as always! I've yet to find comfortable shoes to shop in! I always seem to get hurting feet after a day of shopping! Tennis shoes would probably be most cushion for feet but is hassle to take off and on with the laces when trying on clothes. I'll have to look into some slip on boat shoes!

  6. cute shopping outfit & I totally agree on comfy shoes that easily slip on/off in case trying on shoes.
    Hope your foot heals nicely!

  7. Would you be willing to do a tutorial on how to slim pants?!? I've been too scared to give it a go, but I think it's so often necessary.

    1. I actually have a few pairs in queue for slimming - will take pics of the process :)

  8. This outfit is perfect for a comfortable shopping day! I like using crossbody bags to free up my hands as well. It's hard for me to wear necklaces in case I do end up trying things on. I almost yanked a necklace off one time in the fitting room.

  9. I love the classic combo of red, white, and blue! Hope your foot feels better soon!


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