Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Bow Blouse DIY + OOTD Options

I'm one of those people who will buy multiples of the same item just to get different colors.  It's no different when it comes to DIY garments.  I LOVE bow-front tops and I can't seem to get enough of them.  I feel like they have dual functionality as a stand-alone type top or layered beneath a cardi / blazer / sweater.  They can also be dressed up or down.

Today's version was a print I fell in love with at the local Joann's.  It happened to be a shiny charmeuse type of fabric (and I have to say that I'm not always a fan of wearing something shiny - just seems to show imperfections) so I wound up using the "wrong" side of the fabric for more of a matte look.

Bow Front Blouse, DIY
Black Pencil Skirt, DIY
Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps, Granite
Oops, I forgot to put on my snake print belt in gray!

Or a more casual alternative with a sweater and jeans:
Would pairing a necklace with this be too much?  I feel like it's missing something...

Is there a type of blouse that you just can't get enough of?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

DIY Flower Pin Tutorial

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!  Between Christmas and my ultra-slow recovery from a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning (blech!), I'm behind in posting, responding, and checking out everyone's blogs, but I'm catching up slowly!

Thankfully, I had already documented this DIY tutorial and just needed to take modeling photos (consists of me in pajama bottoms standing in front of the bathroom mirror LOL) / organize the post.  Flower pins / embellishments are cropping up again (the last I remember was from the Sex and the City days when Carrie sported one) and can be seen on Kerry, Really Petite, and PetiteXXS.  Since I never know what to do with scrap fabric from past projects, I tried my hand at making a few flower pins.

You can see the details of it in the fuchsia version, but I'm not yet sure how I feel about the fray.  I do like the fray in the boucle version though.

See tutorial after the jump:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sewing Challenge: Celeb-Inspired Dress DIY

Ever since I saw Zoe Saldana wear this MaxMara dress, I've been itching to re-create my own version.  I looked for a cream colored fabric that wasn't see-through but to no avail.  So I went the opposite route for a black dress and cream sash.  I also think any kind of colorful semi-wide belt would look good with it.

I absolutely love the drama of the neck collar and the contrasting sash color.  Hubby remarked, "That looks a bit much.  Are you going to wear it to the office?"  So yes, I admit, it's a little dressier than what I would normally wear.  But I think you can always make it more casual with a cardigan.  Accessorizing makes all the difference too.

Here's what it looks like on me (I, of course, lengthened the skirt from Zoe's version):

Left: Collar up for max drama (my favorite way)
Right: Collar down for more of a conservative vibe

What do you think?  Does this inspired piece capture the gist of the Zoe's dress?

And an award (my first!) from the fabulous Elaine from Curls-and-Pearls.  I am so incredibly flattered and don't feel at all that I'm very stylish (but I'm learning LOL) - thank you Elaine!  You are so sweet!!

I'd like to pass this award on to:
  • Kerry of Little Nashua - She makes the most gorgeous garments (and perfect-fitting!) and has an incredible eye for picking out items to flatter her figure.  
  • Cee of To Brighten My Day - Cee has impeccable taste and a flair for accessorizing / styling things to make everything look chic and polished.  I would love to pick up some of that skill!
  • Ping of All About Fashion Stuff - This gal NEVER looks bad!  She always looks amazing and is uber-fashionable.  Even when she's reviewing items that don't fit well, she still winds up gorgeous.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

DIY Faux Fur Collar Tutorial

It seems to look much longer on the mannequin than it does me.  I guess I have a longer torso?

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photos!  My SLR needs recharging but I didn't want to hold off on making the collar until it was finished.  I have had fur on my mind ever since I tried on the LOFT Military Wool Jacket with Fur Collar.

So when I found some fur trim at Joann's, I felt compelled to buy it and fashion my own collar.  See tutorial right after the jump.


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