Sunday, December 26, 2010

DIY Flower Pin Tutorial

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!  Between Christmas and my ultra-slow recovery from a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning (blech!), I'm behind in posting, responding, and checking out everyone's blogs, but I'm catching up slowly!

Thankfully, I had already documented this DIY tutorial and just needed to take modeling photos (consists of me in pajama bottoms standing in front of the bathroom mirror LOL) / organize the post.  Flower pins / embellishments are cropping up again (the last I remember was from the Sex and the City days when Carrie sported one) and can be seen on Kerry, Really Petite, and PetiteXXS.  Since I never know what to do with scrap fabric from past projects, I tried my hand at making a few flower pins.

You can see the details of it in the fuchsia version, but I'm not yet sure how I feel about the fray.  I do like the fray in the boucle version though.

See tutorial after the jump:

You'll Need:

  • Fabric of your choice - choose one that will either fray nicely or not fray at all
  • Pin back
  • Needle / thread

Cut 5 circles about 5" in diameter (the circle size is up to you on how big or small you want your flower to be).

Fold in half and then into thirds:

 Take 4 of your folded circles and orient them like a plus sign.  Secure with some well-placed stitches.

Place your 5th circle on the back and secure.  Make sure that your bloom is properly formed by checking the front periodically and adding stitches as needed.

Sew on your pin backing and you're finished!

Another fabric flower tutorial can be found here that can also be made into a pin.

Here are 2 that I made - a smaller one in fuchsia and a larger one in red/white/black boucle (please excuse the dirty mirror).


  1. Fuchsia one gets my vote. Love the color and the detailing. What if you combined the two fabrics into one pin? You might get the best of both worlds :)

    I'm sorry to hear that you're sick :( At least it happened over a long weekend. Drink some hot soup and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Cee - I love how the fuchsia shows the detailing too! The boucle does so in person but I couldn't quite capture it well in the photo. I'm almost better and when I am, the first thing I'm doing is heading to LOFT LOL.

  3. I love this tutorial, it looks simple enough (I might attempt this) and I recently fell in love with flower pins (I bought a bunch already). Thanks!
    Feel better!

  4. I love this tutorial. The fuchsia one also gets me vote. I am thinking about making one lately. This helps a lot. LOFT is having 50% off the entire purchase today. I didn't find anything though. I hope you feel better

  5. i like both versions, but i agree with you that you can see more details in the fuchsia color one. you did a great job as usual! i'd love to see that pin a plain white or black tank!

  6. Elle - Ah the flower pin bug has bitten you as well LOL. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Sydney - Thank you - I am feeling much better today! I checked out LOFT today and have a fitting room review post coming :)

    Ping - Thanks so much! I'll have to try it on a plain white or black tank now!

  7. OMG!!!!!! I love both but the pink one is my fav!!!

    Thanks for the DIY- I am thinking I want to attempt it but am freaked skills are not that great! LOL

    Thanks so much!!!

  8. i'm definitely bookmarking this post! super useful and i will have to try this sometime!


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