Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sewing Challenge: Celeb-Inspired Dress DIY

Ever since I saw Zoe Saldana wear this MaxMara dress, I've been itching to re-create my own version.  I looked for a cream colored fabric that wasn't see-through but to no avail.  So I went the opposite route for a black dress and cream sash.  I also think any kind of colorful semi-wide belt would look good with it.

I absolutely love the drama of the neck collar and the contrasting sash color.  Hubby remarked, "That looks a bit much.  Are you going to wear it to the office?"  So yes, I admit, it's a little dressier than what I would normally wear.  But I think you can always make it more casual with a cardigan.  Accessorizing makes all the difference too.

Here's what it looks like on me (I, of course, lengthened the skirt from Zoe's version):

Left: Collar up for max drama (my favorite way)
Right: Collar down for more of a conservative vibe

What do you think?  Does this inspired piece capture the gist of the Zoe's dress?

And an award (my first!) from the fabulous Elaine from Curls-and-Pearls.  I am so incredibly flattered and don't feel at all that I'm very stylish (but I'm learning LOL) - thank you Elaine!  You are so sweet!!

I'd like to pass this award on to:
  • Kerry of Little Nashua - She makes the most gorgeous garments (and perfect-fitting!) and has an incredible eye for picking out items to flatter her figure.  
  • Cee of To Brighten My Day - Cee has impeccable taste and a flair for accessorizing / styling things to make everything look chic and polished.  I would love to pick up some of that skill!
  • Ping of All About Fashion Stuff - This gal NEVER looks bad!  She always looks amazing and is uber-fashionable.  Even when she's reviewing items that don't fit well, she still winds up gorgeous.


  1. Oh my gosh, this dress looks SO expensive and couture-like. I would compare it to the eggplant Lanvin x H&M one-shouldered poof dress for their dramatics (can you tell I'm still itching to get my hands on anything from that line?! hehe). I love the touch of red heels in the modeling pic. I keep staring at the enlarged mannequin version, all the details are exquisite.

    Congrats on the award! This is the perfect post to showcase your talents. Totally deserving! Would you believe that I was going to pass it on to you in my next post?? :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. this is amazing! you have such a talent. you deserve the award and many more!

    sorry about the removed comment.. i had a typo i didn't notice, and i can't bear typos :]

  4. Yet another example of why you so deserve that award! You did a fantastic job with that dress! When you get tired of your outfits can I convince you to have a blog sale? LOL!

  5. OMG what another amazing DIY. i love how you made the dress more you and it looks fabulous on you. i envy your skills.

    thanks so much for the award and the kind words. you're so sweet ;)

  6. That dress is incredible, I definitely echo Cee's sentiment that it looks a lot like the Lanvin x H&M dress. I love it, but you know I love all beautiful dresses. :)

    Congrats on the award, it was completely deserved!

  7. The dress looks incredible. You're so talented. The dress looks very expensive and versatile. I agree with others, you definitely deserved the stylish blogger award.

  8. I think the collar you made looks better than the one on Zoe's dress. That's so cool that you can make your own fashionable dress! Are you ever going to make dresses or those lovely tank/sheath shirts for your blog store? I would totally buy a piece!

  9. Woooooooooooow! Seriously, you are AMAZING! It looks couture!!!! Love love love it!!!

    How did you get to be so talented??

  10. Oooohhhh THANKS for the award. That really means a lot to me.

    I love this dress. I prefer the more dramatic styling of the raised ruffle collar/neckline, and I like your colors better than the original. Very cute!

    I have to reign myself in from trying to do these kinds of reproductions because I can't exactly wear them to work. This is adorable, perfect for a wedding for semi formal event.

    And thanks again for the award!

  11. I just got your comment about the Menuet Design's necklace and YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am so happy you got it! It'll look sooo beautiful on you!! Please do a post!!! :)

  12. Cee - You really are just too kind - you make me blush! But thank you :) I was in love with that collection and am still pondering how to re-create one of those.

    Kat - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! No worries about the typo :)

    Trystan - Thank you very much!

    C&P - Aww, thanks - you are so sweet for giving it to me in the first place! LOL on the blog sale, I'm bigger than most of the petite blogger community :)

    Ping - Thanks so much!! You deserve the award for sure! I think I saw you tagged somewhere else too?

    Elle - LOL - yes, you are definitely the queen of dresses! ;) Thank you and congrats again on getting your own award!

    Sydney - Aww, thank you so much - that's so sweet of you to say!

    Olyvia - Thank you for the kind words! I'm not confident enough in making things fit on other people, maybe with more practice!

    Really Petite - Your comments always make me smile - you are too sweet! I will definitely be posting the Menuet Design post in the near future! Thanks again for it - I love it! :)

    Kerry - You are extremely deserving of the award! Thank you for sweet comment :) Yes, it definitely can't be worn alone like this to work. I'm going to try some different combos - maybe like Elle's Wear It Five Ways series - to see how I could wear this for different occasions.

  13. wow, i'm so impressed with your sewing skills! i actually much prefer your dress to the one Zoe is wearing. the sash is absolutely perfect! and congrats on your stylish award. you are for sure one stylish lady!!

  14. you made that DRESS? That is amazing.

  15. I love this dress and would love a pattern to try and make one for myself! This dress seriously is gorgeous, is there a pattern that could be shared or where I could get one?

    1. Hello and of course! The pattern is McCall's M6024


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