I'm in the middle of overhauling this page to make it more organized!

You can also find my tutorials by category here:

Happy DIY'ing!


  1. Love the way this is reorganized. And congrats on your new bundle of joy. I am just wondering how you have the time to blog.


  2. Beatrice - Thank you very much! I've been blogging more efficiently these days. My DIYs now are less about sewing / tutorials (takes the longest for me and require my full concentration) and more about crafts that can be done with the kiddos like knitting and soon maybe crocheting. OOTD / shopping reviews take the least amount of time (at most an hour a week) so there's more coverage on that type of post now too. Of course, none of this would be possible if I wasn't taking a year off for maternity leave :)


I'm the type of gal who gets giddy when I receive mail - it's no different with comments! I really appreciate the feedback and love hearing from you :)


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