Saturday, December 4, 2010

DIY Faux Fur Collar Tutorial

It seems to look much longer on the mannequin than it does me.  I guess I have a longer torso?

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photos!  My SLR needs recharging but I didn't want to hold off on making the collar until it was finished.  I have had fur on my mind ever since I tried on the LOFT Military Wool Jacket with Fur Collar.

So when I found some fur trim at Joann's, I felt compelled to buy it and fashion my own collar.  See tutorial right after the jump.

What I Used:
  • Fur Trim, 4" wide
  • Lining Fabric
  • Needle / Thread
  • Brooch (optional)
I purchased 2.5 yards to allow for errors but essentially all you'll need is 44" x 4".  

  • Cut 2 rectangular pieces of 22" x 4".  For me, 22" hit me right above the belly button.  You can adjust your length depending on where you want your collar to end.  When cutting, be sure to "part" the fur and cut along the part.  Otherwise, you'll end up with unsightly hacked off hair with blunt edges.

  • Sew the 2 pieces together on the wrong side so that the fur orientation of the collar has the nap going down the collar on both sides.  I don't think you necessarily have to do this but it seemed weird to me to have the fur direction going up one side and down the other.
  • (Optional) Round both edges of your collar.  Follow the diagram below for the 1st end and then flip it for the 2nd end.  When you have the ends side-by-side, they should make a "U" shape.  You can also make it a "V" shape if you prefer.  Make sure to part your fur again before cutting.
  • Cut a piece of lining fabric to match the exact dimensions of your 44" x 4" collar.
  • Place lining fabric on top of the fur and sew both long sides plus 1 short side.
  • Now flip it inside out so that the fur is on one side and the lining is on the other.  Blind stitch the remaining short side.
  • Lightly brush along the edges to coax some of the trapped fur (from sewing the lining to it) out.
And you're done!

You can either sew a snap and wear it like this:

Or you can dress it up with a brooch attachment instead:

Close-up of brooch (I wore this in my hair on my wedding day!):

Easy enough, right?  :)

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  1. LOVE, you make it seem easy but I just know if I try to replicate this it would be a total disaster. It looks gorgeous, can't wait to see how you wear it!

  2. i love the faux fur stole trend so thank you for creating this easy DIY. can't wait to see it in your outfit posts!

  3. Oh that's so pretty! You've got talent..I wish I had as much patience with sewing as I did back then. I used to love sewing when I was 10-12 years old, believe it or not. haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Oh my gosh, I think this might be my favorite DIY of yours to date (do I say that about every one? lol). The fur looks so luxurious and the extra brooch makes it even more so. I love how you paired it with a vibrant purple. Definitely model it for us one day!

  5. Elle - Thank you! I have total and utter confidence that you would do a beautiful job if you did decide to try :)

    Kileen - I'm highly intrigued by the fur trend - especially after seeing it on you and PAG!

    TLDP - Oh wow, you must have been a little sewing prodigy! What kinds of things did you sew?

    Cee - LOL - you are just too sweet! I will definitely include modeling pics soon!

  6. Wow I'm not a fur fan at all but all you ladies might be changing my mind! What a great job you did and that brooch is gorgeous.

  7. This is awesome! Your DIY's are so cool!!! Keep up the great posts!!!

    I will someday learn how to do one of your DIY's- its my new mission!

  8. I just picked one of these up at Savers; yours looks as good as my store bought one (I am not sure where mine was from originally). If I hadn't already bought one I would definitely be making this. I think it is funny how you and I are so made this three days after I bought mine. And I even wore mine last night with my winter coat because we had a date night in Boston so I could wear my new PFC dress.

  9. i just bought that loft jacket. love it! looks great on you too.

  10. I just wanted to let you know you won my Menuet Designs giveaway!!! YAY congratulations!!!!

    And don't forget to enter my LOFT giveaway too! Ends 12/15 :)

  11. Oh you make it look soo easy, wow! I love the look and to think you made it, impressive!


  12. C&P - Thanks so much! I wasn't a fur fan until I saw it on PAG and Kileen :)

    Really Petite - Thank you for the sweet words! And thanks again for the Menuet giveaway - I never really win any contests so you totally made my day!

    Kerry - Great minds think alike :D I'm glad you got to wear your new PFC dress already!

    Aubrey - I love seeing your name, it always makes me chuckle! Thanks so much!

    20 York Street - Thanks for stopping by and commenting such kind words! :)

  13. Wow, great idea. love how it came out. i found you on Chic Steals. Please check out my fur clutch too. Thanks!

  14. ByeByeSoccerMom - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Your fur clutch is beautiful!!

    Bromeliad - Thanks for checking out my post! I was actually surprised by how warm it is :)

  15. Thank you. You did a fabulous job in making the fur collar, listing the supplies, writing the instructions and making a top-not collar. Your choice of faux fur was superb because not all faux furs would have the same "nap" direction to make the collar look so read. I'd recommend you keep a log of patterns like this because you are a great author and should write books on sewing some day. This is absolutely smashing, and a someone commented before me, you make it look so easy. Basically it is a simple pattern, but that doesn't mean anyone could have done what you did. Please keep up the great work and wear your creations that don't breath in good health.

    1. Thank you for not only stopping by but also for leaving such kind words behind! You made my day :)


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