Sunday, December 18, 2011

Studded Interchangeable Cuffs Easy DIY Tutorial

I originally set out to create sequined cuffs but when I saw all the elasticized sequin trim, I realized that a sequined cuff could be made simply by sewing the ends together.  So instead, I decided to make interchangeable studded cuffs that could be worn with any sleeved shirt.

See tutorial after the jump...

What I Used:
  • 4 pieces of 6x10" fabric rectangles OR cut cuffs + 2 inches of sleeve from an existing button-down shirt
  • Trouser socks (socks that look / feel like pantyhose but only go up to your ankle)
  • 20" Studded trim (purchased mine at Joann's but should be available at other sewing stores)
  • Fabric Glue
Materials - I used black fabric and black trouser socks.
1.  (If you are using existing cuffs / sleeves, cut your sleeves at 2 inches above the cuffs and then skip to Step 4)  Take 2 of your rectangles with the wrong sides out and sew together at the 3 sides as indicated by the dashed line above.  Then do this with the other 2 rectangles.

2.  Flip it inside out.

3.  Take your trouser socks.  Measure from the cuff down 8" and cut.

4.  Sew the unsewn end of your rectangle (or sleeve) to the cut end of your trouser sock (opposite the cuff) overlapping by about 1/4".
You might be wondering why I'm using a trouser sock.  It's a really easy way to have a stretchy (to accommodate any part of your arm from wrist to mid-forearm), thin sleeve that won't add any bulk to whatever you're wearing.  Plus I have a bunch of them that I don't wear.  :)

5.  Arrange your studs and fold your cuff to accommodate the height of your trim.

6.  Iron at the fold.

7.  Glue your studs down with fabric glue.  (Optional - I also reinforced mine with some stitches throughout the trim.)  Let glue dry and you're finished!

Now to wear, simply put on whatever you want.  Slide your sleeves on and adjust where you want it to fall (I like to scrunch my sleeves to about halfway up my forearm).  Then adjust your shirt to cover your sock sleeve so that only the cuffs are exposed.

Voila!  A little sparkle and attitude never hurt anyone :)

On another note, the lovely Katherine of Katattack2000 interviewed little old me on her blog - check it out here.  :)

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  1. Very creative! I would have never thought of anything like this. These cuffs certainly add a special touch to any holiday outfits.

  2. this is so fun! i love this look, great idea! i hope i get time to make some of these. thanks for the tutorial :)

  3. Love this idea :) It does give your outfit that extra bling for the holiday season!

  4. What a great idea! Do these also keep your jacket or shirt sleeves scrunched up where you want them, instead of them falling and having to push them back up every 10 min?

  5. Wow this is such a clever idea! I really love this! Thanks for sharing

  6. OMG you did a tremendous job with these cuffs!! I'll try to follow the tutorial!!

  7. OMGOSH THAT IS SO COOL!!!! it looks slightly edgy and really makes that blazer look so chic and unique i love this!!!

  8. This is very impressive! I love studds, they are so rocker chic and instantenously make any outfit look awesome. Kudos for the tutorial ;)

  9. Such a great DYI. You always have great ones. Gives a whole new look to this black blazer. I am going to try to sandpaper my boyfriend jeans :)

  10. That is genius!! A perfect edgy holiday jacket! :)

  11. you're so talented. i absolutely love this DIY project, and not just a holiday outfit, but i'd totally rock this any given day of the week. :)

  12. That's so smart and fun!! Great job SPG...if only I had sewing skills. haha

  13. Ohhhhhhh, snap. Do you have any idea how perfect this DIY is for me? Love me some embellished, crazy cuffs.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. Thank you everybody for your encouraging words! They mean so much to me and inspire me to keep DIY'ing :)


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