Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnant PFC #7: Little Black Dress

April's PFC is hosted by the lovely Jessy from The Little Dust Princess - be sure to check out her blog for other PFC entries!

This Month's Challenge: "The Little Black Dress"
A little black dress (LBD) is essential in every woman's wardrobe. It's always great for back-up if you run out of outfit ideas for a night out. Adding a pop of colour to your LBD will change up its look and make your dress a little less boring.

For this challenge, add a pop of colour (or two) to your little black dress to change up the look. You could add anything from an accessory to a blazer, or even nail polish!

Be creative anddddd good luck!

Once again, this month's PFC is actually a PPFC - Pregnant Petite Fashion Challenge :)  And this time my baby bump is even more apparent!  To add a pop of color, I wore a floral shirt (has aqua, blue, mustard and purple print) underneath a plain sheath dress and then paired it with a purple belt, mustard cardigan, and "Charlotte".  Does this work or is it too much?

Looking forward to checking out the other entries!

Dress:  Banana Republic Black Sheath
Top:  DIY Floral Ruffle Blouse
Cardigan:  J. Crew Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan, Gold
Purse:  "Charlotte" Chanel Caviar Messenger
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel


  1. Hey momma! Don't worry my "reveals" always ends ups up in a future OOTD! :)

    You are the cutest momma to be ever! I love your take on the LBD! And your Charlotte looks EVEN more amazing on! I love that it fits so seamlessly on you even with your baby bump hehe.

    Ok this is kind of a weird question I know this is your 2nd pregnancy so I wanted to ask you as someone that has some designer shoes as well. Everyone knows that when you pregnant your feet swell but I just read recently online that your feet actually STAY anywhere from a half size to even a whole size bigger. I seriously freaked when I read that because my first thought was " MY PRETTY SHOES!!" hahah have you experienced any of this with your first?

  2. I really like the pop of the mustard cardigan against your little black dress. It totally works. So jealous of your "Charlotte" :)

  3. Yay! Debut of Charlotte! She goes perfectly with this outfit, black bag with black dress and gold CCs with gold cardigan. You look great!

  4. Works!!! The cardigan compliments your purse so well!

  5. I am loving how in every photo, you look like you can either be 2 months along...or, in one of the previous posts - 6 months along : ) I'm loving the preggy chronicles! Charlotte and the mustard cardigan look great here. I don't think it's too much. Even though you have several things going on here, there seems to be common color threads that keep it all together.

  6. the gold hardware on the purse matches so well with the gold cardigan! and i love the collar detailing on the dress. such a pretty mommy. :)

    cute & little

  7. I think this totally works! Love the mustard! The floral adds a fun feminine touch. Your CHANEL handbag would totally go with my PFC outfit. Should I e-mail my mailing adress? :D

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  8. I really like the mustard and the camel with the black. This is a very cute outfit.

  9. you are one stylish mama! and helloooo Charlotte *wave* ;)

  10. Lisa - That is such a great quality to have! I have a tendency to reveal something and then take forever to actually incorporate it into an OOTD. And you are so SWEET - thank you so much! I had heard that shoe size thing too but mine pretty much stayed the same. It got a little bigger during pregnancy from swelling but they returned back to normal afterwards (thankfully! Because my feet are already a whopping 8.5).

    Sydney - Aww, thank you! Can't wait to see what you wind up getting - I hope you find the perfect bag!

    Cee - Thank you! I love that you decorated your CoCo - she looks like such a beautiful lady :)

    Michelle - Thank you and Yay! I was starting to feel like I was throwing too many things together but glad it looks ok :)

    Jean - The bump varies all the time! In the morning, it's small and subtle but then I eat and it gets super inflated. Then there are the different angles to take into account - the front is usually harder to tell than anything featuring the least bit of a profile view :) And I don't need to tell you how different garments also play a very large role. Thanks for the input - I always value your style advice!

    Kileen - Aww, thank you for the super sweet comment! All mommies like to feel pretty :)

    Jen HaHA - Thank you - glad it looks like it works! LOL about the bag - I'm pretty sure hubby would kill me for giving away his gift :D

    Ski Petite - Thanks so much! I was kind of afraid I'd look bumblebee-esque ;)

    Sunshine - Thank you! Charlotte says "hello" back :D

  11. The title of this post made me laugh. ;)

    Love the mustard cardigan with the LBD! That yellow is one of my favorite colors of all time. And Charlotte is looking spectacular. But, I really think the pregnant belly made the outfit. Hehe.

  12. Love your take on this challenge. Very classy and colorful!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  13. The colors are sooo interesting, I love it! What an interesting and unexpected pairing and Charlotte is the perfect finishing touch!

  14. i'm loving your chanel! i love how you belted the dress and added a pop of color.

  15. I love how you paired the floral shirt to go under the dress. I've always wanted to try that look, but it ends up all bunched up. LOL. But it adds a nice touch to go with the cardigan. =)

  16. This definitely works! the mustard cardigan ties into charlotte. And those yellow tones look great with the floral and purple belt!


  17. I really like the detail on the top of the dress. :)

  18. SPG You are soooo stylish! I hope if/when I ever get pregnant to look HALF as good as you! Mustard is PERFECT, not too much going on with the look at all and I'm drooling over the purse!

  19. the title btw- pregnant PFC...You are too adorable for words!!

    You did a fantastic job!!! And loving the mustard cardi and the oooooh so lovely Chanel :D

  20. purple belt is a little unexpected pop of color at the bump.

  21. Hot momma! Love all the mustard accents of this outfit! Gorgeous!

  22. I love that mustard cardigan on you and I'm glad it matches perfectly with Charlotte :) I love the bits of purple to break up the yellow and black (so not to look like a bumble-bee, haha). Definitely not too much. I would totally wear everything you are wearing today!

  23. I love the purple belt :D The cardigan goes perfectly with Charlotte. You look great, thank you for participating! : )

  24. lovelovelove that cardi so much!! great combination!

  25. Kelly - Teehee - I have about 5 more Pregnant PFC entries in me :D And thanks for being so sweet - I love that you said the belly made the outfit!

    Mimi - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

    Elle - Thank you! I want to see more of you carrying your hot red purse! :)

    Ping - Thank you! I'm loving your new work tote too!

    Jess - Thank you! This is really my 1st foray into doing the shirt underneath the dress look (aside from jumper types) so I'm glad it worked out :)

    Lor - Thank you! I'm glad the color combos worked and didn't look too jarring :)

    Michelle - Thanks so much!

    Irene - Thank you! You can do the same with adding a shirt underneath :)

    Elaine - Aww, you are so kind! You would be the CUTEST little pregnant gal!!

    Annie - Hehe, I was just telling Kelly I've got about 5 more PPFCs left! Aww, your sweet words always make me melt :)

    Aubrey - I'm glad you could see that - the skinniness of the belt was almost completely covered by the bump :)

    Hurricanekerrie - Aww - thank you doll!

    Olyvia - Thank you! Yay for not being bumblebee :D

    Jessy - Thank YOU for hosting! It was a great challenge and I LOVED seeing everyone's interpretations!

    Caroline - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm a big fan of this cardi too - so versatile :)


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