Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

I just finished reading Cee's and Elle's year in review posts and I felt inspired to write one of my own going over my favorite DIYs, purchases, and events of the year.

Favorite DIY Projects:
  • Peplum Mania
  • Going Nautical
  • Dresses, Dresses, and More Dresses

Favorite Purchases:
  • Red Blazers from H&M and J. Crew
  • Monogram Necklace (from Etsy) and F21 Pearl Necklace - I wear these necklaces all the time and always get compliments. 

Favorite Events:
  • Spending 8.5 months at home on an extended maternity leave and soaking up as much baby / toddler goodness as I could with my son and daughter.
  • Moving to San Francisco and opening us up to try so many different, delicious foods!  
  • Playing skirt designer selling my wares on Etsy thanks to Jean.
  • Getting to know some of my favorite bloggers better!  Cee, Elle, and P - thanks for filling in with your guest posts during my move!
What were some of your favorite events / things in 2012?

Happy New Year to everyone!  Here's to a wonderful 2013 :)


  1. Love your review!! The peplum mania was awesome! Also love the black dress from the "dress" section. I can't believe you had 8.5 mos after baby #2, how wonderful! Hope you have an even better 2013. I can't wait to see what trends you play with!

  2. Great 2013 review post! I've always loved your sewing skills. Hope you have great new year!

  3. S, there were so many of your creations from this past year that I love. First would be all things nautical (of course, hehe) but I've also become a big fan of your dresses (I think my fav has to be the graphic green version). I'm looking forward to future DIY creations from you and also seeing your Etsy shop expand in 2013. Have a happy new year!!

  4. what a great post - i love all of your DIY projects and creations! i am SO happy to have gotten to know you this year, and look forward to more fun with you in 2013! xox

  5. Great recap! I am so glad to have discovered your blog via Jean. I really love your DIY. Would you consider doing some more basic step-by-step blogs for us newbie sewers? I *just* got my first machine for Christmas and have been sewing a little. My goal this year is to fix all my clothes before buying anything new. Since you are petite but also address some of the mom concerns (is post baby tummy), I'd love to hear your thoughts on what works/doesn't work and fixing up idems.
    I hope you are enjoying living in the Bay Area. So many people visit that I think you should post some non-touristy fun places to eat too. I'm always telling friends to stay away from those Pier 39 places!
    I hope in 2013 I may be able to make a dress... the ones you made are just perfect!

    1. Aw, thanks Janki!

      What kinds of basic sewing would you most be interested in? I think the most flattering fits for a petite with post-baby tummy is a garment that fits and is tailored well in the shoulders / arms / chest. The torso area should be a little loose, but still keep a kind of slim effect. To me, this kind of fit emphasizes your slimness while masking a problem area. I ADORE fit and flare dresses! I find them rather flattering because they carve out a waist and hide my belly.

      I am actually not a very good alterations-person. I can do some basic slimming / hemming, but I almost never do anything drastic for fear of ruining it (and I detest taking things apart). I prefer making from scratch - there's so much more leeway and freedom to mess up!

      I'm loving the Bay Area and have spent some time in Outer Richmond, Chinatown (which is probably super touristy, but the egg tarts were fantastic), Financial District, and SOMA. Also been eating in San Jose / Milpitas where we have some family. Have some food posts soon!

  6. i felt amazed that you kept coming up with new DIY all the time! that was so wonderful that you took an extended leave from work and got to spend time with the little ones. best wishes in 2013 :)

  7. Really love the structured dress and the sailboat skirt! I'm so glad I found your blog this past year. I'll hopefully break out my machine and attempt some of your DIY soon. Happy New Year!

  8. Love your recap SPG! There were so many of DIY creations I adored and I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2013! Hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year and may it be filled with much joys! xoxo, Phoebe

  9. I love your DIY's! My personal fav was the black cocktail dress. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  10. The monogram necklace is really cute and I love all your DIYs :) Happy new year and see what 2013 holds in terms of DIYs :) and food blogging

  11. Great recap, S! I love all of your DIYs. I tend to learn a few tips & tricks from them, but I haven't had the chance to put them to use yet. Hope you have a fantastic new year. : )

  12. lovely outfits!

    Happy New Year and cute blog! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  13. I love the recaps. You had such awesome DIY creations. I know you will have even more stunning DIY creations for 2013. Happy New Year to your and your little family.

  14. looks like a successful year of DIY for you! my fave definitely still has to be your world map peplum skirt - it's iconic by now! i wish you and your family a happy new year and more adventures in san fran

    pandaphilia fashion

  15. nice collages! I absolutely love your DIYs. Happy New Year!

  16. still love the boat dress!!!!! and the dresses shown in the dress category. i musta missed reading abt the green one, but holy moly, look at your voluptuous figure. love everythg!!!

    some of your dresses are very v.beckham (my favorite fashionista), and some kate spade/lilly pulitzer. just classic all american. u know i have an addiction w/you and w/your DIYs.

  17. I've been loving all your creations, they work so well and are so creative! Thanks for all the tips and how-tos, as well, for those of us who are bare novices at this, they're so helpful.

    Welcome again to SF, I'm glad you're enjoying it.


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