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Petite Fashion Challenge #6: Dress Up Your Basics & Giveaway Winners

And the winners of my giveaway are Really Petite, Read My Life as Carrie, and Daisydn - congrats!!  Please contact me within the next 3 days at sewpetitegal(at) to arrange for your prizes!  Remember, first to contact me gets 1st choice and so on of prizes :)

The lovely and stylish Stylepint is hosting this month's Petite Fashion Challenge!  Check out her blog here for OOTDs and Bay Area fashion show posts.  I personally heart PFC posts and enjoy looking at all of the different entries - so many fashionable ladies and so much inspiration!

This Month’s Challenge

“Dress Up Your Basics”
Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter. Depending on what you layer over this basic pairing, you can change style and feel of the entire look. This is your chance to show your personality and your creativity.
For this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look (it can be any style or color) and dress it up to show off your personal style with accessories, jewelry, and whatever you’d like to add.

I technically need to add another "P" in PFC for "pregnant" - enough preggy talk yet?  :)  I went pretty toned down for this PFC - partially because my DIY didn't turn out the way I wanted and partially because I then ran out of ideas :(

This is a basic white tee that I added some feather pads to and paired with a turquoise necklace and purple platform sandals.  Originally, I wanted to put feathers on each shoulder for an epaulet look but unfortunately couldn't get them to lay smoothly.  Oh well!  Looking forward to everyone else's entries!!

Tee:  Banana Republic, old + added feather pads
Necklace:  DIY Turquoise Chain
Jeans: LOFT bootcut
Sandals: Frye Bridget Studded Sandal (buy here)


  1. PPFC...LOL!
    Very casual cool, and the feather on the shoulder is pretty interesting, even though it didn't turn out the way you wanted. I think I know what you were trying to do, but can't think of the designer that did it recently...3.1 Philip Lim maybe?

  2. I love the touch of would my cats! :p

    I am loving seeing your cute Frye sandals! I know their boots are comfy, how are their sandals?

  3. This is definitley one of the unique looks from this challenge. I love how you thought outside the box! Hey, as long as you wear it with confidence, nobody will think twice. You might even start a feather on the shoulders trend :)

  4. I love how you added the feathers! You're so creative! This is definitely unique, like Cee said. : )

  5. You're so creative! This is great :)

    Hi mamas! (Hi baby!) Hope you're well, love.

  6. Your tee is super cool and unique. I love it! I also like the pop of your necklace. It really adds a nice touch to this simple-but-yet-very-chic outfit.

  7. im loving the added feather! i'd love to see it on you as a headband or something.

  8. i LOVE the feather pads!! what a great touch to make a simple outfit very unique.

    cute & little
    check out my TIKKR watch giveaway!

  9. lol on PPFC! You aren't showing much in these photos though. The feather idea is absolutely unique!

  10. Way to go with the feather pads! I would love to work with feathers on a DIY, but they're so messy and tricky, I don't think I have the patience. I love the t-shirt detail even though it's not what you wanted, it's still quite lovely. Plus it provides a great contrast to your necklace!

  11. I love the feather pads, it's just the right amount of drama to add to a simple outfit. I love it! And the turquoise necklace goes perfectly with it. Great job!

  12. LOL at the PPFC :P

    Sooo original! I love this! And congrats to the winners :) I have to say, I'm quite upset I didn't win, I've been drooling over those ribbon and pearl necklaces since you first showed them! Could I convince you to do a custom order for me? Just let me know the price! :)

  13. I like the layered tees look you have going on here. Sorry to hear that your DIY didn't work out the way you wanted it too, but the feather detail here is still very unique!

  14. MAN those are some seriously amazing details there!!

    ... pretty dang nifty. And really, really striking!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  15. Feathers and turquoise goes so nicely together! Really brings focus to the accessories and the t-shirt adds a nice backdrop. You are so creative for deciding to add feathers to your t-shirt. So many people attach it to their earrings or what not. =0D

  16. The feathers are so cute...and I love the color of your necklace!

  17. I wish I could add another P. Hubby and I did agree on three when we first got married. Great turquoise necklace and fun feaher detail!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  18. Lol!! Preggers're in a league of your own on that one, for now at least ; ) Even though it didn't come out how you had planned I still think the asymmetrical feather detail is very pretty. Definitely adds a unique touch to a plain white tee.

  19. Kelly - LOL - I typed it and then thought "hmm, maybe I'm just being a dork" so I'm glad you thought it was funny. I actually saw it on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Kim but then couldn't find the designer. I'll have to look up 3.1 Philip Lim - thanks for the tip!

    Michelle - Thanks! The Frye sandals are actually surprisingly walkable considering they are about 5" heels so I can wear them all day at work and not feel like I want to curl up and die afterwards. I'd give them a shot! Endless has some great deals!

    Cee / Jessy - Aww, thank you! I was trying to emulate something I saw Kim Kardashian so it may already be rippling through the masses :)

    Aubrey - Thanks doll! Baby says "hi" too! :)

    Sydney - Thanks so much! I read the challenge wrong and thought it had to be white tee + blue jeans so I was trying to add color where I could :)

    Ping - Thanks! I bought a bunch of feathers that I'm trying to incorporate into my necklace DIYs :)

    Kileen - Thank you!

    Olyvia - Thank you! The puffiness in this shirt does camouflage the tummy a bit more than other items :)

    Jess / Elle - Thank you! I was thinking turquoise + feathers would give it a nice earthy look :)

    Elaine - :D Thank you! Of course I can do an order for you! I'll email you some options later today.

    Liane - Thank you! I'm planning on some other feather DIY projects coming up soon!

    Mae Lu - Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!

    Banhannas - Thank you! I've seen the feathered earrings look and it always looks so pretty on other people! I have super sensitive ears though so I usually go sans-earrings :)

    Tara - Thank you for reading and commenting!

    Jen HaHA - Thank you! Hubby and I initially talked about 3 too but I think 2 will be good for us. Partially because I want to get all my childbearing before I hit my mid-thirties.

  20. Jean - Thank you! I'm sure as we go along, more preggy bloggers will join in :) I know there are at least a couple who have additions in the plans!

  21. I have a feather clip, slightly smaller in size to yours and different colours - I was trying to incorporate it into my outfit for the PFC but I couldn't come up with anything good!! Great idea with just placing it below the the shoulder!

    Originally we (us Petite in the City gals) wanted to ask our pregnant friend to do some feature blog posts, but time flies she's already due before we could get some pics!! Can't wait to see your outfits throughout your pregnancy! :)

  22. YAY! I won! So excited! Thank you so so so so much! I am not just catching up on my blog reads so sorry for the delay! And thx for emailing me and letting me know- you are so sweet!!!!!

    I love the feather detail in the outfit- it def adds character:)


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