Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chinese Porcelain Inspired Skirt DIY

And this is it!  My last completed DIY from August before I went back to work.  I'm actually rather surprised I sewed so much that it lasted a whole month and a half before I had posted all of the projects.  The movers / packers are coming tomorrow and pretty soon we'll be saying goodbye to OH and hello to CA.

This fabric reminded me of my blue & white porcelain collection of vases, teapots, and dishes on display in the dining room.  It didn't seem right to make this into a flared skirt, so I opted for a pencil shape with the deep side pleats for tummy hiding.

LOFT Button Down Shirt, Peach (old)
LOFT Double Strap Belt (old)
DIY Chinese Porcelain Inspired Skirt
DIY Cameo + Pearls Necklace (original post here)
Balenciaga Money Wallet (added a chain to use as a small clutch, details here)
Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel

My husband thought it was strange that I got inspired by dishes, LOL.

Where do you get your inspirations?


  1. Love the print and it was funny that you got inspired by a dish :)

  2. The print is so pretty! Blue and white is very pleasing to the eye.... it also reminds me of French toile, one of my favorite kinds of prints. I think I find most of my fashion inspiration from food or animals at the zoo, haha ;)

  3. SPG that's a gorgeous skirt!! The colors are so pretty and the pattern is so ladylike.
    Super excited for you and your famiy's move to sunny CA and wishing you guys a wonderful move! :D
    I get inspirations from everything...whether it be the color palate from paintings, nature, etc :D
    Hope you are having a great weekend so far! xoxo, Phoebe

  4. Haha.. I did think of those dishes when i saw your skirt! Happy Moving!

  5. lol! the boys will never get it. i think it looks great! let me know when you are in the area. so excited for you to move here. :)

  6. That fabric is beautiful!!! Where did you get it?

    1. Whoops, so sorry! I got this at Hancock Fabrics from their duck collection

  7. That print is so cute! Love it. Hope everything will be great with your moving to CA!

  8. Love the print. It is such a beautiful skirt. I wish you the best with your move to CA.

  9. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this print and the cut of the skirt! I think this is the perfect style for that print! You are just so talented!

    xo Jenny

  10. Yay! Excited for your big move! I remember you mentioning just email me if/when you are going to be in town. :)

    Love this skirt paired with the cameo. Gorgeous pattern!

  11. Wow...I really wish I knew how to sew and owned a sewing machine..I can think of so many things off the top of my head that I would want to make!

  12. I love the print on that skirt! I just came over from your feature on Chocolate, Cookies & Candies. So glad to discover new blogs to follow. You are seriously talented with that sewing machine of yours!

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  13. That's great work, pencil skirt looks really stylish. Not too keen on the belt though.

  14. BEAUTIFUL skirt - the shape and the pattern is so unique! Good luck on the move. May it be stres-free. And I get inspiration from bloggers, like you! You inspire me to try DIY :)

  15. LOL! I'm a huge fan of blue and white porcelain. Probably mystifying to the menfolk where we draw our inspiration from. I like how you pair with white a plain tailored shirt.

  16. you are beyond cute in this post. that skirt is so adorable!! and i laughed at what your husband said about the plates. :)

    phiphi's blog

  17. i think jcrew had a similar print too last season.

  18. I love that skirt! The print is fantastic...I remember a few years ago there was a fabulous dress with that style of print worn by a few celebrities...I just can't remember who the designer was. I want to say Oscar de la Renta...but I'm not so sure...but regardless it was an amazing dress, and that is an amazing skirt!

    Natasha ~

  19. it does remind me of dishes, too. i could probably find something similar in my house right now! it looks beautiful. how exciting about the move! packing everything up is not fun, tho.

  20. Love the print of your fabric you used for your skirt, and you styled it perfectly. Best wishes with the move! I love SF! xoxo

  21. I love how this skirt came out, you did a great job!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. I've always loved that pattern. It makes for a really pretty dress too!


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