Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY Fuchsia + Gray Bow Neck Dress

Quickie post today: I'm still obsessed with color blocking though this one is much more mild - incorporating fuchsia with a medium gray.

Dress:  Fuchsia + Gray DIY Bow Neck Dress
Belt:  J. Crew Factory Metallic Webbing Belt
Shoes:  Talbots Flower Bouquet Ballet Flats, Gray Flint
Sunnies:  Michael Kors
Bag:  Balenciaga Twiggy, Anthracite

A closer view

I used this tutorial to make the dress (2 rectangles of 25 x 33") and then just added a gray border and sash.  What do you think?  I love the giant bow :)


  1. You look simply beautiful! The bow really makes the dress; it complements your belly perfectly.

    P.S - I really like your bag - why don't you whip out the Balenciaga more often?

  2. Oh, yes, love the bow! I also like the border at the bottom of the skirt. The darker grey of the bag is a great touch as well.

  3. this is one of my favorite color combos!! the bow is so cute, too :) i agree with anna, you should give that anthra twiggy a little more love, its such a beautiful bag!!

  4. Nice look with the bow and the bag is beautiful :) When are you due?

  5. so simple (when I looked up that tutorial you linked to), and yet so pretty! Love the bright pink and grey!

  6. Love the dress and the big bow is A-mazing!

  7. I agree, the bow is the best detail. I can't wait to see all these DIYs you wore during your pregnancy on you post-baby!

  8. I like pink + grey!!! And I like this dress a lot! You look so lovely in it!

  9. Oh know I love pink and this is the prettiest dress on you! You look great! I love the bow detail and the color contrast!!!

  10. It looks like it's made out of a really pretty material too.

    How long do you have until maternity leave? :0

  11. Gorgeous dress! Really pretty colour too. Hoping I'll look this cute if I'm ever pregnant! Lovely :) x

  12. i lvoe the dress^^ and the colours look great together :3

  13. OHHH EMMM GEEEE!! i love the color of your colorblocking dress.. the pink fushia color is just gorgeous on you!! I LOOOOOOOVEEE the giant bow sash detail!!

  14. Adorable! The giant bow is my favorite part;)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  15. you are so talented! the dresses you make are adorable! :)

    <3, Mimi

  16. i love the giant bow and the fuchsia color is absolutely gorgeous! i love the color blocking.

    cute & little

  17. Very cute dress. Love the detailing on it and those flats are gorgeous.


  18. Such a cute dress!!!!

    ps. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm returning the favour :)


  19. I am amazed how you have the time and energy to make your own clothing! :) Super-mom indeed!

  20. Anna - Aww, thanks so much! I really need to put my bags into a more regular rotation - otherwise, why have them? :)

    Amber - Thanks! Yes, I definitely need to use it more - sometimes I just leave my handbags in dust bags and then forget about them.

    Kat - Thank you! I'm due October 1st but since my son was 3 weeks early, I'm preparing to go in really at any time :)

    QFFS, Olyvia, Newpetite, Francesca, Annie, Hello Naka, Mimi, Mimi, Thom - Thanks so much! :)

    Cee - Oh yes! More Now and Thens to come!

    Aki - Thank you! I only have 2 more work days left - I'm super excited :)

    Heterheroine - Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Lisa, Kileen, Patience - Thank you! It's so super comfy and airy for a preggy :)

    LePetiteLemon - Ah, but this one was a simple one :) Basically 2 rectangles and a sash - plus this was my last sewing project for the duration of the pregnancy.

  21. So cute! I love this dress on you. I think that you look great in bright color! ;)


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