Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Favorite OOPS DIY Dress

When I set out to make this dress, I was envisioning a slim cowl tube dress in a light gray color.  What I wound up with was an asymmetrical split collar A-line dress in dark gray ponte knit.  I do think the color is too severe for summer and the general style looks more fall / winter but ultimately I like how this turned out.  The challenge will be how to alter this into a post-pregnancy dress but I'll worry about that later ;)

Dress:  DIY
Belt:  Ann Taylor Reptile Patterned Belt
Necklace:  Ann Taylor Silver Rhinestone Necklace
Pin:  Rhinestone Tree
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Camel Pumps

A closer view of the pin - I love the pop of "bling" this adds!

What do you think of this "oops" dress?


  1. You're one stylish pregnant lady :)

  2. I swear even your sewing "mishaps" turn out ridiculously amazing!

    The asymmetrical collar really makes this dress!! I love the belt you added to break it up!! You really are the most fab pregnant momma ever!!

  3. You mean "Oops Yay"! =D I love how it looks now, and I love the addition of the pin on the shoulder! Perfect! Can't wait to see what you come up with post-pregnancy!

  4. Agreed with Sydney! Maybe you can shorten post-pregnancy. I love the cowl neck idea. You look FAB.

  5. This oops dress hides the baby bump quite well! I'm not sure if that's your intention, but my eyes can't help but be drawn to the beautiful neckline and its draping. Don't you love it when oopsies turn out for the best :)

  6. The dress looks so elegant and looks comfy too! I love the accessories you chose to spruce up the outfit! I'm just in awe of your DIY's!

  7. I like it a lot, and you know that from these pictures I could not tell that you are pregnant? You'll find I way to use it also post-pregnancy!

  8. This was an oops? It looks amazing on you SPG!!!

  9. You are too talented - this dress is gorgeous! And I love the elegant way you styled it, baby bump and all!

  10. Sydney - Aww, thanks! I'm sure you were a beautiful, glowing, and stylish preggy mama!

    Lisa - Thank you - you are too sweet!! Your comments always make me grin like an idiot :D

    Purses and puppies - Hehe - thanks so much! I didn't want the dark gray to trend towards drab so I wanted to brighten it up a little bit :)

    LePetiteLemon - Thank you for your kind words! Post-pregnancy, I'm going to try slimming the sides, shortening the length and possibly adding some darts :)

    Jessy - Aww, thank you! Yes, the hem will definitely need to be raised up a bit afterwards!

    Cee - Thank you! I totally forgot to take a side view shot - you'd definitely see the bump there LOL! I wish all oopsies turned out well!

    Olyvia - Thank you so much! It's definitely comfy - a MUST nowadays :)

    Francesca - Thanks so much! I hope my post-pregnancy alterations don't ruin the dress :)

    Annie - Aww, you are always so sweet - thank you doll!

    Lisa - respect the shoes - Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!


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