Friday, January 7, 2011

Night Sky: A Pearl Necklace DIY

Quickie posting - just wanted to drop in and show you my most recent necklace DIY.  This one features charcoal graduated glass pearls, navy satin ribbon, and some silver beads.  The total effect reminds me of the night sky even though that probably sounds a bit cheesy :)

A closer look:

You can see that I'm still on a pearl kick :)  What do you think?  Does it need more of something or less of something?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous necklace! I haven't seen anything like it. Don't change a thing!

  2. I love it! Do you sell your necklaces? I'm interested...

  3. Really gorgeous work!

  4. I love your necklaces, but I don't think I have the patience or the talent to pull off any jewelry. I did make my own sweater clip from a pair of clip on earrings but it was not exactly retail level quality work.

    This is gorgeous, and it does looks like the night sky. I love the dark blue color and I love the twisted/braided effect.

  5. Dear SewPetiteGal:
    I discovered Jean's blog through a friend and since Jean has a blogroll, I have been frequently visiting a lot of other petite blogging sites. Your necklaces are quite nice and this last piece is exquisite :)
    I noticed that you also run an shop and I wanted to give you only one pointer: If you take pictures of your work ON a live person [vs. a mannequin], it sells better and you get more views. promise. Some other ways to draw in etsy "views" is to take an awesome shot of the necklace detail close up. Buyers only see the thumbnails as they peruse the millions of other necklaces being handmade and sold on etsy. So if yours is more interesting, and against a nice crisp background, you'll have higher chances of selling :)

    good luck !!!
    happy new year~

  6. So gorgeous - reminds me of the J. Crew necklace that Cee has. So lovely!!!

  7. I love this necklace. Where do you buy the pearl beads?

    Whenever I go to a craft store and look at the bead selection, I usually become overwhelmed and leave empty handed lol.

  8. I would say this is my favorite one you've done so far!!

  9. Love love love it!! I love the ribbon detailing....just gorgeous!

  10. So pretty!!! So when are you going to start a business already? ;)

  11. Cee - I consider you to be a necklace expert so I'm very touched by your kind words :)

    Sonha - Thanks so much! I do have an Etsy store (link on my sidebar) but I'm pretty bad at keeping it updated. If you are interested in any of the DIY jewelry on the blog - please feel free to shoot me an email and I can get it listed on Etsy.

    Emily Josephine - Thank you dropping by and leaving such kind words!

    Kerry - I remember your sweater clips! It was the 1st post I saw of yours (recommended by PAG). Thank you!!

    Doris - Thank you for the advice! My Etsy store is a little sad right now with 3 offerings. I'll have to wrangle up a live model :)

    Elle - Thanks so much Elle!

    Jen - Thank you! I've been getting the majority of my beads at Michael's. And yes, all of the beads can definitely be daunting! But if you head to the pearls section, it's a much more manageable selection :)

    Ruth Ann - Thank you sweetie :)

    Really Petite - Thank you for the super sweet words!

    Curls-and-Pearls - Thank you so much! I started an Etsy store but have only put 3 things up. I need to do a much better job of listing things :)

  12. This looks similar to some necklaces I've seen at LOFT! You're so crafy, I'd say you're hitting one of your new years resolutions on the spot so far. What does your baby son do when you are crafting?

    Oh..just read Doris' tips. It sounds difficult to be an etsy seller! Good luck to you on your store this year SPG : )

  13. Love your necklace! It's so creative! I wish I was talented like you to make such awesome accessories then I wouldn't spend so much buying them! =)

  14. PAG - Aww, thank you for the compliment and the good luck on the Etsy store! If I'm doing any kind of jewelry, my son is usually next to me playing with his toys. Sewing has to be done during nap times or when hubby has time to watch him. He just LOVES pulling on the thread spools and trying to push on the pedals so we need to keep him away.

    Stylepint - Thank you for the extremely kind words - they mean a lot :)

  15. Could you post the actual DIY. Gorgeous necklace by the way.


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