Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY "Lace" Skirt + OOTD

I actually made this skirt a while ago but never posted pics of it (so note the longer hem length LOL).  This was during the early days of the H&M lace skirt making its way through the blogger community - see it here on:

I really loved how it looked on all of the above ladies but I was feeling rather cheap about actually going out and purchasing it.  On my regular craft stores round, I found a mock lace fabric at Joann's and decided to make a lace-esque pencil skirt.  The fabric is actually a black lace print with a cream background.

Top:  Eyelash Ruffled Satin Tank, XS
Cardigan:  LOFT, Black, XS
Necklace: F21 - I really love their dramatic and super inexpensive necklaces!
Skirt: DIY Mock Lace Pencil Skirt
Shoes:  Ann Taylor, Perfect Suede Pumps, Granite

Here's a close-up of the mock lace fabric:

What do you think about the mock lace?  A do or a don't?


  1. Wow great job! I didn't read the "mock lace" line until after I looked at the photo and assumed it was lace. You coulda fooled me!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Mock lace is a pretty cool fabric! It definitely looks like the real deal.

    I also love the top, it looks wonderful underneath a cardi. :)

  3. I love the mock lace and you did a great job on the pencil skirt. I wish I could bust out a DIY job that turns out at fabulous as yours! =)

  4. Mock lace is such a pretty fabric! I didn't realize it wasn't real lace until the close up! You did a great job! The h&m skirt wasn't for everyone and I love your DIY version just as much! :)

  5. What's mock lace? Is it a lace print rather than lace layered over another fabric? Sorry for being such a n00b! Regardless, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. One of my favorites of yours for sure. The ruffly top and fringe necklace are the perfect styling pieces. Oh! I'm also glad you went with a longer length for this skirt :)

  6. this fabric is beautiful and i like the lavender color. you did a great job creating a very classy pencil skirt!

  7. Mock lace is a DO! Love your DIY project. You did a great job!

  8. Wow!! What a pretty fabric! I love the shade you chose! I love how you styled the outfit. What a great top!

    I cannot believe how many bloggers featured that skirt! How cool!

  9. Oh I love the fabric!!! And the color is so pretty!!! I always love your DIY's!!!!

  10. Actually, I don't mind mock lace sometimes. It looks really cool on a casual teeshirt.

    If I could sew, I wouldn't have bought it either. Great job here!

  11. Love it! Absolutely a win! You are so talented! sob. I wish I was half as good and can take some of my hems in. sob.

  12. Very cute. This looks like a "real" lace skirt. Last winter I made a wrap dress (classic DVF style) using a knit fabric that is turquoise with a white "lace" print on it. Unfortunately the fit is too loose in the bust (I need fabric tape to keep it closed, either that or a C cup) and whenever I try to wear it I think I look like I am wearing a bathrobe. I need to figure out a way to style it so it looks chic and not frumpy.

  13. Jessy - Thank you! Finding the proper lace at local fabric stores can be a little difficult (usually too bridal or too stuffy looking) but I thought this fabric was a fun take :)

    Jen - Thanks Jen! The top was one of my Black Friday $10 finds - I do love a good deal :)

    Stylepint - Thanks so much! I think skirts are one of the easier beginning projects, you should try!

    Elle - Thanks! I think the H&M skirt was gorgeous on you and everyone else but I was just feeling cheap about it :)

    Cee - Aww, thank you! You got it right! Mock lace is a print resembling a lace overlay :)

    Kileen - Thanks so much! I want to see more of your skirt creations!

    A. Li - Thanks so much for the sweet words!

    Michelle - Thank you!! I remembered there was a good amount of coverage on the H&M skirt but when I did a search, even more popped up! But for good reason, it looks beautiful on everybody!

    Annie - Thanks so much!! :)

    Aubrey - Thank you! Ooh, I do have some leftover fabric, I may have to try it as an accent embellishment on a top - thanks for the idea!

    Vicky - Aww, thank you for the kind comment! Maybe try hemming some old clothes for practice? Try unlined items first to reduce complexity.

    Kerry - Thank you! Joann's doesn't have the best lace selection (as I'm sure you know) - they have a tendency to look...old-fashioned? Your dress sounds pretty! What if you layered it with a cami?

  14. I couldn't tell that it was 'mock' lace at all until you showed the close-up pic. I keep wondering how your skirts/dresses would look with a sliiightly higher hem though, but I guess you gotta wear what you're comfortable with :)


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