Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yellow Striped Knit Shift DIY

I'm back (and I always want to add "from outer space" because I'm a dork like that) from my quickie, semi-last minute trip to Hong Kong and am happy to be sleeping in my own bed.  I have quite a few HK travelogue posts in the works so be prepared for future food and shopping posts.  P of Phiphi's blog went on vacation around the same time and I was honored to do a guest post for her.  If you're curious, you can find that here.  :)

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming... I know I've been on a bit of a shift dress roll lately (see equestrian here and leopard here), but I can't seem to help myself.  I love the ease of the silhouette, and of course, the meal forgiveness in the tummy area.  I made this one out of a super soft jersey knit and it is so very comfortable.  Almost like a sleep shirt!

Time:  1 hr - 2nd time using this pattern so I knew what I need to nip and tuck
Pattern:  Butterick 3383.  Lengthened to knee length.  Needed to slim sleeves and body.  Narrowed neckline by 2" (see how here).
Difficulty: Easy - used serger to sew everything except the facing and hems

Striped Knit Shift DIY
Rope Necklace DIY
Coach Station (gifted by the lovely Jean)
Frye Sandals
Michael Kors Tortoiseshell Watch (better view here)

Do you have a favorite dress silhouette?  Please share :)


  1. I like shift dress too but fit and flare dresses fit me better. I'm blown away by what you did!

  2. 1hr?! You are a legend!

    I love it and the colour is amazing in you!

    Caffy Bundana x

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! So pretty, I wish I could knock this dress out in an hour and have it look this good!!!

  4. i love love love this! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Win a pair of Saltwater Sandals!

  5. Oh wow! 1 hour... its like if you have nothing to wear and so you can whip something up by the time someone is getting ready :) Love this and the rope necklace is so cool!

  6. Welcome back, S! Hope you had a great time in HK. Can't wait to read more about your trip. Yellow is such a happy color for Spring. Another lovely DIY =)

  7. Welcome back. Gorgeous dress! Learning to sew jersey on my regular machine is my next task. Thank you for sharing the pattern number, off to purchase from Butterick :-)

  8. Omg u r so quick! That dress would take me hrs to make! I love the yellow - so on trend and great for spring/summer!

  9. Wow 1 hrs, amazing. Welcome back SPG! I can't want to see your Hong Kong posts.

  10. That's a great shift dress! I love the color! And doing it one hour! wow!

  11. Welcome back, S! The good thing about living in the west coast is that flights back to Asia are so much shorter. Just means you can travel more often ;)

    I'm becoming more partial to shift dresses too. They're just so easy to throw on before heading out the door. No fuss. Another variation (?) I'm excited to wear for spring are shirt dresses.

  12. hurray, welcome back S!! thank you so much for guest posting for me while we were away. i hope you had a fantastic time in HK!!

    this dress is genius. you rock!

    xox P

  13. I love the color on you and that rope necklace is everything!!! Super cute, S!!! My favorite silhouette is A-line, though with the belly, everything is empire :).

  14. I've been searching high and low for a good shift dress, but nothing seems to fit properly.. if you have the talent to make one yourself, I say keep on making 'em!

  15. your necklace totally caught my eye. it's such a fun and unique piece!


  16. I love this fabric, and it totally reminds me of a Kate Spade striped skirt I saw awhile ago! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? :)

  17. oh, the weather you must be having! i have not found a shift dress that fits my body. i actually struggle with dresses altogether, i think

  18. Love this dress! You are so fast--I don't think I could unfold a pattern and make any sense of it in an hour (or several hours, really). The shape is very flattering on you, and I love the sunny color. Great job!


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