Sunday, December 11, 2011

Steal: MK Tortoiseshell Watch $60

Right before Thanksgiving, I went to the Fossil Outlet and fell in love with this watch.  I didn't get it at the time and instantly regretted it.  Thankfully, my Aunt lives near the outlet (5 hours away from me) and graciously offered to ship it to me.  I'm so glad she did!

Michael Kors MK4235, Tortoiseshell Print Watch, $60 (orig. $195)

  • Tortoiseshell + gold color scheme allows me to pair this with my growing collection of gold jewelry
  • Big, easy to read face
  • Removing links was a snap and did not require any extra tools (I removed 2 links and it now fits perfectly with just the right amount of space so it's snug yet comfortable)
  • Price - what a steal!
  • The clasp is a bit awkward for me.  I have a hard time putting on and taking off this watch.

Net:  4 pros to 1 con (plus the heartache I felt in leaving it behind - I know, I'm very melodramatic) means it's a keeper!

From what I understand, the sale price stayed the same from pre-Thanksgiving to post-Thanksgiving so if you live near a Fossil outlet and are in the market for a MK watch, go check it out!


  1. So they sell MK watches at the Fossil outlet? That's interesting....

  2. What a great deal! And yeah the clasp is a bit unique but I'm loving it :)

  3. What????? This watch was only $60???? I really like it, the tortoise shell is stunning! So glad your Aunt picked it up for you :)

  4. So glad you ended up getting it in the end :D It's a unique one because of the clasp. I'm sure you'll get used to it :P

  5. LOVE! I am in desperate need of watch. that was so nice of your aunt!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Leesh - Yep! Fossil manufactures / designs many "designer" watches like Burberry, MK, Emporio Armani, Michele so some Fossil outlets (but not my local one) will also sell these brands.

    Elaine - I'm so glad that I finally have a dressier watch now and for such a good price! :)

    Bessie - The outlet we went to was Lighthouse Place in Indiana about an hour east of Chicago if you're interested :)

    Jessy - I hope so! I just need to get less clumsy with it :)

    Chelsea - Thanks! I had been on a watch hunt for quite a while so was glad to find this one. Maybe head to a Fossil outlet to peruse their selection? Hope you find one!

  7. I remember this purchase. Such a great deal! It looks great on you. It's so different than the typical MK ones that we've seen on many petite bloggers - including me =)

  8. I have a much loved watch that I wear all the time - 24/7/365.25. I'm very sentimental about it because it has quite a s Tory behind it. It was the first fancy watch my mom got me and I lost it 6 months later (it was much later found under my bed). I told my BF about it and a few months later he managed to dig out the same watch at the outlets. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me (he remembered months after I mentioned it in passing) so Hell will freeze over before I stop wearing this watch.

    I like the watch you found though I prefer round watches (and not MK- I like the simplicity of Movado better). If I ever get a new watch I would probably go for a warm tortoiseshell and gold tone too- it's way more cheery than silver/black. Also this is a great price for MK - so its a deli nite keeper then :)

  9. P.S- my bun stays on with spit and prayer. I kid- the ason my bun stays on my head is because my hair is very very fine. If I twist it enough it stays put.

  10. I love that watch! It's so sexy and glam... Sharon Stone in Casino.

  11. What a great pick from MK! :) I love Fossil outlets I got my watch there when I went to the US - though it wasn't an MK but I still like their watches plus outlets are always so much more cheaper which I love :)

  12. What a great find!! I've been wanting to get a MK watch but they are quite pricey. Will keep an eye out next time I'm at the outlets!

  13. Great score!! I love how chunky AND feminine it is!

  14. Jealous! I need a Michael Kors watch! I love the tortoise color-and what a steal for $60!


    Erin @

  15. love it!

  16. I love the tortoise-shell watch! It's so pretty, and I can't believe it was inexpensive. I bet this goes with almost every single outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. I'm a new follower, and I have to say that I adore your blog! All your DIYs/solutions are so creative, they inspire me to be the same. :)

    The MK watch is SUCH a bargain, I cannot believe you scored it for so cheap! I'm currently eyeing the 'Small Madison' ('small_madison'_twin_row_crystal_watch:338643&cm_pla=jewelry:women:watch&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=2F2301F4-9925-E011-AB84-001517B1882A) but waiting for it to go on sale is going to be torture!

  18. Awesome watch! I don't usually wear watches because my wrist is so small but this one looks gorgeous!

  19. Love it and that too for an awesome price!

  20. hey, there!
    absolutely a steal. love the tortoise-shell design, and it's something that i'd totally wear myself. great auntie to purchase and send it to you... :)

    enjoy your day!

  21. Great find. I love the look of it. I must be out of it but I did not know fossil sell MK. Have to check it out now.

    Regarding your Vera Wang response, I have to agree that a lot of her piece is interesting and elegant. Yet somehow I never manage to find one that fits my taste. Well except for the one you posted in an earlier post. Maybe I should browse at the store versus online that way I can see it in person.

  22. Truly an amazing find! Looks fabulous on you! What is that gold bangle I see....?

  23. Sydney - Thanks! I now have 2 of these - one in snake print and the other in tortoiseshell, though the tortoiseshell is getting a lot more love right now :)

    Anna - Awww, what a sweet story about your boyfriend! So thoughtful! I used to have a silver Fossil watch with a black face that I loved but after wearing it for years, it stopped working. I used to love how easy the clasp worked to take it off / put it on. I miss it but I do have a weak spot for this color combo.

    Andree / Eugenia / GlamorousGirl - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

    Kat - I love outlet shopping! It appeals to the deal hunter in me :)

    Karen - Thanks! They definitely are! I was amazed at how much these were marked down at the outlet.

    Michelle / Erin / Bonnie / Newpetite / Jasmine / My Mini Bag - Thank you! I've been wearing it all the time now - just love the colors!

    JJ - Thank you for your super sweet comment! I hope you get the MK watch you've been eyeing at a good price!

    Thu - Thanks! You should check out Jean from Extra Petite for her watches / watch reviews. Her wrists are smaller than mine (mine are 5.25") and she's found some great watches - I think MK and Movado.

    Annie - Thanks! Sad to report that the bangle is actually quite large. I make a conscious effort to spread my hand out a little bit to prevent it from falling off.


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