Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Animal Capelet & Toddler-isms

I don't really know how to word this part of the post.  I feel like I have a lot to say without having an eloquent way to convey it.  My heart goes out to everyone in Newtown and Henan.  Our children are our everything - I live, breathe, and look forward to each day because of them.


I spied a leopard Baby Gap capelet last year that I had on my list to purchase for E before she was even born.  When I decided to pull the trigger, it was sold out.  Super thoughtful Cee even sent an early birthday present to E in the form of a gift card for it (thanks again!).  Fast forward one year and I finally put one together.  Though this one is a giraffe print :)

DIY Animal Capelet
Simplicity Pattern 4434 (cut larger because I have a tall bean sprout)
Though I didn't intend to, it also fits me, BUT I am not the type that can pull this off ;)

Trying it on E
I bought her some black leggings for when she actually wears this in public

I'm going to end this post with some toddler-isms from my 3-year old son :)

(Driving to preschool and passing a traffic light)
V: Mom, red is "stop" and green is "go".
Me: What is yellow?
V: Yellow is "keep going."
Me: Yellow is "slow down."
V: No (with a little bit of attitude), yellow is "keep going."
Sigh.  This must be my husband's doing.

(At home)
V: Mom, I want to watch Disney Junior
I mindlessly turn on the TV and flip through until it lands on Disney 
V: That's not Disney Junior, that's Disney XD
The perils of a toddler who can semi-read

(Playing.  V sticks a candy cane in his sleeve)
V: Look Mom, I'm Captain Hook!

These kiddos make me laugh every single day. <3


  1. Your kids are too cute! Love the cape and I love how innocent they are with their answers! My prayers go out to all the families affected by the Connecticut tragedy!

  2. 2-3 seems to be the best age! Mine mutters "good job" every time I don't run the yellow and stop without whiplash-it is. Ha! The cape is adorable! (jealous mom with no girls) ;)

  3. V and E are too adorable. Thank you for sharing their pictures and toddler-isms, they brought a smile to my face.

    I grew up in a sleepy town next to the site of the shooting. My brother's and my youth league soccer teams used to scrimmage near Sandy Hook Elementary so I am still trying to wrap my head around what happened. I am not a parent so I can't even begin to understand how people with children must feel right now. (hugs)

  4. your kids are absolutely hilarious. hold your loved ones close to you heart every single moment. the capelet is perfect on baby E

  5. Ah.. we have a backseat driver too :) Thats a nice cape and I really like the giraffe print. Your little E is super cute!

  6. this is a great cape! i love it on E - V is such a ham too! .. and i know what you mean wholly. xox

  7. You're daughter is so cute and sounds really clever. =) Nice cape.

  8. Ha ha ha, your children are too funny! That cape is absolutely adorable. Ha ha, I would wear it myself!

    xo Jenny

  9. Your babies are too adorable! :)

  10. She's so stylish! I love it! xx :) Hope you're having a good week so far.

  11. This is too cute! I'm sure she will grow up as a stylish lady having you as a mom who dresses her up and makes her dresses! From one mom to another I totally feel the same about the unfortunate incident. I cannot imagine my kids taken away from me and I'm just thankful for each day that I have with them. Prayers to all in Newtown.

  12. Love the cap and the kiddos! Especially the story :) I have similar experiences here. Perhaps we could follow each other?

    XO Lulu

  13. LOL love these stories :) That capelet is adorable and eeks E is the cutest!

  14. Haha, look mom, I'm captain hook! How cute is that! And the cape is adorable. E looks so adorable and super stylish! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. So adorable! E looks precious!


  16. I love the giraffe print and she looks so adorable in it! LOL, captain hook! He's a hoot!


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