Monday, October 25, 2010

Peplum Jacket Sewing Project

Peplum Jacket, DIY
Ann Taylor Floral Front Shell (seen here on AN and here on PAG)
Black Skirt, DIY
Pearl/Ribbon Twisted Necklace, DIY
DKNY Studded Leather Sandals

For this jacket, I used a nice black and white boucle fabric from  I was happy that it was a nice and soft fabric rather than itchy.  It's always a tiny bit nerve-wracking to buy fabric online as I always shop by feeling my fabrics.

I took these photos last week and I think I can already critique a few things.  One, I think maybe I should belt my skirt if I leave the jacket open.  Two, I think this would look better with tights and pumps rather than bare legs and sandals.  Thoughts?  I'm trying to learn from all you fashionistas!  :)

Want to make your own Peplum Jacket?  Check out McCall's Pattern M5936:



  1. Oh wow!! What a fantastic project. You are tres talented!

    I am not browsing that site and all it's lovely boucle fabrics to choose from. Oo lala

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job!

    It looks cute in the pictures, but I think your criticisms will make it look even better!

  3. You seriously are a whiz at the sewing machine *bows down* hehe. I love the fabric you chose to go with this style. It's a perfect match! I agree that given the type of fabric, it probably goes better with 'winter-y' type accessories, like tights or dark hose. I also think a pretty/sparkly brooch on the lapel would look great!

  4. omg that looks so professional sewn together!!great job!! did you take sewing classes? how did you learn how to sew?

  5. Looks terrific! You are so talented, I don't even know what I would do if I had your talent...probably spend my days crafting beautiful masterpieces that I see on the runway. But I can barely reattach buttons so that's all dreaming.

  6. Wow! I can't believe you sewed that jacket yourself. It looks amazing! Among many other things, I've always wished I knew how to sew. You're very talented!

    As for styling, I think the whole outfit is pretty sharp & cute as it is. But perhaps you're right about the pumps. I'm thinking those sandals are a little too casual for such a crisp, professional outfit? I don't think you necessarily need tights unless you live in a cold climate. Also, I think the skirt might benefit if it were tailored to be slightly shorter and tapered for more shape.

  7. You are exactly like me when it comes to fabric - I cannot buy it online because I have to feel it first.

    This looks great. I think it works with both tights and nylons. I would check out the AT website to see how they might style it (check J.Crew as well since they have a boucle jacket in the catalog right now).

  8. PAG - Thank you, that's so sweet of you to say :) Yes, they definitely have some lovely fabrics on the site - I still have 3 more fabrics to turn into something.

    Michelle / Cee - Aww thank you ladies! I'm learning from all of you and will hopefully avoid fashion faux pas completely :)

    Ping - My mom used to be a seamstress and she started teaching me last year. I still have a ways to go on learning to tailor for a perfect fit (I'm more in the adequate fit realm) but thank you for the kind words.

    Elle - Thank you! If I didn't have a great teacher in my mom (and a well-worn seam ripper), I wouldn't be able to do much more than dream of making clothes.

    Cat - Would you be interested in taking classes? I'm heavily considering taking one so I can learn to drape/make clothing without patterns. You are completely right about the sandals, now I just need to find the perfect pumps!

    littlenashua - We definitely think alike! Hubby teases me about "molesting" all the fabrics when I go to Joann's. Good suggestion on AT - thanks!

  9. You have some serious talent. I have been looking for sewing classes to take, but the new state/town I live in must not like doing doing sewing since I cannot find any classes!


  10. This jacket is amazing! It looks so so so cute. Love the fabric!

  11. FashionMeetsFood - There aren't any easy to take sewing classes here (aside from quilting I think), but they do have fashion design at the local university. I'm still trying to figure out if I have to go through the whole application/enrollment to attend one class.

    TinyInTexas - Thank you! I love fall fabrics!

  12. Nice job! I tried ordering tweed fabric online once from Joann's... major FAIL because the material turned out with sparkly metallic threads and novelty looking. Good thing it was on sale so I only wasted ~$4 on it.

  13. I love to sew but my stuff never turns out this professional. Another beautiful piece of work!

  14. PXXS - One fabric I ordered online was supposed to be 100% silk tweed so I was really expecting it to be really, well, "silky" - it actually feels like a scratchy wool :(

    Aubrey - Yay for a fellow sewing gal! Thank you for kind words!


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