Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cardi Clips DIY a la Emma from GLEE

Cardi clips!

Short blurb today (just got back from a wedding) - I was looking for the clothes from GLEE and came across this tutorial to create your own Emma-esque cardi clips and it was super easy too!  I just needed clip-on earrings, chain, 2 jump rings and some jewelry pliers!

Here are Emma's:

So cute! :)


  1. That's kind of neat! I would be scared to cut up a sweater like that, but if one of my sweaters shrink too much in the wash, I could turn it into a shrunken cardigan! Thanks for the link :)

  2. Wow, she cut up her sweater vs. just using a cardigan?

    Have you seen Stylepint's or Kerry's blog? Stylepint did a tutorial a while back ( and Kerry made a clip too (

  3. Yah, wow I would think to just use a cardigan! Really cute though.

  4. PetiteXXS, PAG, C&P - Thanks ladies! I have yet to feel confident enough in my sewing skills to refashion an existing sweater into a cardi, but kudos to her! I just wanted sparkly cardi clips :)

    PAG - Thanks for the links! I love the pearls and owls that Stylepint did and Kerry's blog is a good read :)

  5. You're very talented. I love all your DIYs. I am thinking about doing the LOFT ruffles sweater but I am afraid it's going to fail.

  6. What a good DIY. I love cardi-clips and it's cool to see different ways people them! =)

  7. Thanks PetiteLittleGirl - don't be afraid to fail! Just attach the ruffles with a few stitches and if you don't like it, you can always take them out and your cardi will be the same as before :)

    Thanks Stylepint - I love your owl / pearl cardi clips!

  8. so i just started watching GLEE...well now i'm up to date...but after seeing Emma wear cardi clips, i totally want one too! I dont care if ppl say it's a bit librarian/old lady.

  9. I love Emma from Glee! Though I haven't been DVRing new episodes. Anyways, cute clips!


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