Sunday, June 16, 2013

J. Crew Factory Finds and Weekend Eats

J. Crew Factory has been running 50% off their entire store quite a few times this year and it never fails to lure me in.  I'm thankful that it's relatively close so that I could sneak in during lunch on Friday (tried going on a Saturday before and all the sizes I wanted were wiped out).

Tailored Boy Blazer in Linen, White, Sz 0, $70 after in-store discount (here)
5" Printed Broken-In Chino Shorts, Red Nautical, Sz 4, $26 after in-store discount (here)

I'm a little particular about blazers.  I need them to look good both buttoned and unbuttoned.  It seems like many retailers provide a blazer that meets one of those needs, but not the other (honestly, I think it's because I'm don't fill out the chest area very well).  Thankfully, J. Crew Schoolboy blazers and the above Factory Boy Blazer (fit similarly) work well for my body type.  I also appreciate the 2-button closure since the 1-button variety tends to look floppy in the chest for me.  I wish JCF would quit scrunching the sleeves, it makes for some extra ironing when I get home.

True to the "broken-in" moniker, the chino shorts were very soft and comfortable against my skin.  I thought the print was also adorable.  The thing that made me hesitate was the length.  I think I typically wear 3" inseam shorts and the 5" seemed a tiny bit frumpy on me?  I cuffed it in the picture on the right, but then some of the wrong side of the fabric would show.  I wonder if there are 4" shorts out there?  Perhaps a DIY to tackle?  My usual size 4 fit comfortably and sits low right above my hip bone with just a little bit of extra room for lunch ease.  
Verdicts:  Yes to the blazer and no to the shorts.  I would recommend these shorts to taller ladies though.

Cora Dress in Festival Green, 0, $30 after discount, (here)
I tried this dress in a size 2 (reviewed here) not too long ago and found that it was a little too big, so I was rather pleased to see that a 0 had popped back onto the clearance racks.  The smaller size fit better at the waist and chest making me look less rectangular in shape.  
Verdict: Though I try not to buy items I can sew myself, I do tend to cave when it's something at a good price / fit / quality like this.  It saves me some time in trying to recreate it!

After using my gift card,  I took both items home for $57.  Not bad for a blazer AND dress!

On to our weekend dining:

Clam Chowder at Hog Island Oysters (originally found this restaurant via Ping!)
Loaded with clams and veggies, this savory treat is the best tasting clam chowder I've had to date.  

Grilled Cheese
This is another "best" in my book.  A grown-up grilled cheese for the foodie.

More details about each item from their menu:

If you are a chowder fan, I'd highly recommend checking out HIO.  They have a location in SF (Ferry Building) and in Napa.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

P.S. A note about shoes - I typically wear one pair of sandals on the weekends (not the ones above) that provide me the look of a heel (~3") while being comfortable enough to walk all day and sprint after the children when needed.  They are quite old and I still wear them very regularly even though I know most of you hate them.  I'm quite fond of them for being workhorse shoes that have maintained their quality and fit for over a decade, but also know that I will need replacements at some point.  If you've run across a sandal with height and comfort for walking all day / a little running, I would be grateful for your suggestion (looking for a neutral like brown or black).  Thanks in advance :)


  1. i feel the same way about buying stuff you can make, but i agree sometimes it's just easier to buy it and it's more fun when someone else makes it for you. lol! glad u went back to hog island, i haven't been since the time we went. wish it wasn't so out of the way!

    1. Oh I know! It's so far from the Richmond / Sunset area that we typically do our shopping.

  2. I LOVE HOG ISLAND'S CLAM CHOWDER! And their oysters with the special dipping sauce. So, so good.

    It's funny you think 5" shorts look frumpy on you. I recently bought 4" versions and think they're great, but would like to try 3" sometime to compare.

    1. Ooh, will have to try the oysters with sauce next time! Good to know about the 4" - I think that'd be the best length for me. :)

  3. Glad your shopping trip was a success. That grilled cheese looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The food pics that you and Ping took look so much yummier :)

  4. Both your purchases look great on you! You always find the best eats which I love, because I can use your posts as an unofficial food city guide :)

  5. Yay for a lovely white blazer for summer that fits your criteria. The food looks scrumptious!

  6. The 0 Cora looks great on you !! I think that's the most amazing grilled cheese I've ever seen.


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