Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Walk on the Wild Side: Animal Print Top Project

Now I've never been one to sport the animal print look but I've been inspired by bloggers like Ping, Curls-And-PearlsExtraPetite, and LittleNashua (just to name a few) so when I saw this leopard-esque printed fabric at Joann's of all places, I had to get it.  You may recognize this silhouette from my LOFT fitting room review here as similar to the Bow V-neck Top.  Though I think the bow gets a little lost in the print, I love that it peeks out when wearing a cardi or blazer.

 The bow

And with a cardi and black pencil skirt.  I think I'll pair a black cardi and khakis next time for more of a contrast on top.

Thoughts?  Are you pro or anti-animal print?


  1. WOW - you know how I feel about animal prints - not so much for me so I only have those 2 items, but they way you wear that shirt could seriously convert me! You did an amazing job with this one and I LOVE seeing it on you!

  2. i love the color of that shirt! it's really cute and i love the bow. as always, you did any amazing job!

  3. I love animal print! I think it's classic. Great job with this top! It's really cute and I think it will look awesome with a black cardigan too.

    Did you use a commercial pattern or make your own?

    By the way, I think I am finally read to start taking more photos to resurrect my blog. Thanks for the link - that I have people's attention I will get some posts up tonight.

  5. This may just be my favorite piece you've made yet! I LOVE this print!! I'm not really a fan of true animal prints, but this subtle version is exactly the kind I like. You look great with it paired with the sweater and skirt!

  6. The top looks great and I really like the subtle animal print. I can definitely see this selling in AT or LOFT! I think personally I would probably prefer the bow to be a little smaller/shorter, but overall you did such an amazing job!

  7. C&P - Thanks for the sweet words! I honestly have never considered animal print for myself until I saw it on all you lovely ladies :)

    Ping, TinyInTexas - Thanks so much! This print/color seriously just begged me to buy it :D

    LittleNashua - So looking forward to your posts! This was a modification of New Look Pattern 6785 View A. You should check out your local Joann's for the fabric - it's a nice peachskin material so it has some weight to it. 50% off silky fabrics this week too!

    Cee - Aww, thanks so much! I was drawn in by the more abstract nature of the print since I'm also a little shy with animal prints :)

  8. I think you should open up an etsy shop...I would for sure love to own some of your pieces :)

  9. PetiteXXS - Thank you! Now that you mention it, the bow does seem a little big. I originally took the bow length from the Bow V-Neck top but that was a thinner chiffon material versus this thicker peachskin. I'm planning on doing another of these in a different color/print so I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind!

    TinyInTexas - You are just so sweet! I'm definitely considering it :)

  10. I still can't get over how talented you are! Are you planning on selling your items?

  11. Really Petite - Aww thanks, that's so nice of you! I'm thinking a little about selling, but want to make sure that the quality is up to par. One idea is to do a custom skirt giveaway based on the winner's measurements and see how they like/dislike it.


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