Friday, October 1, 2010

Twisted Pearl Necklace DIY Tutorial

I have an obsession for pearls and absolutely LOVE any kind of dramatic neckpiece.  I just feel like it livens up any outfit and really adds some visual interest.  For this particular piece, I was inspired by a rope twisted necklace that I didn't really think was "me", but wanted to "girlify" a necklace using a similar twisting concept.

Instructions after the jump...

What you need / what I used:
  • 2 packages of ~190 glass pearl beads, 6 mm, matching or coordinating colors (I chose pale rose and gold)
  • Invisible Nylon thread.  Ordinarily, I believe you are supposed to use silk, but I shy away from beading needles (too floppy) and have been using a regular sewing needle which ultimately limits the thickness of whatever I'm threading with.
  • Crimp tubes,  jump rings, a closure, headpins, and jewelry plier tools.
Glass Pearls from Michael's

Needle and Nylon thread

Split each package of pearls into 2 even groups and string each (2 packages of 2 groups each = 4 strings of pearls).  Knot your thread and add a crimp tube to prevent the pearls from sliding off the thread.

Once I finished stringing, I added a head pin to the ends of each strand. 

Loop the ends of your headpins.  Here's an instructional video if needed.

Intersect your pearls with 2 strands on each side.

Attach your strands to a jump ring on each side.  Then add your closures.  I used a lobster closure here.

Twist your necklace as you like it and voila!


  1. i <3 <3 that! you are like the jack of all trades. you know how to sew and make jewelry....i envy you!

  2. Wow this looks great! You are so creative!

  3. I thought you just twisted some pearl strands together but you actually made everything from scratch! Very pretty :)

  4. Aw Ping, that is just so sweet! If you have interest, you should give jewelry making a shot!

    Jess, curls-and-pearls, PetiteXXS - Thanks so much! I'm so happy that I found this petite community and all of your blogs to share reviews and inspire one another :)

  5. Your necklace is gorgeous. You are truly talented. I wish I could make jewelry but that is one area I have never even thought about trying.

  6. Thank you Nelah! You should give it a try - I was surprised with how smoothly and logically all the pieces fall together :)

  7. I love your creations, every one of them is beautiful! I especially love the tops you make. Would you ever consider taking orders and selling?

  8. Thank you Anonymous! I am thinking about maybe doing the jewelry (since you don't have to worry about fit) at some point. I really appreciate your kind words!

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