Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nautical OOTD and DIY Beaded Pin

Right:  DIY Beaded Pin + Boat Neck Striped Tee from Old Navy, Sz XS, now $8, Ann Taylor Khaki Trousers, Sz 2, Banana Republic necklace

When I saw the tee above in the Neiman Marcus I HAD to try and recreate it.  It combines everything that I love - nautical stripes, epaulet, and beading!  I already had a striped tee in my closet so I set off to create a pin to go with it.

 What do you think about pin placement?  I think it looks better on top of the shoulder except that the edges don't lay flat there.

Here's the pin by itself - DIY tutorial to follow!

 These AT trousers run very large.  I usually wear a Sz 4 in pants but these are Sz 2 and are still a little roomy.  Nonetheless, the material is very soft and I like the semi-wide leg cut.  Plus they were on sale for $20!  :)


  1. The pin is such a great lookalike. I actually like how you placed it in the first pic (next to the model's) because the edges stick out when you place it on top. Have you tried placing it like the model so it sort of hangs down your arm? I'm not sure how bendable your pin is to do that. I bet you'll be getting lots of uses out of this!

  2. I love your DIY projects, they all look so professionally done. I agree with Cee that it looks really versatile. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  3. So cute! I love that striped top. I am a huge fan of the nautical look, and that pin is very pretty with the top.

  4. yay! I'm so happy to have found you! I have a smaller top and bigger bottom too! It's great to see more of me!

  5. Super cute! I've been thinking about adding some nautical stripes to my closet but haven't found the right ones yet. I really like the pin, especially placed a little lower like a brooch.

  6. I thought that was the LOFT stripe top at first! :) Can't believe you made that pin... it looks so complicated!

  7. I haven't blogged about it yet but I also recently acquired a nautical stripes top, and I wear a pin with mine too (although I did not make my pin, but I did alter the top to fit better because it was originally too big).

    Cute look!

  8. Cee - Thanks! I agree, I think it looks better in the first pic because of the edges. I think I'd have to place a few stitches to secure it if I wanted it to lay flat which is also doable.

    Elle - Thanks so much - you are so sweet!

    TinyInTexas - Yay for another nautical fan! :)

    CurvyPetite - Thanks for checking out the blog! I'm glad to have found your blog too and am looking forward to your future posts!

    AN - I think you would look absolutely fabulous in a nautical look!

    PXXS - The pin was actually pretty easy but time consuming to hand-sew each bead. You'll see when the tutorial comes out :)

    littlenashua - Ooh - I'd love to see how you wear your striped top!


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