Saturday, October 9, 2010

Supersized Edition of Fitting Rooms Reviews!

Columbus Day weekend - seeing as how any holiday is ripe with sales, how could I NOT go to the mall(s) today?!  We hit the outlet mall first to visit Banana Republic and the new LOFT outlet.  Then headed off to the regular LOFT to check out the extra 40% off sale items.

I tried on and documented what seemed like a thousand different items so get ready for pictures galore!  :)

First, the LOFT outlet store.  Since I'm sure you've seen the bevy of LOFT related posts, you can imagine how excited I was to find out there was a LOFT outlet semi-close.  We'll start with today's OOTD (86 degrees F today!):

Dress: H&M, XS
Necklace: DIY Paisley Ruffle
Shoes: My oldest (~14 years!) and comfiest wedge sandals.  
I can't even tell what brand they are anymore.

Fitting room reviews after the jump...

LOFT Outlet, Wine colored petal cardigan, $18, XS
This fits pretty true-to-size and I rather liked the color.  It's a little similar to the LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan but the material is a little stiffer and thicker.
Verdict: Buy

LOFT Outlet Ruffle Top,  $26 (I think), XS
The shoulders fit perfectly but the torso was too loose.  I really wish it had at least tapered the top a little to give it an overall slimming effect, but oh well on to the next item!
Verdict: No go

On to Banana Republic Factory Store...
BR Factory, Belted Tweed Skirt, Sz 2P, $59
This fit pretty well and I like the material but I felt like $59 was a bit steep.  I'll keep an eye out for it at a future sale.
Verdict: Not right now

BR Factory, Shawl Collar Navy/Gray Striped Sweater, XS, $32
Did I mention I love stripes and anything remotely resembling a nautical look?  This fit pretty well, it was a tad loose at the top but I'm not as picky about this since I know I'll be wearing winter layers with it.
Verdict: Buy

BR Factory, Check Peplum Jacket, Sz 0, $65
This fit well in the waist but the bust was very baggy for me and didn't look very flattering.
Verdict: No 

 BR Factory, Gray Cardigan, XS, $24
I really liked this cardigan and its detailing but there are so many gray cardigans  hanging in my closet already.  Since there wasn't another color I wanted (other colors included Wine, Black, Smoky Blue, Light Blue - I think), this went back to the rack.  I may kick myself later for this.
Verdict: Pass, but kinda regretting it

The last stop of the day was the regular LOFT store.

LOFT, XSP, $18 
If you remember, I tried on this top here in regular XS but the armholes were too large and the material was see-through.  The XSP above fit much better and I almost said "yes," but I already had the LOFT Flutter Sleeve top in this same exact color.
Verdict: No for now

LOFT, Bow V-Neck Top, XS, $21
I love this!  It has a slim enough silhouette and I love the gold shimmers underneath the chiffon layer.  It's a tad on the low-cut side, but I can alter the straps or wear a cami under it (like I do here).
Verdict:  Buy

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this jacket.  It's slim fitting and cinches in very nicely at the waist.  Most importantly, from what I could tell, this looked good from every angle - front, side, back.
Verdict: Buy, buy, buy!

LOFT Sequin Shell, Silver, XSP, $21
This looked gorgeous on the hanger and horrible on me.  It seemed to give a ballooned out torso effect - extremely unflattering. 
Verdict: Big fat no

I feel pretty good about today's purchases.  I was a little more controlled with the buying this time around so I'm giving myself a tiny pat on the back.  :)

How about you?  Are you hitting the Columbus Day sales?


  1. Thanks for the fitting room reviews, I really liked the military styled jacket you got, it looks great on you. I haven't been out shopping this weekend (YET) but have been doing some online shopping.

  2. Those are great finds! I am so jealous. I haven't had a chance to hit the mall today. My husband and I spend 4 hours at the dealership today and I was super tired. Although, hubby did buy a new car :) The jacket looks and fits pretty awesome on you. I live in Columbus so I should take advantage of Columbus day sales right?

  3. Great reviews! That military jacket is my favorite, the fit is amazing on you.

  4. oh wow! you ended up buying a lot of stuff!!! my faves are: the nautical sweater, the grey cardi (too bad you passed on it :P -- i thought it looked really cute!), the bow v-neck (i think that would be a great layering piece) & the military jacket. i went shopping today too. i ended up getting nothing and normally i buy something from every store! oh well...good for the wallet right?!

  5. My fave is the BR cardigan but in light blue. I found an XXSP last time at the outlets but it was FULL price! I would've definitely gotten it for that price : )

  6. Elle - Looking forward to see your online purchases! Will you be reviewing them?

    PLG - Yay for your hubby getting a new car :) Have you taken advantage of the sales this weekend?

    C&P - Thanks doll!

    Ping - Yes, definitely good for the wallet! I typically only go to a handful of stores but usually leave with several items from each. Holding back at BR really did take some doing LOL.

    PAG - I'm contemplating going back tomorrow and getting the BR cardi in Wine (and returning the LOFT wine cardi)... Hmm... Wish all of life's decisions were this much fun!

  7. Sounds like you had some good scores this weekend! I didn't do any shopping this weekend so I guess I missed out. =)

  8. The military jacket looked terrible on me, boxy and shapeless... but it looks amazing on you! I really like the bow v-neck top as well. I wish I had a LOFT/BR outlet stores near me, but then again it might be too much for my wallet :P

  9. Ooh I love the military jacket and the BR cardigan- very pretty and look great on you!

  10. Stylepint - At least the wallet was safe for you :)

    PetiteXXS - Thanks! I try not to visit the outlet too often as I REALLY get sucked in to anything that I perceive as a deal :D

    TinyInTexas - Thanks for the sweet comment!


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