Friday, May 13, 2011

Sewing a Polka Dot Dress a la Michael Kors

Yay - Blogger is back!  I never knew I was so Blogger dependent until I realized I couldn't comment or post anything!

Today's sewing project marks my first foray into Designer patterns via Vogue.   Specifically, this one is from Michael Kors, pattern V1179.  I cut out a Size 6 which is supposed to equate to a 30.5" bust, 23" waist, and 32.5" hip.  Very obviously, I am no longer this size but based upon the description that this is a "very loose-fitting, pullover dress" added to the fact that the fabric is a knit, I figured it would be OK and it was!  :)

I'm rather curious how this will look post pregnancy and am wondering if this would look nice with a belt.  I might have to play dress-up with my dress form later on!

In other news, found out that I have gestational diabetes again so am on a restricted diet.  The good thing is that my belly will continue to get big but the rest of me won't :P

Dress:  DIY Polka Dots
Bag:  "Charlotte" worn as shoulder bag rather than cross-body (I love the versatility of her chain strap!)
Shoes:  indigo by Clarks, Finch (buy here - SUPER COMFY)


  1. I know! I can't believe blogger was down for sooo long! Certainly a wake up call for me :P

    You look ADORABLE! And that purse is so drool worthy too! Have a great weekend SPG! :)

  2. by any chance, did you see Rachel Zoe's push present?

  3. what a beautiful polka-dot dress!! and it's so perfect with the purse. i definitely hope you can still wear this post-pregnancy. it too pretty!

    cute & little

  4. You seriously are amazing!!! This DiY dress is so cute.. It doesn't look like a DiY job I would have thought you bought this at a major department store! Omgosh I seriously can't get over how cute the big Polk dots are!!! Hehe

    Yikes.. That means no more sweets for you that is sad I dream of getting pregnant so i can eat whatever I want. Well.. To be fair I do eat whatever I want but I want to be able to eat whatever I want with total abandon and then when total strangers look at me with disgust at all of the food in front of me im gonna yell "what?! I'm pregnant!!" bahaha

    Ugh stupid blogger I actually already revealed my prada yesterday.. But blogger took it away and I just replayed it but all my comments are gone!

  5. very cute! it fits you nicely!


  6. Oooh this is such a cute dress! Charlotte is the perfect complement to this dress. And it goes without saying that you look fabulous in your pregnant state :) A belt would definitely define your shape more post-pregnancy, or perhaps even tucking this dress into a skirt (that always seem to be my go-to, haha)?

  7. you should tutorials for a lot of your diy's. =)

  8. This is an outreagously beautiful maternity outfit!

  9. The dress is so cute! Great job. And might I add that you look better and better with each post :D

  10. i loooove your bag! and yes, i love the versatility of the strap! and your dress is equally beautiful! :D

    <3, Mimi

  11. This looks great!
    And I didn't really know how much I missed blogger either. It surprised me!

  12. Love your baby belly! The dress fits lovely.

    I also loveee your Chanel bag. :)

  13. Elaine - Aww, thank you dear! I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

    AubreyOhDang - I googled it after I saw your comment - HOLY MOLY! That is QUITE the push present!

    Kileen - Thanks Kileen! I hope it will work out post pregnancy too - I love how much the print pops :)

    Lisa - You are ever so sweet! Thank you! I'm sad about the sweets and carbs too! Being Asian, my primary food consists of rice and/or noodles and now neither can be eaten :( Oh well, it's temporary and now I gorge myself on fattening fun stuff - think bacon, burger meat, and buttery things hehe. I looked at your reveal earlier today - such a hot pair of shoes - can't wait to see you debut them in an OOTD!

    Carrie - Thanks so much! :)

    Cee - Aww, thanks so much! I didn't even think about the tucking! I'm going to try that with some dresses that are too short from the belly and see how that looks now :)

    Mae - Hello and thanks for stopping by! For most things made from scratch, I'll typically do a tutorial. This one is a commercial pattern so it comes with instructions :) The pattern is Vogue Michael Kors V1179.

    Francesca - Thank you! It's nice and comfy :)

    Caroline - Thank you! I just fell in love with the large print :)

    Jessy - Aww, you are too kind! Thank you so much :)

    Mimi - Thank you! I so love this bag - the strap and size are just perfect for me :)

    Aki - Thank you! I didn't anticipate missing Blogger so much either, but I'm glad everything is back to normal!

    Jen - Hi Jen! Thank you doll :) Bal and Chanel = big weaknesses LOL.


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