Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paisley Dress DIY

I found this gorgeous coral, red, and olive paisley sheer fabric at Joann's and decided to do a high-necked dress with it.  I was thinking halter at first but then decided against it - too much exposed skin (would like to wear this to work)!  Once again, the hem is a bit longer to help me transition throughout the pregnancy.  Can you believe I'm almost halfway through the pregnancy?!?  Another Preggy Chronicles post soon :)

Dress: DIY High Necked Paisley Dress (lined)
Belt:  LOFT Double Wrap Belt, XS with an extra hole punched
Necklace:  Long Strand of Freshwater Pearls (buy here eBay $10.99)
Shoes:  Frye Joy Vintage Slide (buy here)
Bag:  Piano Tote

A closer look at the paisley print.  I also love how this belt matches the bag vachetta so well :)


  1. Gah! You're so good at finding pretty fabrics at Jo-ann's. I just went there last weekend and no such luck. I'm trying fabric.com and I can see why you didn't like them so much--a lot of the "suiting" fabric I'm getting from them feels like upholstery fabric, yuck. Thank goodness for their free return shipping.

    You look AWESOME as usual! I admire your ability to wear bold prints in a sophisticated manner. How do you survive in heels while pregnant?

  2. So gorgeous! and YES the belt matches the bag perfectly!

    Again, so talented - oh and I echo Cat in Calico's Q - heels while pregnant?!? I admire you!

  3. Already halfway through your pregnancy? Time sure does fly. Lovely DIY as always; I hope you get many wears out of it before the baby is born... or unless you already have ideas in mind to transform this into a post-pregnancy clothing item?

  4. Cat - Thank you! I have 2 Joann's stores in my vicinity that seem to mostly cater to older quilting types of customers so they wind up with a pretty decent selection of apparel fabrics even when it goes through to clearance. You can't really find anything specific there but if you keep an open mind you can usually find something! Fabric.com was disappointing - I ordered a 100% silk fabric and it was SO scratchy - bleah. And LOL about the heels - those are just for the pictures. I'll wear wedges or platforms but not a skinny heel of any sort. Gotta stay stable! :)

    Elaine - Aww, thank you sweetie! These heels (and particularly pumps in general) are just for the pics. I usually wear big thick heels for stability or flats.

    Cee - I know! Time really has flown! Post pregnancy, all this really needs is some hemming and possibly some slimming in the torso :)

  5. You're such a DIY goddess. Everything you make looks great.

  6. omg you are so crazy talented!! i can't believe you actually made this dress!!

    i also can't believe how big your bellys gotten!! OMG SO CUTE!!! hahaha.

    your belt really does look like LV's handles hahahaha.

  7. That is a gorgeous print!! Great neckline and length!

    I cannot believe that you are halfway through! Congrats!!

  8. Aki - Aww, you are so sweet - thank you so much!

    Lisa - Thank you doll! I know, right? Just wait, I haven't even entered the 3rd trimester yet ;)

    Michelle - Thank you so much! We're so excited that we are halfway! Several months more and we'll have a new baby to hold and dote upon :)


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