Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amrita Singh STEALS Thanks to Kileen

As part of my morning routine, I like to check out y'all's blogs on my phone to help me wake up.  But man alive, nothing made me pop out of bed faster than Kileen's announcement that there was a killer Amrita Singh sale @ (Either go through Kileen's site or click here for my referral link).  I have been seriously envious (haha, get it?  OK, I think I'm witty again - must be the sale high) over all the beautiful AS pieces other ladies have scored from the sample sale in April and was sad that I missed it all.  

Here's what I ordered (all prices in CAD):

Shelter Island Earrings, $20 (orig. $120) each

Water Mill Necklace, $23 (orig. $300)

Newlight Ring, $13 (orig. $120) each

Shipping was $16.99 and as I stated earlier, all prices are in Canadian.  I'm not sure what the current CAD to USD exchange rate is, but if you have a Capital One card, you don't have to pay the foreign transaction fee.

Happy shopping!  Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!


  1. I am totally in love with these things especially the red ring.
    Hope the ship to Italy as well

  2. GREAT picks for your first foray into AS. The rings will match beautifully with your H&M turquoise bubble necklace. Have a great weekend, SPG!

  3. Metal jewelry isn't my thing, but can't wait until you get these items and wear them!

  4. Ahhhh love the shelter island earrings!! They turquoise and the red coral are going to look so gorgeous with your wardrobe :)

  5. AS is definitely one of my favorite lines of jewelry. I love all pieces that you ordered. I can't wait to see you model them. I am so excited that we have super nice weather this weekend.

  6. Francesca - Aw, I think they only ship to Canada and USA :(

    Cee - Thank you! I'm so excited to receive these! I hope you had a great weekend too!

    Aki - Oh yes, I remember you have a metal allergy! Is it all metals or certain ones? I myself have sensitive ears so wear primarily silver or gold posts.

    Lisa - Thank you dear! I can't wait to debut them in future OOTDs!

    Sydney - Thank you! Did you have a good weekend? It was a rare one filled with sunshine although the heat was a bit much for pregnant me :P


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