Monday, May 9, 2011

And We're Having a...


So I have to admit that I've been collecting Baby Girl items for an eternity (even before I was pregnant with my son).  And though I very badly wanted a girl, I was expecting another boy this time around because this pregnancy is SO similar to my 1st.  I gasped and started crying as soon as the ultrasound tech told me the news.  I cannot wait to start buying little headbands, bows, and outfits!!  Plus, now we can sew matching Mommy - Daughter ensembles (she won't even know to be embarrassed by that until way later LOL)!

Baby girl items I've already amassed - some CK dresses, a RL dress, and Burberry tights (cause Momma loves Burberry).

And the Guess Baby's Gender GIVEAWAY winner is CEE!  Congrats!!

I had 32 comments and 20 of them guessed GIRL.  You all must be psychic :D

And finally, (sheesh this is a jam-packed post) here's a photo of me on Mother's Day with my little guy and little gal :)
Note the cut off legs - this is a hubby photography trademark LOL.
Dress: DIY Cowl Neck 
Cardigan:  J. Crew Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan, Gold, XS
Necklace:  H&M Turquoise Statement Necklace
Bag:  Prada Nylon Messenger


  1. CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting. And I love your dress, too!

  2. Congratulations! :) A girl and a boy is perfect, imo. Your son is soo adorable! He has the perfect tinted cheeks!

  3. Congratulations! Omg, the Burberry tights <3. Hehe, I love your little boy's hair!

  4. Ahh! Thank you! :) When do I have to make a decision by?

    The little girls' clothes are SO CUTE! And I can't wait until you start sewing DIY projects for the little one. Did you ever do that with your son? Speaking of your son, he has grown so much! And what a fashionable toddler he is now, with the popped collar and spiky hair ;)

  5. Hahahaa, so we were all on the right track. Love the faux hawk on your son. Adorable! :P

  6. Congratulations!! I'm so happy you finally have your little baby girl on her way! :D

  7. Yay I was right!!!! And congrats to Cee - she's on a winning streak I believe :)

    Your son is soooo cute, he's going to make an awesome big brother :)

  8. Congratulations on the baby girl! I think it'd be so much fun for a fashionista to dress a future fashionista. :)

  9. congratulations SPG! How exciting for you & your family; I just can't wait for the matching outfit posts.

    And congrats to Cee too. I'm green with envy right now lol :P

  10. Aww!! Congrats!! And congrats to Cee, as well! :p

    Your boy is too cute! Do all the ladies just love him?!

  11. Omgosh so many things for me to say abut this post!

    1. Congrats congrats congrats!!! That must be so exciting I dream of one day having a girl too so i can dress her up in the frilliest girliest outfits and pass down my beloved bags and jewelry to her one day!!

    2. OMG how freaking adorable is your son?!?! Omg he has the cutest ruddy cheeks ever and hello how rockin is his hair?!

    3. Omg I use to have the same prada messenger in black years ago.. But I'm seriously gaga over yours the color is to die for!!! It is so pretty!!!

  12. I think your son is just going to grow up to be such a hottie. why is he so cute already?!

    Im so happy for you & your family to welcome this new baby girl into your lives. Here's to your miracle!

  13. Your son is sooooo cute....look at those cheeks. Gahhh you are making my biological clock tick faster than it normally does...cute babies make me want to get married and have kids (against my better judgment).

    And a little girl. :) Now you HAVE to collect a ton of Chanel in the name of passing them onto her. We have two kids in my family too (me and my older mom said it's the perfect combo...she's obvi biased). :)

  14. awww, now you have a boy and a girl, how awesome!!! congratulations! :D

    <3, Mimi

  15. YOUR SON IS ADORABLE! Your daughter will definitely be a stunner too. : ) Congrats on having a boy AND a girl! That's what most parents want!!! You're very lucky : )

  16. Oh, my your son is super cute and how cute is his hair do!

  17. congratulations!!!!!

    i love red + yellow + turquoise together. i love that striped dress you have on with that necklace, too!

    caroline - pictures & words

  18. Congrats!! I'm so excited for you!!

    One of my friends buys matching Uggs for her daughter each year to match her! You and your daughter are going to look great in mommy and daughter outfits!

    Your son is adorable!! I'm in love!! I want to pinch his cheeks!!!


  19. Awww. That little boy is a big brother! That's incredibly cute.

    My Virtual Child Program does end when the child is 18.

  20. Woo hoo!! A girl!!! Congrats!! One day, we'd like to try for #2.. but our 3 year old DS is a handful so it makes us want to wait. lol.

    Your little DS is SO CUTE!

    and Congrats to Cee! I'm glad she won because she will find creative ways to incorporate it into her cool outfits. So I'm def looking forward to that. :)

  21. OMG yaaaaaaaaaay! A girl! Will she be a mini SPG? LOL HUGE congrats and what a cute picture and your dress is adorable!

  22. Yay! My food-craving theory works again! a Girl! Congrats! Your little guy is seriously the cutest kid ever! Can't wait to see your mommy-daugther matching ensembles!

  23. Laura - Thanks so much! We are sooo super excited right now and are still on a bit of a high from the news :D

    Bee - Aww, thank you! He almost always has rosy cheeks - he just runs around like crazy :)

    Cat - Thank you!! Haha, his daddy loves to spike his hair so he looks "cool" :D

    Cee - Working on your necklace this weekend :) My son has a few pairs of DIY overalls in a blue gingham but he has long since outgrown them. He grows soooo FAST and always tops the chart in height when we visit the pediatrician :)

    Jarucha - Yep, you definitely read the gender right! :) Being the squirmer that he is, you'd think he'd scramble away from getting his hair done, but he actually likes it :D

    Kelly - Thank you so much! So many baby clothes to indulge in now (prior to my son's birth, I had his closet stocked up with newborn to age 7) :D

    Elaine - Aww, thanks so much! He definitely has an interest in other kids so I hope he learns to love and protect his little sister :)

  24. Hurricanekerrie - Thank you! I am sooooo very excited to dress her and do her hair! It's been ages since I've played dress-up LOL!

    Sunshine - Thank you doll! Me either :)

    Michelle - Thank you!! People do tend to fuss over him. He just LOVES saying "hewwo" (hello) and "bye" to everyone :)

    Lisa - Thank you!! You are too cute and sweet! Your little girl will be best dressed for sure! Don't you love the photos of little kids wearing their mom's bags? I cannot WAIT to do that! And isn't the durability of Prada's nylon great? Such a perfect bang-around type of bag!

    AubreyOhDang - Oh my goodness, you are too funny! Thank you so much!

    Elle - Thank you!! I so love kissing on his little cheeks everyday. It makes every little bit of stress just melt away! LOL about your biological clock - when you're ready to have kids, they are going to be so well-dressed and CUTE!

    Mimi - Thank you! We are so very blessed to have one of each!

    Jessy - Thank you so much! We definitely hoped to have a boy and girl and are so lucky! :)

    Swanprincess - Aww, thank you!!!

    Caroline - Thanks so much! I'm such a big stripes person and this necklace is such a nice statement piece (for a good price too! $12.95).

    Lor - Thank you! Ooh matching Uggs? You're giving me ideas already :D

    Aki - Thank you!! Please continue blogging about your virtual little girl! I'm very interested to see how she is at age 18.

    Michelle's Style File - Thank you! We definitely are! :D


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