Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Community Inspired DIY Necklaces :)

I've been on a necklace kick this past week and they're not all pearl necklaces this time :)  Actually, these have been blogger inspired!

From all the gorgeous turquoise pieces I've been seeing (Cee, Kileen, Annie, and Jean to name a few), this is a chunky turquoise stone with bronze chain looping.

Turquoise Statement Necklace with Bronze Chains

This one is Kelly of Alterations Needed inspired.  I saw her wearing a similar necklace and wanted one too!

Freshwater Pearls on Silver Chain

And this one?  This was inspired by Annie's Pearls and Lace outfit, although unfortunately I didn't adequately photograph the lace details:

Lace Ribbon Woven w/ Ivory Satin and Gold Pearls

Finally, these were inspired by all the flower pins being sported (see Cee, Elle, Annie, and Kileen):

Pearls and Petals

Thanks ladies - you inspire me on a daily basis!!

Much love,


  1. I swear your so crazy good at DiY! The turquoise necklace is gorgeous!

    I tried some of the more expensive studio line brushes and they're really soft i was quite surprised at $3 bucks a pop I was quite impressed ive tried everything from MAC brushes to sephora to drugstore.. And they are def better quality brushes then brushes I've purchased from target for lime $10 to $15 bucks. Indonesia think they shed a bit but at $3 bucks it's really not terrible when you have to repurchase.

  2. That's awesome! I was instantly attracted to that second necklace, and now I know why! ;)

  3. That is sooo cool how you can be inspired by something and actually MAKE it!!!

  4. i'm so in love with the turquoise necklace! amazing DIY, as usual!

    cute & little

  5. that is a beautiful necklace! i love those torquoise stones. you did a great job. now i want to go get my own torquoise necklace! :P

  6. aaw, how sweet that you made necklaces inspired by other petite bloggers in this community. All are very beautiful.

  7. You've certainly inspired ME to make some of these necklaces as well! I love all of them! :) I especially like the one with the purple flower. =D

  8. Amazing work! That bronze chain looks stunning with the turquoise!

  9. I love them all :) Though my favorite is the last one with the intertwined pearls and purple flower. So gorgeous! Want to share some of your talent and patience with us? :)

  10. You're soooo good at DIY!!!
    the turwuoise necklace is outstanding!!!

  11. Omg I am so flattered, I was one of your inspirations? Oh SPG!! Heheheh YAY! Love all the necklaces and your talent is seriously amazing!

  12. you are definitely one talented and creative mama. i have made some bracelets/necklaces in the past but i can't share them after you post yours haha. *hiding in shame*

  13. These are so pretty. Once I figure out how to wear accessories, I'm getting something from your etsy.

    Also, my wish came true! It was 60 degrees last night here! I was breaking out the hot chocolate again.

  14. All those girls are my inspirations too...but unfortunately, I don't have your DIY skills, so they inspire me to buy instead!! lol! Really wish I could make them instead, I always start DIY jewelry but never finish making them...


  15. Lisa - Aww, you are so sweet - thank you! Good to hear that the brushes are pretty good - I'm going to have to try those out!

    Kelly - Teehee, it is such a gorgeous necklace on you that I just couldn't help myself!

    Elaine - Thank you so much! I unfortunately can't make more complicated items like Amrita Singh but this definitely tides me over :)

    Kileen - Thank you dear!

    Ping - Thank you! I highly recommend the turquoise statement necklace at H&M for $12.95 - it is such a gorgeously dramatic piece!

    AubreyOhDang - Thank you for your kind words!!

    LePetiteLemon - I didn't know you made jewelry too - that's so awesome! Would love to see them some time!

    Michelle - Thanks so much! The turquoise one is my favorite :)

    Cee - Aw, thank you! So glad you received the items so quickly!!

    Francesca - Thank you dear!

    Annie - Of course you're an inspiration! Have you seen your blog LOL?

    Sunshine - Aw, thank you so much! I want to see your DIY jewelry! I bet they are all gorgeous :)

    Aki - Thank you! And yay for getting a cool night! Such a relief, right?

    Lor - LOL, buying can be good too :) I would love to see anything you decide to finish!


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